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Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Foldable Portable Solar Panel Suitcase

Renogy Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase 100W

Renogy’s 100W Solar Suitcase is an entirely portable solar panel charging system in one!  A solar panel with controller like this one can recharge your 12V DC batteries for power needs in everyday situations like for RVs, tailgating, and camping, or even for Doomsday preppers in a long term survival scenario.  

NOTE:  This item is in our archived (older) recommendations folder.  It is still a great solar panel, but please see our new article on the Best Foldable Solar Panels & Portable Power Stations In 2020.  For preppers, we recommend that every prepper have at least one Foldable Solar Panel and one Small Solar Generator that has LiFePO4 batteries, such as the Energizer & Beaudens portable power stations in different sizes.  The LiFePO4 batteries have a 10 year life, 2000 recycles, no memory effect, and very low standby power consumption.

Why you might need it

Let's face it.  Whether you are camping or RVing or even in a Doomsday survival situation, having dependable power is a great thing to have at your campsite, RV, or in your Bug In or Bug Out location. The great thing about this kit is that it is already put together, and it folds into an easily portable suitcase, and is therefore easier to move around and store when not in use. This one is ready to go. Just put it in the sun and clamp it your 12V battery posts with the already attached 15' battery cables with alligator clamps. You do have to buy a DC to AC power inverter separately and have 12V DC batteries to charge, or you can buy a Power Station and possibly connectors for it but that's it.  This all-in-one solution is also available in a smaller 60 Watt version, and sometimes these are offered with or without the controller.

The Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Portable Solar Suitcase is a whole solar system in one! This lightweight suitcase comes equipped with two 50 Watts monocrystalline panels, a 10 Amp ViewStar Series Charge Controller with an LCD Screen for power regulation, a 10ft. tray cable with alligator clips for easy connection to your battery and a protective casing for safe portability. With its adjustable aluminum stand, latches and heavy duty handle, the Renogy 100 Watt Solar Suitcase will make solar on the go as easy as 1-2-3!

The Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Portable Solar Suitcase ranks #4 in our Top Ten Best Portable Solar Panels & Solar-Powered Products list.

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel Suitcase


  • Compact design makes it very portable and versatile. Folded size: 20 x 27 x 3 inches.
  • German made solar cells have excellent performance in weak light environments and yield better energy over the long run.
  • Adjustable corrosion resistant aluminum stand, heavy duty handle and latches for longevity, and protective casing.
  • 10A built in negative grounded charge controller with LCD display and fully adjustable parameters setting provide over-current protection, reducing fire risk.
  • Alligator clips for simple and direct connection to battery.
  • The low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards.

Package Includes:

  • Two 50W monocrystalline solar panels
  • 10ft. tray cable with battery clips and fuse
  • Alligator clips to connect to your battery
  • Protective Carry Case
  • 10A built-in Viewstar Charge Controller with LCD Display.  Note:  Sometimes the manufacturer has an option to ship this package without the Controller.  To buy the exact controller, here is the link to the Viewstar VS1024BN PWM 10A 12/24V Solar Battery Charge Controller.

Renogy Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase Diagram

Just clamp on a 12V Battery and put in the sun.  That's all there is to it!


  • Part Number: RNG-F-2X50D
  • Item Weight: 29.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 27 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: KIT-STCS100D
  • Size: 100W w/ Controller
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Solar-Powered
  • Batteries Required? No batteries required except for the 12V batteries to be charged
Solar Controller Swings Out!

Solar Charge Controller Now Shipping On A Hinged Panel According To Amazon Feedback


  • German-made solar cells
  • Excellent performance in low-light environments
  • 25-year transferable power output warranty


  • Alligator clips for ease of connection
  • Compatible with gel, sealed, and flooded batteries
  • Charge controller with LCD display and fully adjustable parameter settings
ViewStar PWM Solar Charge Controller


  • The low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards
  • Negative-ground charge controller for compatibility with your RV, boat, trailer, etc.
  • 10A built-in 4-stage solar charge controller provides overcharge protection, reducing fire risk

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel

Warranty Information 

  • Panel: 
    • 25-year transferable power output warranty: 5-year/95% efficiency rate, 10-year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate 
    • 5-year material and workmanship warranty 
  • Accessories: 

    • 1-year warranty on rest of the kit components 

Other Recommended Solar Panel Options

Recommended accessories

  • Eneloop AA & AAA Quick Charger  (This is a non-solar battery charger that provides 3 hour quick charging of Eneloop AA & AA Batteries which can last as long as Alkaline batteries and can be recycled up to 2100 times)
  • Beaudens 150W / 166Wh Power Station  (This ingenious portable power station supplies up to 150 combined Watts of self-contained AC power via a grounded AC outlets to operate lamps, portable lights, smartphones, tablet computers, GPS, small power tools, portable coolers, small appliances and much more.  Click here for more details).
  • BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Sine Wave Inverter with 4.2A Dual Smart Ports (If you charge your own separate 12V DC automotive or marine batteries, this is a great little affordable sine wave inverter which provides 300 watts continuous DC to AC power and 700 watts peak surge power, and features 2 AC outlets and 2 Smart USB 2.4A charging ports).

    YouTube Videos

    The following YouTube video is review and demo of the Renogy 100 Watt Suitcase Portable Solar Panel.  This is a great review that also shows the Protective Carrying Case plus the hinged Charge Controller.

    100 Watt Solar Panels by Renogy

    The following YouTube video is another review and field testing of the Renogy 100 Watt Suitcase Portable Solar Panel including input from a Renogy company representative.

    Full Test & Review Of The Renogy 100 W Suitcase Kit

    Sample Amazon Feedback

    "So far solar panel is working exceptionally well. I'm using it to charge batteries on a boat stored in a remote area without power access. The batteries recharge quickly and are always fully charged when next used."

    "These work perfect! Easily extends an RV or trailer camping trip by several days. Great, high quality case that they come in. Couldn't be more pleased."

    "Quality, well-built product.  Bought this to charge the battery on our travel trailer when boondocking or at least lessen the amount of generator time required to charge the battery. Arrived promptly. Good seller. Very solidly built. I've only played with it once or twice on a not so sunny day and was still getting a couple of amps of charge to the battery. The digital controller was easy to use and is hinged on the backside of one of the panels. It can swing down for easier reading and it provides a lot of charging status information. On a sunny day it is supposed to provide around 5-6 amps, but as I said I haven't tried it on a sunny day. We are taking an extensive RV trip out to AZ in a few weeks and I plan to use it a lot. At this point, I recommend it."

    "This works great, high quality, easy to setup, perfect for my needs. The price is right as well."

    "So far so good. Hooking up to camper battery by the clamps worked fine. When I attempted to plug directly into my Zamp factory installed connection...nothing. The controller did it's job and wouldn't start the unit since Renogy and Zamp use reverse polarities. I've since made a polarity reverse adapter to avoid using the battery clamps. The controller will only turn on when it senses it's properly hooked up to a good battery, so it won't work to charge one that is drained too low.  It was producing electricity even on an overcast day..."

    "I bought this to charge the deep cycle battery on my RV and to charge the Duracell Powerpack 600 (26ah AGM battery inside) when car camping, which runs an ARB portable fridge and some other smaller items. I tested it recently at sea level on a 65 degree no clouds day in TX and I was quite pleased to see peak outputs of 7 amps from the panel when I really loaded up the battery. Later I disconnected the battery from the panels and depleted it to around 40%. After reconnecting, it was near fully charged in around 2 hours. The complaints about the dim LEDs on the controller are not an issue for me as I would rather not waste power on bright LEDs that I will rarely look at. The charge controller is the same one used on another similar kit being sold on Amazon for over $500. It claims to be fully waterproof including the controller and from the looks of it that is true. The build quality is solid and the case seems like it will do a good job of keeping the panels protected. I can see no reason to buy one of the more expensive kits if you can get this level of performance at such a low price..."

    "Very nice setup.  Awesome Product, be nice to get a lower price, so I could take one to work. Great looking panels, really nice lcd screen charge controller. Controller very easy to program and understand. Nice clear display.Nice storage and travel case well built."

    "...One thing I noticed that is not mentioned elsewhere, is that the charge controller is mounted on a dedicated plate that can swing outwards from the panel in case of replacement or if you prefer a controller from another manufacturer. The plate that supports the controller is attached to the backside of one panel via industrial-grade velcro - and lots of it..."

    "...Would I recommend this product? You bet! I think it's great for those times of emergency. Should help keep the RV battery charged when I'm out in the brush also. I'll be using this charger to keep my battery up for my Ham Radio this June when I'll be at a forest service lookout for the weekend..."

    "Exceeded expectations. I got this solar unit as a back up to my 5 KW gasoline generator, so I could power a small emergency lighting system, my ham radio and other small eletronic devices. I use this solar unit with a small 105 amp hour battery bank and an AC inverter. In full Sun light the solar panels exceed my expectations insofar as battery charging time is concerned. I tested the system with the battery bank and during the day time the solar panels were able to keep my battery bank charged enough for me to use the unit for 8 hours before I disconnected the load I was running on it. The small battery bank allows me the ability to use the aforementioned items if needed throughout the night when the Sun is gone. I can also charge my cell phone via the AC inverter and battery bank that is connected to the solar unit.. The charge control let's me monitor my battery bank's voltage level and that feature is very useful. It also allows me to monitor how many amps are being charged into the battery bank when I am charging them. The unit is easy to operate and can be operational in approximately 5 minutes. The carrying case and handle made it easy to transport and set up. I highly recommend this solar unit for emergency power applications etc.

    Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel Suitcase - Pictures

    Renogy 100W 12V Solar Panel Suitcase Specifications

    Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase
    Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Foldable Portable Solar Panel
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