Best Emergency & Survival 55 Gallon Rain Barrel For Doomsday Preppers & SHTF - Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit 

55 Gallon Emergency Survival Water Storage Kit

Auguson Farms Emergency Survival Water Storage Kit

This 55 gal. water barrel is a great survival prep for storing drinkable water in preparation for a long term survival situation. This water barrel is nice and thick and is made from food-grade polyethylene and does not contain BPA.

Why you might need it

Having a water source is more important than having a food source.  In a survival situation, having enough of these barrels to provide one gallon of clean drinking water a day per person could be the difference between life and death.  The Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit includes the 55 gal. water rain barrel, two 2 inch barrel plug fittings, a 6' siphon hose with hand pump, aqua Mira water-treatment bottles, and a barrel opener.  You can also separately purchase 55 gal. water preserver concentrate to safely treat and store water for 5 years without rotation.  This kit is a closed storage system with two plug fittings for convenient filling and drainage. 

Storing potable water at home or cabin is a wise decision in case of shortages, contamination, or an emergency. To keep your water storage safe to drink, the kit includes water treatment bottles that purify up to 60 gallons. The four-year shelf life is not affected by partial use of a bottle, and it's effective on bacteria, viruses and cysts. When used properly, it leaves no unpleasant aftertaste and meets stringent ERA guidelines.


  • Includes a durable 55-gallon BPA-free water barrel designed specifically for water storage. 
  • BPA-free water barrel made from food-grade Polyethylene that meets strict EPA guidelines
  • Kit includes: (2) 2 inch barrel plug fittings, 6' siphon hose with hand pump, aqua Mira water-treatment bottles, and a barrel opener
  • Perfect for emergency water storage in the event of water contamination and natural disaster
  • Treated water has up to a 4 year shelf life
  • Product Dimensions = 24 x 24 x 35 inches
  • Item Weight = 26.9 pounds
Augason Farms Emergency water Storage Kit

Added tips

Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 55 degrees F and 70 degrees F.  Actual water shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. These water barrels are expensive. Shop around at places such as Costco and SamsClub in addition to Amazon to see where you can get the best deal on the Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit.  

Sample Amazon Feedback

"Very good quality very happy would recommend wheels to help move when full very happy with this product better than storing water in pitchers and jugs during power outages"

"Product is exactly as advertised. There were some shavings inside the barrel left over from the production process. That is to be expected. The pump is a little cheap, but that is evident from the photo. I own a couple of these from the same seller. No issues. Product is recommended, and I would purchase another one without hesitation."

"It holds 11 days worth of water for me and my family. I don't have to worry about clean water if we have a little problem in our town. I live in the city and couldn't imagine what it will be like 72 hours into an incident."

"Absolutely love it. Perfect. Sturdy. Fast shipping too. Thank bunches."

"This product is just great we bought it and found that the water preservative is included prepped it filled it now it is in the emergency kit area. This is heavy duty and is going to get years of good use."

"The barrel is nice and thick so I don't worry about keeping it filled and in the house. I haven't used the siphon, which seems to be 100% plastic."

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