Best Quality, Low Cost, Heavy Duty, Military Surplus Poncho For Camping, Hiking, Preppers & Survival

Military Surplus Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho

Military Surplus Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho

Keep yourself and your backpack dry with this ultra large, low cost, high quality, heavy duty, waterproof, military surplus poncho. Its ugly but it is a beast of a poncho that will protect you against heavy rain or snow while wearing your Bug Out Bag backpack.  It has Rust proof snap buttons and is made of waterproof urethane with a large hood with a drawstring closure. Sealed seams mean no leaks! 

Why you might need it

This over sized poncho can help keep you dry in both rain or snow.  It's perfect for Camping, Hiking, Survival, and is great for Doomsday Preppers.  This is a quality heavy duty durable poncho with solid seams and generous protection. This poncho is made of waterproof urethane and weighs approximately 1-3/4 lbs.  The Military Surplus Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho has 5 rustproof buttons down the front making it easy to get in and out of and to let out heat if you get hot.  The poncho also has 21" arm slits that you can stick your arms through or you can close them with a rust proof button on each arm slit.  See the YouTube videos below for reviews and demos of this poncho.  

YouTube Video

The following YouTube video is an enthusiastic review and demo of the Military Surplus Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho.

Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho Review

The following YouTube video provides a review and more information about the Military Surplus Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho.

Lets Go Hiking - Swiss Army Alpenflauge

Sample Amazon Feedback

"Its huge or good size emergency tent. Awesome poncho. Covers me and my internal bags. Did i mention everything this poncho covers is dry. Even in down pours."

"The pattern is ugly as sin...but man, is this awesome. Thick, big, strong...just awesome. The best poncho you'll ever have...."

"This is the first and (by the looks of this thing) the last poncho I will ever have to buy. It's huge. I'm about 5'11 and it ALMOST reaches my feet, but not quite. It's made very well. The material is tough stuff and will not tear easily. Has buttons going all the way down to close you in and there are buttons on the opennings where your arms come out. It is sleeveless but you are able to close the arm hole,preventing rain to come in. I definitely would and WILL recommend this to friends."

"A steal.  I wouldn't ordinarily write a review for a poncho, but this was a ridiculous value at the price I paid--approximately 1/4 the price for an equivalent type. Quality is very good, heavy duty PVC with welded seams. Yeah, the Swiss camouflage pattern is a little weird (I would have preferred a solid color,) but get stuck outside even once in a cold, teeth-chattering downpour and thoughts of fashion go out the window."

"My husband and I thought these would be great as part of our hiking gear because the size would easily cover a backpack. We were not disappointed at all. They are very roomy and long. I'm 5'4" and this thing comes down to my ankles. Hubby is 5'11" and it comes down to midway between his knee and ankle. Some of the reviews say it's a heavy poncho and I don't get how they came to that conclusion. It's a very solid weight being that it's well made with quality material, but not at all what I'd call 'heavy' to carry.  Let me make this clear : this is *not* some cheap wal-mart item that will tear if you sit down the wrong way while wearing it. It easily covers a 5400ci backpacks while still keeping you warm and dry in a downpour.  Would also highly recommended one for a bug-out-bag!"

"....Need to spend lots of money for the highest tech gear made to order in the latest digi photo realistic camo known to mankind? Look elsewhere. Want an awesome piece of kit that will last, keep you dry and toasty, without strangling you trying to get into or out of it for a fair price? Buy this."

"A hell of a bargain for a hell of a poncho.  I served in the USMC and am a Paramedic.I was looking for a GI poncho for my bushcraft kit. A GI style is easily $20 . For about 1/2 the cost I got a thick resilient PVC? poncho with solid seams and generous protection. As a poncho I like the cap design better and feel it offers superior protection. Im a big man and the poncho covers me in abundance. Thew camo pattern is oddly unique and I found it off putting at first but Ive grown to like it . I want to avoid the tacticool militia look while keeping utilitarian aspect inate to surplus, hello foriegn surplus. This poncho is a bargain and a great piece of kit. The only neg is making a shelter from it is not as simple as the Gi but even the GI leaves a lot to be desired. If you want a shelter get a tarp, you want a hardcore poncho...BUY THIS!"

"THE best for your money!  Not much else to say, everyone else has summed it up! Super, Super poncho!!! I plan use it for Musky fishing and should keep me both warm and dry! This ting is heavy duty and should last a LONG time. BTW, Cutlery USA customer service is also super, any issues and they will make it right."

"Perfect for on the boat. This I ordered as an "extra" and emergency rain gear for fishing. It is very rugged and not cheap thin vinyl like most ponchos you find in the box stores. I think this is a fantastic price too. Very affordable for this quality!"