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BFULL 2 To 3 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent

BFULL Instant Pop Up 2-3 Person Camping Tent - Best Tent For Camping, Emergency Survival & Doomsday Preppers

This is a low cost 2 to 3 person light weight (7.4 lbs) waterproof fiberglass pole instant dome tent that can be pitched in 1 minute

Why you might need it

In a survival situation, you typically need as much protection from the weather as possible, and a tent is ideal when you want to set up camp. This three person tent is waterproof, the zippers all work well, and the ventilation is excellent. It is easy to carry as it only weighs 7.4 lbs. It withstands wind very well, and has a stuff sack that measures approx. 29.9" L x 7.4" in diameter. 

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents Have Many Built In Desiable Features That Are Great For Camping, Emergency Survival And Doomsday Preppers

The BFULL 3 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent can be assembled quickly and is an enhanced Pop up Tent. It has an Automatic Hydraulic System that can be pitched in only one minute.  It is an instant dome tent featuring a revolutionary design. Sturdy fiberglass poles are pre-attached to the tent and ultra light construction makes pitching the tent effortless.

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents Are Easy To Pop-Up And Take Down

This tent is very stable in the wind and in bad weather and features 
a bug-free interior. The 210T fire retardant polyester rainfly is waterproof, has double-layer construction and fully taped seams.  The durable groundsheet remains dry throughout the night.

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents Are Made With High Quality Materials

The exterior dimensions of this tent are 83"L x 71"W x 41"H. The interior dimensions are 79"L x 67"W x 37"H.  This provides enough space for 3 adults or 4 kids to use the tent comfortably.  The BFULL 3 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent is a great value for a very good tent.

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents Can Fit 3 Adults Comfortably

Where To Buy

Amazon carries the BFULL 3 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent.

YouTube Videos

The following is a setup and take down demonstration of the BFULL 3 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent.

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tent

Sample Amazon Feedback

"This tent has an automatic hydraulic system that you can have pitched in only one minute. I have never had a tent that went up so easy. There are sturdy poles pre-attached to the tent. The light construction makes pitching effortless and fast to set up, anyone could pop up this tent in a flash. It takes a bunch of the hassle out of your outdoor travel. I live in Florida where you either have rain or air soup so waterproofing is critical for camping locally. This tent is waterproof and wind stable. It uses a 210T fire retardant polyester flysheet, double-layer construction, fully taped seams, and a durable groundsheet to remain dry throughout the night even in a typical tropical rainstorm. Bonus it also keeps the mosquitoes out if you are diligent about closing the flap. It has enough space for 2 adults if your friends and 3 if you are really friendly."

"Now we are reading to go camping!  My wife wanted to get some tent and camping items so we can go camping some times in the future when the opportunity present itself, not having any gears stop us from actually making plan to go camping, so we decided to just buy a tent and some sleeping bags. We chose this tent because it is advertised as easy set up. We opened it when it arrived and tested it right away, the tent is very easy to open up, it snaps together very easily, then we just have to drill it to the ground with the spikes. It took us about 3 minutes to open it, and about 5 minutes to disassemble it. What I like is after we took it down, we can still fold it to fit in the bag to carry. The tent itself is big enough for both of us. The color is great and we feel like the tent is well built and will be sturdy enough. The tent can be access by 2 sides. This is so much different than the tent I used to have as a kid when going camping with my parents. This is like sooooo much easier to deal with."

"This tent is super fast to set up. Takes less than 3 minutes to set up and tear down. Great addition to a camping adventure.  The zippers are super sturdy and there is a hook to set up a camp light. This is great if you are looking for minimal effort in having your adventure with your family. It is also super lightweight so anyone would be able to carry this through the mountains."

"Perfect pop-up tent for camping.  I like camping but the old tent is not easy to setup all by myself, looking for a pop up tent that supports quick set up and that is, it takes less than 1 minute to setup or take down by myself only. The size is perfect fit for our 3 persons family to accommodate three sleep bags, while the package size is small to carry with. More important, it seems much more stable with the sturdy poles in windy weather, perfect in outdoor activities."

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