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Best Accurate Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Digital Laser IR Thermometer

The Infrared Non-contact Forehead Thermometer Takes Temperatures In 1 Second, Is Very Portable, And Perfect For Home Use, Traveling, Bug-out Bags, Emergency Survival And Doomsday Preppers

This quality, accurate and super fast Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer can assist in assessing the health for an injured or sick person and help determine if they are in a contagious stage.  Thermometer guns have been used extensively during the recent Covid 19 pandemic.  

Why you might need it

This is an essential health assessment device given the new worry in our society concerning virus transmission.  These are valuable tools during normal times, but in any potential collapse of society, without access to a doctor or medical facilities, if you had one of these devices, anyone you interact with could be safely assessed to see if they are running a temperature and possibly pose a health threat in the form of spreading viruses or other illnesses. 

Without an available health care professional, in a survival situation, a Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer would also be invaluable to determine with subsequent measurements whether a person’s condition is getting better or worse no matter what you are treating them for.  It will also help you gauge if your treatments are actually working. 

Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometers tell you the person's external contact temperature without having to touch them or have them touch the thermometer.  This capability would be valuable today to help evaluate potential fevers.  In a Doomsday survival scenario you could also quickly identify any sick people who may have a fever and be contagious. 

 The Infrared Non-contact Forehead Thermometer Has  High Temperature Warning And Sound And Color Prompts Making It An Outstanding Choice For Doomsday Preppers And Emergency Survival

The CDC recommends that public health officials and airport authorities utilize non-contact thermometers to screen people prior to boarding aircraft from countries with active outbreaks.  You could do the same in a Doomsday scenario for people entering your survival camp.  

This particular Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer  provides consistent and reliable temperature readings.  We have used ours enough to know we can rely on its accuracy.  What's really great is that it takes temperatures in 1 second from pulling the trigger, so there is no waiting on results.

The Infrared Non-contact Forehead Thermometer Takes Temperature Readings In 1 Second And Provides Instant Visual Feedback With 3 Color Codes And An Audible Alarm

The LCD screen gives instant visual feedback with green (normal), orange (slight fever), and red (high fever) colors and any abnormal readings sound an audible alarm.   The memory keeps the last 10 measurements.  This unit has overall great feedback on Amazon.

This thermometer also has a different setting to take temperatures of objects without the need to touch or come close to anything dangerously hot or cold. You can effortlessly measure high temperatures, hazardous and inaccessible objects, and even moving targets; such as hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, swimming pools, bath water, wine coolers, hot asphalt, electric bearings, and much more.  Since this thermometer is laser guided, you can aim with precision at whatever you wish to measure. Even from a far distance, the laser ensures accuracy on every measurement.

The Infrared Non-contact Forehead Thermometer Has A Data Memory Function To Store The Last 10 Readings Making It Easy To Compare Temperature Changes

Sample Amazon Feedback

"Love this thermometer....What we have been extremely impressed by has been the astonishing level of consistency..."

"I tested my and my wife’s temperature alternately several times. It always measured mine at 97.1 and hers at 97.4 three times and 97.3 once. I had been sitting at a table underneath a ceiling fan before taking the measurements. After about 10 minutes, I tested my forehead again, and the thermometer reported 97.4 degrees..."

"This is a very user-friendly thermometer. User interface is clean and simple. The screen is appropriately sized.  Point the device 2-3 inch away from the subject's forehead and press the trigger once. This gives you the temperature reading within a second. There are 3 distinct LCD colors for the screen to indicate the temperature range. This is a visual aide for you to quickly know if the temperature is out of normal range..."

"...The thermometer features a 30-second auto-shutoff to save battery life. This is a very welcome feature."

"...This unit is also able to measure the temperature of random objects and I checked it with a few things around the house, (wall, plastic toy, etc.) and the measurements it gave were very near the thermostat setting for the air conditioner, so those measurements appeared reasonable as well."

"I really like it an do recommend getting one. Wish I had this when my son was a baby because it's not just for taking body temperature it also has setting to take temperatures of objects as well like baby bottles or bath water or whatever you need a temperature of. Best part I like about it is the no contact part as to having to sanitize a thermometer every time leaves me to wonder should I sanitize it a second time..."

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Simzo HW-F7 Infrared Forehead Thermometer - Same As Pictured Above With Different Brand Name

Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Non-Contact, Fast reading Simzo HW-F7

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Through corresponding directly with Dr. Ryan Chamberlin, he recommends this Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer for Doomsday Preppers as it is a great value.  Dr. Chamberlin is the author of the medical survival book Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: First Aid Kit Building and Mini Med School for Preppers.  See the Blog (linked below) from for more details from Dr. Chamberlin concerning what a prepper needs to know about fevers and how a fever can actually save your life. Also, see the YouTube video above for how to use this Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer.

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