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Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual - 374 Skills YOU Need Paperback

Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual - 374 Skills YOU Need

If you need to develop or hone your outdoor, hunting, fishing, camping, and survival skills, Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual is a great book whether you are a beginner or advanced outdoorsman.

Why you might need it

This manual has nice illustrations and pictures to explain many important skills typically needed by a Doomsday Prepper survivalist. This book is full of insider tips and tricks that will enable anyone to master the outdoors and hunt, fish, and camp like an expert. The book has excellent photos and a superb graphic layout. Learn how to track a buck, master bowhunting and knife skills, and how to haul, butcher, dress, and cook wild game. Learn the best techniques for flyfishing, baitcasting, and spinning, and much more.

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The following YouTube video is a book review of Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual - 374 Skills YOU Need

Book review of Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual - 374 Skills YOU Need

Sample Amazon Feedback

"A really cool book, that every survivalist, hunter or camper should read! A great collection of outdoor sporting knowledge that is good to know."

"This is a great source of information for the outdoorsman, very useful and a great read."

"Can't put the darn thing down.  This is packed with wonderful stuff. Beautiful illustrations, practical and just plain smart advice on every page, some of the best insider's tips I've ever read anywhere, great recipes, all the fundamentals to help you enjoy (and maybe even survive) the outdoors as much as possible. Pretty much like a couple of hundred issues of the magazine squeezed into one easy-to-follow, browsable-as-hell volume."

"This books makes me happy. Everything is top class. They haven't cut quality anywhere, from the cover, pictures and illustrations to the jam packed information it's a joyful experience from start to finish. Everything is explained well and there are even small stories along the way emphasizing as you learn new or freshen up old skills. Recommended to anyone interested in the outdoor life."

"I am an experienced outdoorsman. I was raised outdoors and have spent my entire life hunting, fishing, and camping. That is why I basically bought this book as a coffee table book. After reading it though I changed my mind. I learned several new tips and techniques to do lots of cool stuff. Thrown into all the descriptions and tips will be an occasional useful knot "how to". Learning these knots has already come in handy. I would certainly recommend this book for anyone with even the most remote hint of enjoying anything outdoors."

"Wow! Field and Stream "Got it"....They hit a home run, a "wow" type book, one of the best in its genre to come off the presses lately (I rate it a strong 9 out of 10 :) In this day and age when a lot of people don't like to read books as much as they used to, what with tv, dvds, and the internet, this book will make you want to read again. It has 374 tips divided into four sections; camping, fishing, hunting, and survival. Each tip is complete with excellent photos, very good illustrations, and a superb graphic layout. The information has been written by a cadre of Field and Stream's finest writers; experts in their respective fields. The colors and layout reach out and grab you, and make you want to put the book down and go implement the information you just read. I can't wait to see if they ever come up with a sequel to this title, and if their main competitor, Outdoor Life, can ever come up with anything this good. There is a ton of information contained in this manual, which if you implement, you will in fact become a better outdoorsman, on your way to becoming a "Total Outdoorsman"...."

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