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Nursing2021 Drug Handbook (Nursing Drug Handbook) Forty-First Edition Paperback

Nursing 2021 Drug Handbook Is A Valuable Medical Reference Book For Doomsday Preppers!

The Nursing2021 Drug Handbook is handy for knowing the dosages and time period required for prescription and over the counter medications for different ailments. 

Why you might need it

This book is written and intended for nurses and is a great resource for the professional nurse and nursing student.  However, in a long term survival scenario, it would also be a handy resource for preppers.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see additional laminated nursing and medical guides that would be of interest to nurses and preppers.

THE #1 Drug Guide for nurses & other clinicians is up to date and a great medical reference for your prepping library! The thoroughly updated Nursing2021 Drug Handbook  includes:
    • Nursing-focused drug monographs featuring for over 3,700 generic, brand-name, and combination drugs in an easy A-to-Z format
    • 63 brand-new FDA-approved drugs 
    • More than 8,200 clinical updates —new dosages and indications, Black Box warnings, adverse reactions, nursing considerations, clinical alerts, and patient teaching information
    • Special focus on U.S. and Canadian drug safety issues and concerns
    • Photoguide insert with images of 450 commonly prescribed tablets and capsules

    Monographs are consistently formatted for ease of use and focus on the practical information that nurses need. Each monograph consists of generic and trade names, pronunciation key, therapeutic and pharmacologic classes, controlled substance schedule (if applicable), available forms, indications and dosages, administration (with drug incompatibilities for IV drugs), action (including tables showing route, onset, peak, duration, and half-life), adverse reactions, interactions, effects on lab test results, contraindications, nursing considerations, and patient teaching.

    You can always count on the Nursing 2021 Drug Handbook to tell you unapproved, off-label drug uses so you'll always know why a drug is prescribed. And, this year, be a more confident nurse with fingertip access to all 63 new drugs, including 25 new comprehensive drug monographs, alphabetized and conveniently grouped in a handy “New Drugs” section. In this edition, you’ll find:

    • Over 8,200 clinical updates—new dosages and indications, Black Box warnings, adverse reactions, nursing considerations, clinical alerts, and patient teaching information
    • 28 appendices covering such topics as Prescription drug abuse, Safe disposal of unused drugs, Ophthalmic drugs, Biosimilar drugs, and many more
    • Special attention to drug safety issues and concerns (U.S. and Canada)
    • Adjust-a-dose feature for dosage adjustments needed by special populations
    • Administration guidelines for all appropriate routes
    • Full-color pill guide containing 450 drug images of the most commonly prescribed drugs
    • Increased coverage of adverse reactions! Includes those that occur with 1% & greater frequency, with special emphasis on life-threatening adverse reactions
    • Chapters on drug classes, drug safety, drug interactions, and drug therapy across the lifespan
    • Combination drugs section
    • Elder care medication tips and pediatric drug-error information in appendices
    • Evidence-based off-label indications and dosages
    • FDA Black Box Warnings in appropriate drug monographs
    • Interactions by Drug-drug, Drug-food, Drug-lab tests, Drug-alternative therapy clearly identified
    • Less Commonly Used Drugs appendix, including indications and dosages for infrequently used drugs
    • Overdose signs & symptoms, where appropriate
    • Robust Web Toolkit with hundreds of tools and resources, including monthly drug updates, warnings, and news capsules
    • Safe Drug Administration chapter covering the most current guidelines, ISMP initiatives, and contemporary patient safety issues (such as opioid administration), preventing and treating extravasation, and preventing exposure to hazardous drugs
    • Safety alerts for potentially toxic drugs, IV drug incompatibility, toxic drug-drug interactions, and much more

    Additional App Purchase Available 

    Note: the app description below includes details and facts/numbers that were written for the Nursing2016 Drug Handbook.  This is the same app but with additional features not listed below.
    A subscription to the Nursing Drug Handbook app provides 12 months of continuous access to all drugs in the app, including quarterly updates featuring drugs newly approved by the FDA and weekly updates covering new Indications and Dosages, Black Box Warnings, Alerts, and other critical clinical information.

    Find complete monographs for more than 3,300 generic and trade drugs—including essential details on 24 NEW drugs—with important nursing considerations for each and every one in the completely updated and redesigned Nursing Drug Handbook app.  Once you download the 27 free sample drug entries, you will quickly discover that the Nursing Drug Handbook app is easy to use and includes all of the safety information you need to provide top-level care for your patients.

    Get full access to all 1,000 generic and 2,300 trade drug entries. If you subscribed, you will have all of the vital information you need to provide safe patient care, including …

    • Weekly updates with the latest need-to-know drug facts so you’re always up-to-date
    • Quick and easy search via the Search Bar or by category, including Therapeutic Class, Pharmacologic Class, Combination Drugs, or Canadian Drugs
    • Visual search using our Photo Guide
    • Easy-to-use tools to create a customized database, including Notes & Favorites.

    Always up-to-date, the App emphasizes nursing and safety aspects of drug administration and will ensure that you’re fully informed of the newest approved drugs, approved and off-label uses for drugs, overdose signs & symptoms, and drug warnings, including:

    • 2,821 changes to drug information that have occurred in the last year alone
    • 838 NEW facts on adverse reactions and dangerous interactions
    • 404 NEW nursing considerations and patient-teaching facts
    • 629 NEW facts on indications and dosages.

    In addition to the instant search capability that will help you quickly locate drug entries, each monograph includes the following key sections:

    • Drug name: generic and brand names along with the pronunciation, tall man letters, and pill symbol 
    • Pregnancy risk category and controlled substances schedule
    • Available forms (P.O., I.V., I.M., subcutaneous, inhalational, etc.)
    • Indications & dosages 
    • Administration (covers all applicable routes)
    • Action (route, onset, peak, duration, half-life)
    • Adverse reactions (identified by body system) 
    • Interactions (drug-drug, drug-herb, drug-lifestyle)
    • Effects on lab results
    • Contraindications & cautions 
    • Nursing considerations 
    • Patient teaching guidelines
    • Nursing process.

    The App also includes a Photo Guide with images of over 400 of the most commonly prescribed brand-name drugs and a free Dosage calculator.

    Selected Amazon Feedback

    "Best Nursing handbook.  This is the best handbook for Nurses in my opinion. It is easy to find the drug by the name brand or generic. I have had one that was very difficult to navigate it took to long to find the information the index was not even alphabetical and if there was a generic they had that name listed but not the brand name."

    "I've been a practicing nurse for nearly 40 years, now retired. This has been my "go-to" pharmacy book for at least 20 years (I buy a new one every 2-3 years). This book is very well organized, easy to find information. My favorite feature of this book is the SPECIFIC patient information about how and when to take a medication, with warnings about foods or other medications that should not be taken at the same time."

    "I like having this drug handbook available. Easier than looking up each drug on the internet."

    "Excellent Drug Guide #1 Choice.  Absolutely excellent drug guide! There has not yet been an instant where I've attempted to look up a medication and it's not been there. Very well organized, user friendly. Would highly recommend to any nursing student or nursing professional."

    "MUST download if you are in Nursing school or a nurse! Makes life much easier!  BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE!! I LOVE having access to this handbook without having the actual paper book! It has made clinicals and nursing school meds super easy to look up in a pinch! I am so incredibly glad they made it available on kindle!! I highly recommend buying this book through the kindle for ease of access and the ease of rapidly looking up a medicine just by typing in a name instead of flipping pages. The other amazing thing is I do not even have to have my kindle with me! I can use the kindle app on my phone and still have access to this great resource."

    "A great all-around drug handbook geared specifically to nurses.  Tried and true, this drug handbook has never failed me."

    "This book should be in any future nurses library! Very helpful! There are pictures and well written easy to understand facts about the drugs in this book. It's a great study guide and vary useful in the first two semesters of nursing clinicals."

    "One of the best drug guides I have used in school.  One of the best drug guides I have used in school. I have used Mosby's and Davis's and both my teachers and I have found multiple errors in the books. This book has everything a nurse and nursing student needs to know."