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Moskeeper Mosquito Repellent Bracelet with Free Clip and 4 Repellent Refills

Moskeeper® Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

The Moskeeper Mosquito Repellent Bracelet and Clip provides the ultimate protection from mosquito bites without applying potentially dangerous chemicals in your backyard or on your skin.  These wristbands are non toxic and contain a 100% natural insect repellent that is safe and effective for adults and kids.  Help protect yourself from the Zika Virus and other diseases and viruses transmitted by mosquitoes.  

Why you might need it

NOTE:  This item is no longer available and in our archived (older) recommendations folder.  All links on this page are to other Mosquito bracelets.

Are you one of those people who mosquitoes like to feast on?  Are mosquitoes ever a reason to keep you from enjoying outdoors?  When you do go outdoors unprotected by not applying potentially harmful sprays and lotions, do you pay dearly with many itchy red mosquito bites?  Well now there is the ultimate product that actually works without the hassle of spraying pesticides or coating yourself and clothing with insect repellent.  If you have not yet tried Mosquito Bracelets (the refill types), you should give them a try.  Read the over 100 5-star feedback reviews on Amazon and see for yourself.

There are many options in Mosquito Bracelets, and most of those work well so shop around.  However, compared to most other Mosquito Bracelets:
  • Moskeeper gives you additional options for protection using the Clip instead of the Bracelet or use them both.
  • Moskeeper refills last for about 15 days.  Some of the other brands/types do not last as long.
  • Moskeeper has a comparatively lower cost for refills when compared to many other options

Mosquito repellent bracelets work automatically and are less messy and easier to use compared to sprays and lotions.  You might be apprehensive regarding the bracelet's safety around children as most repellents use a lot of chemicals to create a pungent odor. The smell is effective in driving away pests, but it can cause sneezing and other reactions when inhaled by kids and those who are allergic. However, this wristband is non-toxic as it utilizes a mixture of essential oils, so it is suitable for the whole family. 

Product Contents

  • A mosquito repellent bracelet: 
    • Color- orange and black 
    • Size- length: 255 mm 
    • Width: 28 mm 
  • An anti-mosquito clip: 
    • Size- length: 75 mm 
    • Width: 31 mm 
    • Usage - clip on bag, belt loop or backpack 
  • 4 units of refills: 
    • Ingredients: 100% natural essential oil 
    • Active ingredients: TPR-70%, Citronella-10.05%, Peppermint-10.05%, Lavender 6.9%, Geranium-3%
Moskeeper Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Package Contents

Recommended Accessories

Moskeeper Refills - Pack of 5
Moskeeper 5-Pack Refills are sold separately


  • Easy to put on - can be worn as fashion accessory. 
  • No unpleasant smells. 
  • Lightweight and compact. 
  • Suitable for whole family. 
  • Zero effect on performance due to temperature changes 
  • Waterproof 
  • ADJUSTABLE TO ALL SIZES - The bracelet is adjustable to fit children, and adults of all ages. No need to worry about. 
  • Perfect for camping 


  • Just Strap It On - The mosquito killer comes in the form of a bracelet and anti-mosquito clip, is adjustable and fits comfortably on your wrist or ankle without exerting pressure. You can also attach it to a backpack or baby carriage.
  • Easy To Refill - It requires 2 refills for operation. While replacing an old refill, simply place it under the protective mesh bag stitched to the bracelet, which prevents direct contact with skin.
  • Natural Ingredients - No toxins or harsh chemicals are used, so it is safe for all age groups. It doesn't emit strong smells; in fact the odor is quite pleasant as the bracelet contains a blend of essential oils. Moreover, it is waterproof, which makes it all the more suitable for children.
  • Say Goodbye To Sprays - Saves you the hassle of constantly spraying repellent liquid into the air to ward of mosquitoes. These fluids often have a pungent odor that might cause allergies and breathing problems. You don't have to apply any creams or lotions, nor do you need to swat mosquitoes while sitting in your garden - this mosquito repellant bracelet band is equally effective for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Excellent Longevity - You are provided with 4 extra refills, with each pellet lasting for about 15 days. It can be worn for 24 hours a day.

Added Tip

Put your bracelet or clip (with an opened refill) into a zip lock bag when not in use.  This will extend the days that the refill remains active.  Also note that no Mosquito Bracelet will be 100% effective.  In the Amazon Feedbacks, collectively many people are claiming they get no mosquito bites, but many others say they get significantly less mosquito bites or that this product is not quite as effective as DEET, but that the bracelets are still well worth it, and many say they will never go back to using DEET, sprays, or lotions again.

Sample Amazon Feedback

"Best mosquito repellant-at a low price!  What a handy mosquito repellant. You can avoid all the spray with this mosquito repellant from Moskeeper - I live in Alabama next to a river so the mosquitos can be so bad. This is great for walking, gardening, outdoor ball games, the list goes on. I don't like using sprays as I think they make my skin sticky and smelly. I would prefer using something like this all the time. You can refill them with no problem. It comes with bracelet and 4 refills with a clip. It's so easy to use....I will keep using these. If you like to be outside but can't stand the mosquitoes this is a must have."

"Repels mosquito effectively.  This is the second mosquito repellent bracelet I got from Amazon. The Moskeeper repellent set comes with 4 refills, a bracelet, and a clip. I think having anti-mosquito clip is a great added bonus which was not found on the other repellent bracelet product I had. The refills are thick and can be smelled even it still sealed. I wore the bracelet while I was gardening and helping my husband do some yard work, and never had any mosquito bugging me. Often times when I am doing yard work, I get a lot of mosquito bites but not anymore since I started using this bracelet. This is very effective and I can't wait to use this when we have our camping or hunting trips...."

"So many mosquito repellents are made of toxic chemicals that I never want to put them on anymore. They feel gross and smell terrible on top of all of the possible side effects of chemical exposure. These all-natural mosquito repellent capsules are a good alternative...."

"With the current fears of mosquito diseases, why wouldn't you buy these! Protect your family from these fears with this amazing product. Bug sprays are so dangerous, containing toxic chemicals. This is the safest choice for your family. I would advise stocking up before summer. The diseased mosquito's that have already shown spread to the United States will likely spread to the rest of the nation when the weather warms..."

"...Because of the pouch, there is no contact of the bracelet chemical with the skin, reducing the after odors found in other bracelets...."

"I love the convenience of these Moskeeper Mosquito Repellent Bracelets. Living in Florida where the mosquitoes are like little blood sucking demons, I am always looking for different ways to protect myself and my family from becoming their next lunch. There are times where I have walked outside, and literally within a matter of minutes I have 2 or 3 new bites! I hate mosquito sprays as they are messy, and you end up inhaling half the mist, which isn't good for you. Lotions are just a pain, and messy as well, as they get all over your hands and underneath your nails. Besides the fact that most sprays and lotions are full of all kinds of harmful chemicals, which absorb into the skin. This bracelet solves those problems as it is 1) an all natural solution and 2) super convenient and easy to use. With the set you get the bracelet (or I wear as an anklet), a clip to clip on items such as a belt loop, bag, or stroller, and 4 sealed pouches that contain the essential oil mix which is the repellent. When I first received this in the mail as soon as I opened the box I could smell the citronella even though the packets are sealed. I don't mind the scent though, so it didn't bother me. These are very easy to use. Both the bracelet/anklet and clip have mesh pockets in them. You simply open the packets, and insert one of the pouches in them. I tried one out the next time I went to sit outside in the evening for awhile. Normally, as I said, I would have been assaulted within a couple minutes. I was able to sit out for about an hour, and only got 1 bite. This is amazing! They aren't fool-proof, but they do repel the majority of the mosquitoes, without the mess. I'll take that!..."

"...The only thing that bothers me a little is that 1) the list of ingredients isn't listed on the packaging at all, I think they definitely should be and 2) the first ingredient (the main ingredient) on the ingredient list, under the product description on Amazon, is TPR 70%. I have no idea what this stands for, nor does it say. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything. If someone knows what this is and could enlighten me, I would appreciate it. The other 4 ingredients are all natural oils, so I am assuming it is no different. The actual packets never touch your skin, so I am not really worried about it, but it would just be nice to know what the main ingredient is. The other thing I noticed is that under the product description it kept stating that 1 packet will last 15 days if worn 24 hours (although I don't know who would wear one non-stop for that long), but then on the back of the box it says 1 packet lasts for up to 5 days, so that is quite a discrepancy. I am assuming it is just a typo on the back of the box, as it says 2 packets will last a month. Nevertheless, these bracelets do definitely work at repelling the majority of pesky bugs, so for that I would definitely recommend them. I would give this product a solid 4.5 stars..."

"Great item to have around during hiking or even just everyday use in an area that has mosquitos. The bag that the pellet refills come in is too large to fit in the mesh pouch on the bracelet/keychain - so i took one out and wrapped it in saran wrap so that it would fit in the keychain, which stays attached to the backpack I carry everyday, and I can easily unwrap it to use immediately if I come across an area with mosquitos.  The bracelet is well made and seems very durable, no loose threads, thick fabric, good quality velcro. The velcro covers a long stretch of the bracelet - meaning it can be adjusted to a great range of lengths, which is a nice surprise as I tend to find most bracelets too large. In terms of repelling mosquitos, it's not as effective as deet, but it's definitely a lot more convenient to carry around in a small keychain or wear as a bracelet. It comes with four refills. The smell is a little distracting, but it's not overly strong.  I do wish there were more colors to choose from. Additionally, it's a bit unclear how long the refills are supposed to last - since there is conflicting information on the box and the listing. Overall I do like this product, I think it's really well made, convenient to use, and seems to help ward off those little suckers/biters."

"This mosquito repellent bracelet is so awesome~!I love using it! This is wonderful for children as well! I placed these around my ankle so that it didn't bother my arm and low and behold when we came inside for the night not a single mosquito had bitten me. This is so much more easier to use than spray because you don't have to worry about getting the spray in the eyes and mouth. This comes with 4 extra refills, with each pellet lasting for about 15 days. It can be worn for 24 hours a day!!..."

"I really like this bracelet. It fits on me or my 2 year old. I like that it keeps the chemicals off her skin and it smells like citronella candle. It came with four of the sticks and a key chain which is great. You can fit the bug repellent into the key chain and then hook it on a back pack or belt loop. Great product."

"This is a great insect repellent bracelet I got for myself. Gone are the days of spraying yourself with bottles of sticky insect spray. Now you can simply put on a deet free bracelet and off you go. No more bug bites or worry of them. I got this for my husband who works outside and gets bit up all the time. Now he can have these in his bag and just put one on whenever he has a problem. They are great and he loves them. They work great and are very effective...."

Other Recommended Mosquito Products

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  • USGI Military Mosquito Net Bar (200" x 72", weighs 1.9 lbs.  If tied in a rectangular configuration this net measures roughly 61" long x 28" wide x 64" high).
  • Cotmaster SINGLE Rectangular Mosquito Net (White rectangular mosquito net that has 6 suspension points with metal rings. Longer (84") and wider (39") than most nets.  This net uses the 75 denier multi-filament, 100% polyester and is extremely strong compared to the 50 denier of other mosquito nets. 196 extra fine mesh.  Weighs less than a pound).

Moskeeper® Mosquito Repellent Bracelet with Free Clip and 4 Repellent Refills - Pictures