About This Site

This site is a unique resource for both new and experienced Doomsday Preppers, survivalists, and many other outdoor enthusiasts. It lists top picks for survival items with links to where they can be purchased from Amazon. But this site goes further to let you know why you might need each item, along with handy tips and recommended accessories when applicable. Hand picked YouTube videos are provided with many of the item descriptions to provide more insight into the particular item and these videos typically support why these items are top picks. I know a lot about prepping, firearms, home defense, and am a survivalist. I have been prepping extensively for many years and it all started several years prior to Y2K (January 1, 2000) when a lot of people thought the world might come to an end as we know it. The items listed on this site are some of the survival items that I have spent countless hours researching, comparing, reading reviews, reading what other preppers recommend, and in most cases purchasing and using for my own Doomsday Prepper survival preparations. If an item is listed on this site, that means I am confident to use it myself. I am always on the lookout to upgrade prepping items that I already have and I frequently add to my prepping supplies, so I will continue my research and will upgrade this site with my latest top picks. All of this painstaking comparison research and compiling it in a unique way is free advice to any Doomsday Prepper survivalists that want to scroll through this site. Campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can benefit and learn by checking out this site also. Please note that I am not the seller for any item on this site. For the Amazon items linked from this site, you pay nothing extra by linking through this site, but I will make a small referral fee if you do purchase items and that helps me recoup some of the extensive time and effort that I put into building and maintaining this site. I could be doing something else with my free time, but this is my hobby and I love prepping. Thank you for your support of this site.
  • Amazon is one of the best places to buy survival and prepping supplies. I decided to create this site to help other preppers determine what kind of prepping supplies they might consider purchasing on Amazon. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but even an experienced or long term prepper might learn something and gain ideas for additional prepping supplies that they need. 
  • The items listed on this site are my Top Picks. Overall a top pick for me is the best value for an item from both a quality and cost perspective. 
  • For each item on this site, I spent extensive time comparing the item to other available similar items, and the majority of these items I have already purchased myself on Amazon as I had determined they were the best quality & value combination. In some cases, I had purchased other similar items and returned them because I did not like them after receiving them. For example, my Bug Out Bag and also my Sleeping Bag took several purchases and returns before I finally received the ones that I thought were the best for me. I have also spent considerable time reading Doomsday Prepper survival blogs and forums, and have learned of which products they recommend and their advice, and have taken that into consideration as part of my own research to help me determine my recommendations for top picks.
  • When you click on any item picture in this site it will open a new window on Amazon for the listing. From there, I recommend that you read the item reviews and decide for yourself if the item is right for you.
  • I also recommend that if you find any items of interest on my site, you may want to go ahead and add them to your Amazon Cart or Saved for Later list to consider for a future purchase. Although I have already extensively compared items, I recommend that you also do your own comparison against similar items to see for yourself if prefer other items. You will need to make your own purchase and other related decisions as this website is only information for your use. You may learn that you desire an item type, but you prefer a different make or model than the one described on this site.
  • If you do order a lot on Amazon, in my opinion, it is worth it to join Amazon Prime so that you can better anticipate when you are receiving your Amazon shipped orders and you can also save on shipping costs for Amazon shipped orders that would normally be under the currently $35 limit for free shipping. The link to the free 30-day trial is at the bottom of this page. If you know that you are going to order a lot of Doomsday Prepper survival supplies all at once, you can always use the free 30-day trial, place your orders, and then cancel before 30 days. You may even decide to keep the service as it provides other benefits in addition to two-day free shipping on many Amazon shipped items.
  • Prepping can be very expensive. Hopefully you can use this site as a reference both now and in the future to help prioritize your desired survival items, and then gradually increase your prepping supplies over time as you can afford them.
  • Please note that this site is still under construction as it will take some time to add all of the items. Since I continue to research and test new items to add to my prepping supplies, this site will grow and will be maintained indefinitely. I also plan to upgrade which items are listed when some items are no longer available or sometimes when new or replacement items (that I consider to be better purchases) become available over time.

I hope that this website will be useful to you. If you believe it is a good resource, please bookmark this site and share it with your friends and family who share your interests.