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Best Concealed Carry Pistols For 2020

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Pistol For Concealed Carry

The top compact and sub-compact concealed carry pistols for 2020 are all very good, highly reliable pistols perfect for self defense and survival when needed.

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ShatterGARD BurglarGARD Security Window Film

Shattergard Safety Window Film protects against burglars and home invasion

Defend your property with ShatterGARD security film.  Stop or significantly slow down burglars, home invaders, and Doomsday marauders from gaining entry into your home through glass doors and windows. Watch the videos on this amazing product, plus see the added tip on how to use cargo nets to stop or slow down intruders from entering your house.

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Best Shotguns For Preppers & Home Defense

Kel-Tec KSG Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun Is A Doomsday Prepper's Dream Shotgun

For self defense and hunting, you cannot beat a shotgun for versatility.  There are are a variety of shotguns that preppers should consider to have for a Doomsday scenario in addition to home defense.  Keep reading to see pictures, watch videos, and learn more about all of these outstanding shotguns. 

Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags With Ties & UV Protection (Various Sizes and Quantities)


Sandbags are an often overlooked prepping item.  In a Doomsday survival scenario fill these empty sand bags with sand and use them to fortify strategic defensive positions against gun fire.  They have other uses such as building a shelter, stopping floods, and protection against radiation in a nuclear disaster.  See the included video of a sandbag versus a full magazine of AR15 rounds fired into it plus other caliber bullets.

Surgical Speed Shooting: How to Achieve High-Speed Marksmanship in a Gunfight Paperback

Surgical Speed Shooting: How to Achieve High-Speed Marksmanship in a Gunfight

Learn the secrets of how to shoot a handgun quickly and accurately under the extreme stress of a gunfight. These cutting-edge techniques for managing recoil in rapid fire, high-speed trigger control and more are used by today's hostage rescue teams and competitive grandmasters.  

Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Big Dog Deep-Bellied Spear Point Knife with Veff Serrated Blade


This is an exceptional heavy duty folding knife for the price and is a tactical fighting, self defense, utility, and hunting knife all in one. 

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri-style machete with black leather sheath


The Ka-Bar Kukri-style machete is ideal for chopping branches and cutting down small trees. This machete can also be used as a combat weapon. Watch the video reviews plus learn how to catch big fish with a machete.

Best Air Rifles For Hunters & Preppers In 2020

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle CAT

Air rifles are the perfect stealthy solution to provide food for your family without going to the grocery store.  Even large deer and hogs can be effectively hunted with today's highest powered air guns.  See our top 10 picks for the best air rifles for different sized game.

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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package
The SA Sports Fever is a powerful low cost crossbow that is perfect for first time crossbow hunters or preppers seeking an affordable fully equipped crossbow package.  This crossbow is light, fast, quiet and plenty deadly with more than enough power to harvest any animal in North America.

EOTech 518.A65 Holographic Sight

EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight

For self defense and hunting, an EOTech holographic sight provides very rapid and accurate target acquisition for your rifle. It has the fastest target acquisition, hands down of any optic, and it is very rugged, waterproof, and highly used by the military, police and NATO forces. 

Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blow Guns

Cold Steel Big Bore .625 Magnum Blowguns are a serious hunting and survival weapon that enable a hunter to take small game like doves, quail, squirrels, snakes, lizards, frogs and rabbits in complete silence.  Click the link below to learn a lot about this amazing survival tool including its versatility as a fire pipe, fishing rig, and more!

The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry Paperback

The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry

Learn from the best how to safely conceal and use your firearms for self defense. This is valuable to know even not in a Doomsday survival scenario.

Trucker's Friend Multi Purpose Demolition, Rescue, & Survival Tool

The Trucker's Friend Demolition & Multitool Is Perfect For Off Grid Living, Wilderness Adventures, Camping, Emergency Survival, Doomsday Preppers, And A Zombie Apocalypse

The Trucker's Friend Multi Purpose Demolition, Rescue & Survival Tool is a serious axe, hammer, pry bar, nail puller, & tire chain hook multi tool. This would be a valuable tool to have in a survival situation in addition to an everyday tool.

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Best Early Warning System For Home Safety,  Wildlife Monitoring & Doomsday Hunting In 2020

The BLUEBits Motion Detector Security System Can Be Used For Wildlife Monitoring And Doomsday Hunting

Part 6 of 14 - Solar Powered Prepping Series

Learn how to build a reliable early warning system that has multiple portable receivers making it exceptional for home / bunker security plus Doomsday hunting.  Learn what to get and how to keep it powered even after commercial AC power is no longer available.  

Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon - Taser Pulse Plus

TASER Pulse Plus Demo In Action - Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon For Men And Women - Dependable When You Need It Most

With violence on the increase, you may want to consider conceal carrying a Taser Pulse Plus + to help protect yourself and others at home, on the job, or on the go.  Keep reading to learn more about the Taser Pulse +.  See a graphic Taser Pulse+ demonstration video of someone who regrets testing this device.

AR500 Armor sells top quality ballistic armor and body armor to responsible law-abiding American citizens in addition to law-enforcement and military personnel.

AR500 Armor Testudo Fully Loaded Package Carrier Curved Plates Pads Pouches

AR500 Armor has set the standard for ballistic steel core body armor. Utilizing industry leading spall and fragmentation mitigation coatings they've further increased what's possible with ballistic steel. AR500 Armor's Headquarters, team members, and manufacturing facility are located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Doomsday preppers will appreciate being able to purchase body armor as part of their home / bunker security & defense planning.

Use coupon code TSP10 and get 10% off any non-promotional products during checkout.  The coupon works for any body armor, plate carriers and everything else on their site that does not already have a special sale price.

Check out AR500 Armor

Relocating To Safe Places In North America For Long Term Security

Strategic Relocation is the best book on safe places to live in North America to survive collapse of society for any reason - a great read for Doomsday preppers.

Strategic Relocation is hands down the best book on safe places to live in North America to survive localized threats, regional disasters or even the collapse of society for any reason. The most important "prep" that most preppers overlook is the strategic location of their home and/or bug-out location. 

Cold Steel Long Shaft Assegai Spear with Ashwood Handle and Secure Sheath


The spear is one of man's oldest, reliable weapons. This is one heck of a fearsome hunting tool that is fantastic for throwing or thrusting and can be used for hunting or self defense. Check out the videos of this large and lethal spear.

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Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Benjamin has created a completely new category of hunting weapon with the Pioneer Airbow! This hybrid hunting weapon combines the jaw-dropping power of a rifle, the stealth of a PCP gun, and the flexibility of a crossbow.  The Pioneer Airbow shoots full-sized arrows at a sizzling 450 fps (even faster than a crossbow), and will drop large game like a rock.  

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Affordable Seek Thermal Imaging Camera (Attaches To Your Smartphone)

Seek Thermal Camera

The affordable Seek Thermal Vision Camera allows you to see in the dark using thermal imaging technology that was previously only available to the military. Seek Thermal enables all to “see the unseen” like never before.

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Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular (4x)

This is a great value in a Night Vision Monocular. This one is simple to operate and has 4X magnification. A relatively inexpensive Night Vision monocular like this one can mean the difference in owning the night or not for both hunting and self defense in a survival Doomsday scenario.

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Timber Wolf Full Tang Ninja Sword

Timber Wolf Ninja Sword

This is a full tang stainless steel ninja sword. This sword is lightweight and can be carried with you in a Bug Out situation for self defense. 

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

These electronic hearing protectors are affordable and protect your ears from gunshots and other loud noise while still allowing you to hear conversations and your game on a hunt with 4x amplication.

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Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

This pig has no chance in the sights of the Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s

Take your hunting to the next level with this exceptional Night Vision Scope!  The Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42 is the perfect scope for shooting hogs and varmints day or night.  You can hide under the cover of darkness, yet still see your target clear as day.  A Night Vision rifle scope like this one can make the difference in owning the night or not for hunting or for a Doomsday scenario. 

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Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics That Work Paperback

Tactical Pistol Shooting:  Your Guide to Tactics That Work

Learn valuable tactics with your pistol in a Doomsday survival apocalyptic world. This book has lots of great information like how to fight and shoot while injured, shooting positions, how to fire on the move, reloading techniques, low light shooting, clearing malfunctions and more.

UTG LED Weapon Light with QD Mount and Adjustable Red Laser

UTG LED Weapon Light with QD Mount and Adjustable Red Laser

This is a nice tactical addition to your rifle or shotgun in a survival Doomsday scenario. Just make sure that you have plenty of spare batteries on hand for the long term.  This weapon light comes with pressure switches for both the flashlight and the laser.

Recommended accessories (Replacement Batteries)

KnifeCountryUSA has the largest selections of knives and blades on the Internet.  

KnifeCountryUSA has an enormous selection of the top brand knives!

KnifeCountryUSA carries all of the top brand knives on the planet, plus they carry a ton of gear that preppers need including a incredible selection of survival & camping gear, fixed & folding blade knives, knife making supplies, tactical & security equipment, spears, medical gear and a lot more.  They carry over 30,000 items from 500+ manufacturers all of which are items that a prepper should be interested in.

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#1A Best Online Firearms & Ammo

GritrSports (formerly 1800GunsAndAmmo) has everything you need in firearmsammo & accessories!  (This is who we use for ammo along with the Palmetto State Armory.  Super fast shipping, great customer service, and low prices).

1-800 GunsAndAmmo Has Everything You Need In Firearms, Ammo & Accessories!

Now that you've found GritrSports, never be afraid to order a gun online again. They facilitate safe and easy firearm sales online via a FFL (Federal Firearms License) transfer, and even if you're not sure where the nearest FFL dealer is to you, their customer service staff will help you locate one. Browse their excellent selection of rifles, shotguns and pistols at prices you'll only find on the web. They even have hard to find models you won't likely find at your local gun shop.

#1B Best Online Firearms & Ammo

Palmetto State Armory is your one-stop shop for all your firearms and ammunition needs!

Palmetto State Armory Is A Prepper's One Stop Shop For Firearms & Ammunition!

Check out their great selection of guns from AR-15, AR-10, AK-47, Hunting Rifles, Pistols, & Shotguns from top quality brands. Whether it's for hunting, home defense, or concealed carry they can help you find the perfect firearm today.

Palmetto State Armory is also the optimal source for all your ammunition needs. Shop top ammo brands like Federal, Hornady, Winchester, Remington, Tula, CCI, Browning and more for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. They provide a large selection of calibers, grains, and amounts.

Purchase Firearms Online

Purchasing firearms online is a lot easier than you think.  You can do pretty much everything online, and you'll be in less direct contact with people versus standing in line at a gun store.  You do have to pick up your firearm, but chances are there is an FFL closer to you than a gun store.  Not going into too much detail, follow these easy steps:

1. Find the closest reputable FFL Dealers at a site like FFL Dealer Network. Call the FFL dealer and/or drive by their location to check them out.  
2. Shop online for just about any gun made and comparison shop at stores such as 1800GunsAndAmmoPalmetto State ArmorySportsman's Guide, Bass Pro Shopsor Cabela's.  For example, stores like Palmetto State Armory have over 10,000 firearms online.  Use filters and search functions to narrow your search.  Firearms are in demand so you may want to filter by what is currently available.
3. All online gun stores will have basically the same steps/directions.  Check out these simple online firearm purchasing instructions as outlined by Palmetto State Armory.
4. It's that easy.  Make one trip to your FFL to pick up your new firearm.

For ammo, we really like Palmetto State Armory & 1800GunsAndAmmo, but comparison shop for ammo just like you would for firearms and also check out Sportsman's Guide and Cabela's for ammo.

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent With Hip Holster - Maximum Strength & 30-foot Range (7.9 oz) 

Bear Attack

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray is a very effective but typically non-lethal deterrent that could save your life from bears, and other wild and domestic animals in addition to providing protection against home intruders and anyone else who is physically threatening you.  See the link below to learn the difference in bear spray versus pepper spray, which is better for different situations, and the devastating effects and dangers of these products.  

Best Rifles For Hunting, Defense & Survival

Tavor XB95 Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle

For hunting and combat at a distance, a rifle is the best choice for a firearm, hands down due to better accuracy and power at long range.  There are many different really good choices in rifles that are suited for an end of the world SHTF scenario.  Keep reading to see pictures, watch videos, and learn more about all of these outstanding and unique rifles. 

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Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected Paperback


Learn how to anticipate and deal with violence in a Doomsday survival apocalyptic world. Even if you conceal carry a firearm, do you really understand what to do if you encounter an attacker that has a knife or other weapon or if they have no weapon? Think again.  Learn what causes human violence, the signs of it, why you WILL freeze and how to get out of it quickly.

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Benjamin Trail NP2 All Weather Air Rifle with Scope Camo (.22 caliber)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Camo

This is a high quality, very quiet, very powerful, and accurate pellet gun that is perfect for hunting or self defense.  You can carry much more ammunition with a pellet gun than a real gun in a survival situation.

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The Tactical Shotgun: The Best Techniques and Tactics for Employing the Shotgun in Personal Combat Paperback

Learn how to use your shotgun tactically in a Doomsday survival self defense scenario.

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Butler Creek .22-.380 Caliber Baby LULA Universal Pistol Loader & Unloader

In a Doomsday survival home defense scenario it would be good to have a loader & unloader similar to the one above for every pistol and rifle that you own that has a magazine. It is also recommended to have plenty of extra magazines and ammunition on hand for every firearm you own. A loader is invaluable in quick reloading of ammunition in your magazines.

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