Hunting & Fishing

Best Air Rifles For Hunters & Preppers In 2019

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle CAT

Air rifles are the perfect stealthy solution to provide food for your family without going to the grocery store.  Even large deer and hogs can be effectively hunted with today's highest powered air guns.  See our top 10 picks for the best air rifles for different sized game.

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Dakotaline Ghost Rider Snares - Basic Snare Package

op Rated Dakotaline Basic Snare Packages

The Dakotaline Ghost Rider Basic Snare Package has what you need to get started snaring today. The link below will teach you about snaring for food and survival.

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Bait Buster Fish Casting Net

Bait Buster Fish Casting Net

The Lee Fisher Bait Buster Fish Casting Net is a commercial grade casting net that you can use to catch bait fish or even mullet sized fish up to 2' long depending on the particular net you use.  You can typically catch many more fish while cast net fishing and much faster than you ever can with a rod and reel.    

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Best Shotguns For Preppers & Home Defense

Kel-Tec KSG Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun
For self defense and hunting, you cannot beat a shotgun for versatility.  There are are a variety of shotguns that preppers should consider to have for a Doomsday scenario in addition to home defense.  Keep reading to see pictures, watch videos, and learn more about all of these outstanding shotguns. 

Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blow Guns

Cold Steel Big Bore .625 Magnum Blowguns are a serious hunting and survival weapon that enable a hunter to take small game like doves, quail, squirrels, snakes, lizards, frogs and rabbits in complete silence.  Click the link below to learn a lot about this amazing survival tool including its versatility as a fire pipe, fishing rig, and more!

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Benjamin has created a completely new category of hunting weapon with the Pioneer Airbow! This hybrid hunting weapon combines the jaw-dropping power of a rifle, the stealth of a PCP gun, and the flexibility of a crossbow.  The Pioneer Airbow shoots full-sized arrows at a sizzling 450 fps (even faster than a crossbow), and will drop large game like a rock.  

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Scuba Choice Carbon Fiber 7' One Piece Spear fishing Pole Spear with 3 Prong Barb SS Paralyzer Tip

This spearfishing pole is an outstanding value and is great for spearfishing regardless if you're a beginner or expert.  Learn how to make your own primitive fishing spears and see the included videos to learn how to hunt and spear fish while wading in a creek, river, pond, lake, swamp or by walking along the shoreline.

AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Air Rifle

AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle With Scope & Bipod 

The AirForce Texan is the world's most powerful production air rifle with .45-caliber bullets going up to 1,000 fps with an amazing 500+ ft-lbs of muzzle energy. An entire world of hunting opportunities has just opened up to you!  Large deer and hogs are now on the menu at 90+ yards with this pellet rifle that delivers jaw-dropping power.

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Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Big Dog Deep-Bellied Spear Point Knife with Veff Serrated Blade

This is an exceptional heavy duty folding knife for the price and is a tactical fighting, utility, and hunting knife all in one.

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The New Buckshot's Complete Survival Trapping Guide Paperback

This is the best book or guide that you will find on trapping and snaring.  Most really experienced trappers will not tell their best secrets, but this author does.

Bridger #2 Off Set Trapping Package

Bridger Traps Are Great For Survival & Doomsday Preppers!

Whether you are a new or experienced trapper, or you are a Doomsday prepper stockpiling traps for a long term survival scenario, well made coil spring traps such as these will be effective in catching small and medium sized animals

(6 Pack) Duke 220 Double Spring Body Trap for Fisher, Groundhog, and Raccoon
These type traps are tried and tested for decades. It is recommended that you also purchase a trap setting tool for these type traps.

Dressing & Cooking Wild Game: From Field to Table: Big Game, Small Game, Upland Birds & Waterfowl (The Complete Hunter) Hardcover

This book has outstanding recipes, and shows any hunter how to dress, clean, cook, and age wild game, with plenty of do's and don'ts and provides beautiful step by step illustrations that give you the skills you need to get your wild game from the field to the table.

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500lb Deer Cart Game Hauler (or use this cart as a Doomsday survival hauling buggy)

This is a nice heavy duty cart to haul out your large game, or in a Doomsday survival scenario, it can be converted to carry your Bug Out Bags and more supplies. This cart saves the pain and strain of trying to drag trophy game out of the woods or to carry heavy gear. 

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Best Gear & Strategies For Hunting Bullfrogs

Equipment Needed To Hunt Bullfrogs

Frog legs taste really good, even when you are not starving to death.  Learn the best gear & strategies for hunting bullfrogs for food, survival or Doomsday Preppers.  Learn how to locate & stalk frogs, the different methods of catching frogs, how to transport them, clean them, and cook them.

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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package SA Sports Fever is a powerful low cost crossbow that is perfect for first time crossbow hunters or preppers seeking an affordable fully equipped crossbow package.  This crossbow is light, fast, quiet and plenty deadly with more than enough power to harvest any animal in North America.

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The Complete Guide To Hunting, Butchering & Cooking Wild Game Series Paperback 

Steven Rinella - Hunting Butchering and Cooking Wild Game - Hunting Tactics

This series of hunting guides are the best you will find.  The host of the popular hunting show MeatEater shares his own expertise and conveys strategies and tactics from many of the most experienced hunters in the United States.

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Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc PCP Air Rifle, .50 Caliber

Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle 

The Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc air gun has massive knockdown power that can compete with many firearms.  This rifle launches a .50-caliber projectile with an awesome 230 ft-lbs. of muzzle energy. This rifle can humanely and quickly take out deer, hogs, coyotes, foxes, possums, woodchucks, raccoons and similar-sized animals. 

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Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

This pig has no chance in the sights of the Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s

Take your hunting to the next level with this exceptional Night Vision Scope!  The Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42 is the perfect scope for shooting hogs and varmints day or night.  You can hide under the cover of darkness, yet still see your target clear as day.  A Night Vision rifle scope like this one can make the difference in owning the night or not for hunting or for a Doomsday scenario. 

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Best Rifles For Hunting, Defense & Survival

Tavor XB95 Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle

For hunting and combat at a distance, a rifle is the best choice for a firearm, hands down due to better accuracy and power at long range.  There are many different really good choices in rifles that are suited for an end of the world SHTF scenario.  Keep reading to see pictures, watch videos, and learn more about all of these outstanding and unique rifles. 

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Ronco Pocket Fisherman Spin Casting Outfit

The Ronco Pocket Fisherman is a compact fishing rod & reel set that should be included in your survival Bug Out Bag as part of your survival plan.

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Hunters Specialties Mag Lift System with Gambrel

Use this pulley lift system (rated to 600 lbs) to hoist large game or any other heavy items that you need to lift vertically. This is a nice tool to have when hunting deer.

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Red Rock Gear Woodland Camouflage 3 Dimensional Ghillie Suit

This is an awesome adjustable 3D Ghillie Suit that can make you practically invisible when hunting in the brush or patch of grass or weeds.

5511 Spandoflage Head Net (Green Camo)

Best Green Camouflage Head Net

Deer and other game should have a harder time seeing you when hunting if you are wearing this as part of your camouflage. 

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Hunters Specialties Crème Tube Makeup Kit
This is a really good camouflage paint with great coverage that is pretty much sweat proof and does not smear.  Different color choices are available.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri-style machete with black leather sheath

The Ka-Bar Kukri-style machete is ideal for chopping branches and cutting down small trees. This machete can also be used as a combat weapon. Watch the video reviews plus learn how to catch big fish with a machete.

Cold Steel Long Shaft Assegai Spear with Ashwood Handle and Secure Sheath

The spear is one of man's oldest, reliable weapons. This is one heck of a fearsome hunting tool that is fantastic for throwing or thrusting and can be used for hunting or self defense. Check out the videos of this large and lethal spear.

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25m 3 Layer Monofilament Fishing Fish Gill Net with Floats

Monofilament Fishing Fish Gill Net

A gill net has many uses, besides catching fish while you're tending to your other survival needs. Use it to catch birds, fish, small game, etc. Makes a great trap in the woods to chase animals into on game trails.

Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery Bowfishing Bow Pack

Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery Bowfishing Bow Pack

Bowfishing is a very fun sport, and in a long term survival scenario, is a great alternative method of catching large fish in shallow water year round. Watch the amazing videos to see for yourself!

Field and Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Manual - 374 Skills YOU Need Paperback

If you need to develop or hone your outdoor, hunting, fishing, camping, and survival skills, this is a great book whether you are a beginner or advanced outdoorsman.

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Outdoor Edge Butcher-Lite BL-1 Lightweight 8-Piece Butcher Kit with Belt Scabbard

This is an ideal light-weight, portable field butcher kit to take with you when hunting.

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EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight

EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight

For self defense and hunting, an EOTech holographic sight provides very rapid and accurate target acquisition for your rifle. It has the fastest target acquisition, hands down of any optic, and it is very rugged, waterproof, and highly used by the military, police and NATO forces. 

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Universal Pistol & Rifle Magazine Loaders & Unloaders
These are a must have if they do not come with your pistol. Without these, your fingers will be sore and it takes forever to reload.  It is also recommended to have plenty of extra magazines and ammunition on hand for every firearm you own. A loader is invaluable in quick reloading of ammunition in your magazines.

UTG LED Weapon Light with QD Mount and Adjustable Red Laser

UTG LED Weapon Light with QD Mount and Adjustable Red Laser

This is a nice tactical addition to your rifle or shotgun in a survival Doomsday scenario. Just make sure that you have plenty of spare batteries on hand for the long term.  This weapon light comes with pressure switches for both the flashlight and the laser.

Recommended accessories (Replacement Batteries)

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

These electronic hearing protectors are affordable and protect your ears from gunshots and other loud noise while hunting and still allows you to hear conversations and your game on a hunt with 4x amplication.

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Benjamin Trail NP2 All Weather Air Rifle with Scope Camo (.22 caliber)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Camo

This is a high quality, very quiet, very powerful, and accurate pellet gun that is perfect for hunting or self defense.  You can carry much more ammunition with a pellet gun than a real gun in a survival situation.

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Woodland Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Camouflage Net is relatively inexpensive camo netting that you can use to camouflage a vehicle, your camp, or hunting stand or to hide anything of value in a wooded area.