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Syma X5C-1 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone With 2MP HD Camera

Syma X5C-1 Upgraded Quadcopter Drone

Keep an eye on your property with this incredible Syma X5C-1 entry level quadcopter drone with a 2MP HD camera included for less than $60.  The affordable upgraded Syma X5C-1 has more flight control, more power, excellent mobility for roll, pitch, and yaw.  This is the best beginner quadcopter you'll find.  Keep reading to learn a lot more about this amazing quadcopter including how to add an inexpensive upgrade that converts this quadcopter to a first person viewer (FPV) so that you can see what the camera sees while it is flying!

Why you might need it

Besides being flat out fun to fly, if you are a landowner, hunter, farmer, or Doomsday Prepper / Survivalist, a quad copter with camera could perform safe surveillance & reconnaissance missions on your property or surrounding area. That is especially important if you are a prepper and have less people in your group as surveillance can be done much faster and safer with a quadcopter than with people. As a hunter, imagine being able to see animals on your property from up above.  Although you can fly horizontally and vertically with this quadcopter, the camera can see very far just by flying this quadcopter straight up and spinning it around. If you have never flown a quad copter, the Syma X5C-1 quadcopter drone is a great and inexpensive way to learn how to fly them. The Syma X5C-1 is stable and easy to fly and is basically a flying camera that takes decent video and snapshots. The Syma X5C-1 quadcopter drone can do a complete 360 degree flip, can fly hundreds of feet high and has LED lights that can be turned on or off manually during night flights. It's a fast flyer. However, if you take off the camera, guards, and skids, it flies much faster and is a blast to fly for the sport of just flying it. The horizontal range is approximately 70 to 80 meters (230 to 260 ft) with the standard controller with no modifications. With a simple and proper antennae modification on the controller, the horizontal range can approach perhaps 200 meters (650 ft) as the best case farthest distance.

Fly high or low above your property with the Syma X5C-1 quadcopter drone

Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone Aerial Photo

The Syma X5C-1 quadcopter drone has LED lighting so you can Fly at night.  Upgraded model shown below with replacement (red & white) blades.

Syma X5C-1 Lights For Night Flying

Product Description

  • Sturdy Flying Machine
    • Featuring highly anti-collision elastic plastic protective frame, this is a very well built and strong piece of equipment that can handle more crashes better than regular quadcopters. Excellent for beginners and casual flight amateurs.
  • Upgraded Version
    • Once the Syma X5C-1 takes off, you will directly notice a difference in power and flight control compared to its predecessor. The 6-axis flight controls offers stronger wind resistance and mobility for roll, pitch, and yaw.  
    • 3 Axis and 3 Accelerometers: ensure stronger wind resistance, ultra-stability and reliable flight characteristics right out of the box.
    • Equipped with a high quality camera.  Enjoy good quality images and videos during flight.  The included 2 megapixel camera has resolution up to 1280 x 720 and 30 FPS.
  • Replaceable Spare Parts 
    • Your motors burned and stop spinning? No problem, replace them quickly with DIY motors spare parts (not included). To check how to replace them, scroll down and see the YouTube video below to learn how to swap motors easily.
  • Important Note:
    • The quadcopter motors wear naturally the longer you fly it due to the heat generated. Please make sure to cool down the motors and board circuit after 2 or 3 flights to extend their durability.
    • If the motors stop working, easily replace them with a set of new motors.
    • The battery usage time is about 5-6 minutes. We recommend that you prepare an extra battery to avoid running out of power during your fun time.
  • What You Receive:
    • 1 x Upgraded X5C-1 Syma Quadcopter
    • 1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter
    • 1 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery
    • 8 x Extra Blades
    • 2 x Landing Skids
    • 1 x 2MP Camera
    • 1 x SB Charging Cable
    • 4 x Protection Frames
    • 1 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x User Manual 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Top-Notch Quality Control
    • Easy-to-Reach Customer Support: via Amazon

Added tips

Even though this quadcopter is likely the most durable one you will find, and is a stable flyer which make it the best beginner quadcopter, if you fly it enough and/or crash it really hard enough, you are going to need replacement parts.  Scroll down and see the recommended accessories below and go ahead and buy a complete spare parts kit with original parts like the kit listed below.

Plus, you've got to get this!  Upgrade your Syma X5C-1 to live onboard video with an inexpensive upgrade to an FPV quadcopter.  This will allow you to fly this quadcopter with an integrated first person viewer (FPV) monitor that attaches to the controller.
A note about FPV flying.  The FPV quadcopters that use on board WiFi and transmit the video to your Smartphone have too much delay to use to fly your quadcopter by watching the video from your Smartphone.  Also, WiFi transmits at 2.4GHz which is the same frequency as quadcopter transmitter/controllers, so there is interference.  The best FPV transmission is accomplished with a separate monitor and transmitter that communicate at 5.8GHz just like the one pictured below, that you can purchase separately. 
Syma X5C-1 FPV Camera
Syma X5C-1 FPV Upgrade 5.8GHz Camera & Monitor (Not Included - Must Be Purchased Separately)

If you are new to quadcopters, start out with a Syma X5C-1 quadcopter drone (a great quad for a beginner), and then upgrade to a JJRC H8C quadcopter (a great quad for an intermediate). Both of these quadcopter models are very inexpensive. Once you learn how to fly a quadcopter, if you really need to upgrade to the much better quadcopters, check out the high end DJ Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter and likely the best top end DJI Inspire1 models. On the Syma X5C-1 quadcopter, with a modification to extend the antennae wire length, the horizontal range can approach 200 meters. There are videos on YouTube that explain how to make the antennae modification. Extra batteries are a must with the Syma X5C-1. Your flight time will be approx. 3.5 minutes with the camera on and about 7 minutes with the camera off with the stock 500mAH batteries. The batteries listed below are 680mAH batteries. These 680mAH batteries have slightly longer flight times (approx. 11 minutes with camera off) and can be charged simultaneously with the listed USB charger. Requires micro SD 2GB card (not included) for camera. Battery for remote controller: 4 x AA batteries (not included). 

With the Syma X5C-1 and the JJRC H8C quadcopters out of the box, you cannot see the video or pictures live unless you purchase and install an FPV monitor that is compatible with your quadcopter.  Without an FPV capability, the recording is retrieved after the flight from the micro SD card. For live onboard video, out of the box FPV quadcopters are available such as the ultra small Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter, the WLtoys V686G, the JJRC H8Dor to a higher end quadcopter, such as the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone with 1080p HD with an integrated first person viewer (FPV) Camcorder which allows live remote video streaming from up to 980 feet away. Still the Syma X5C-1 is a great quadcopter drone for a beginner, it will take videos for you, and is a lot of fun to fly, and you can upgrade it to an FPV quadcopter.

Syma X5C-1 Controller

Sample Amazon Feedback

"A superb, very high quality, very maneuverable drone. Decent footage, very durable, and a total blast! This is a great and very easy to fly drone that provides a ton of fun for the price. Certainly this is not a professional video drone, but this is a perfect quadcopter to learn how to fly before you invest in high-end expensive drones..."

"Very stable and sturdy. Best first quad!  After buying the big quad (Syma X8C) I decided to buy a small one that I can practice flying in the house on the days when it is too windy outside.
With this quadcopter I was very impressed how stable it is and how easy it is to fly even for a newbie like me. I have taken it outside as well and was flying it in slight wind, had no problem going against the wind and flying high as well.  Batteries were lasting me around 10 minutes (I bought extra batteries and charger because I wanted to prolong the fun time).  The range was at least 150 feet, I am sure if I was somewhere in the park with out radio interference I would get better than that but I didn't go any further as I didn't want it to fall out of the sky and land in someones back yard.  The frame and all the pieces are made very sturdy, I had it fall down probably from 8-10 feet in the air on cement and it barely had a scratch on it, no broken parts or anything, I am very pleased with the quality of this quad.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this one to anybody, especially if it is your first quad, it is very sturdy and very easy to learn to fly.

"Better than you expect....this is an amazing value. Fun and easy to fly...."

"Great quadcopter.  Wow! Where do I start....This SYMA X5C-1 is amazing! I'm new to the Quadcopter World. I got this Flyer as a gift. After I un-boxed it and started flying and video taping with it, I can't get enough of it!"

"Nice quadcopter to enjoy for not that much money!  This is an incredible quad for the money. The camera is about what you could expect for 2MPs, but seriously for 65 bucks, that's ok. I will probably upgrade the camera to a 808 #16 sometime, but it takes great video for just playing around...." 

"Slammed into the side of my house and it is still running like it was when it was new.  I read a few reviews where someone had posted that theirs broke shortly after their child began it. I can't imagine how much it had to be abused. Mine has been stuck in numerous trees, slammed into the ground, slammed into concrete, slammed into the side of my house and it is still running like it was when it was new. Obviously that kind of abuse is not a good thing mine has taken it all in stride. It is very maneuverable and a blast to fly. The videos are just ok. The quality is about what I would expect for the price."

"At the entry level this one flies easy enough and is very stable. do buy extra batteries. flight times are increased not using video. i got almost 10 mins on mine with out the camera."

"I'm very happy with this drone! I started with a Cheerson CX-10 and then bought 3 more of those for my family. I then upgraded to a Parrot AR 2.0. I have mixed feelings about the AR. Not too long after getting the AR, I saw this inexpensive drone and, based on positive reviews, decided to give it a try. This is now my favorite BY FAR! It's very simple and light. It's easy to fly and takes crashes very well. The batteries are cheap and multi-battery chargers are available so you can fly just about as long as you can stand it. The camera is so-so but, come on, this is a super cheap drone."

"Great Drone....Great flyer, not erratic, well balanced. I found a little better balance by taking the camera off though. Highly suggest ordering a couple 650mAh batteries, it come with one 500mAh. This drone can take a beating and keep going also. And Amazon has plenty of replacement parts just in case.  Great drone, good fly time and price."

Upgraded Syma X5C-1 With Additional Spare Parts & Carrying Case

If you want the best packaged deal on the upgraded Syma X5C-1, see the link below that includes:  Potensic 1-Year Limited Warranty, Upgraded Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter, 2.4GHz Transmitter, Carrying Case, (4) Li-Po Batteries, (2) Spare Motors, (2) Landing Skids, 4GB Micro SD Card, USB Card Reader, USB Charging Cable, Battery Charger, (4) Extra Blades, User Manual.

Recommended accessories

    • Original Syma Parts 2 Pairs Motor A B + 4pcs Motor Base Cover for SYMA X5C X5C-1 X5 RC Quadcopter (These motors and gear housings are the best replacement parts out there)
      • Handy Amazon Feedback:
        • "We have 12 drones/ quadcopters. These syma x5c motors are super easy just take the 3-5 screws out bend open the case. Take out the gear housing w/ motor. Splice and fly. Soldering would take forever. This is my best advice. Good luck :) (these motors and gears work great best replacement pack)" By Allen Slate on April 3, 2016.
        • "I didn't use any solder. I just cut the wire a couple of inches off the board and twisted the wire and then used just a little amount of e-tape. I've heard that someone makes reusable wire splice connectors but, I haven't looked for them" By Martin Straughler on April 5, 2016

YouTube Videos

The following YouTube video is a review and demonstration of the Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone.

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Your Mother Could Fly This!

The following YouTube video is a review and demonstration of the Syma X5C-1 First Person Viewer (FPV) that attaches a live on board monitor to your controller.

Syma X5C X5S 5.8Ghz FPV Upgrade Review

The following YouTube video shows how to replace motors on the Syma X5C-1.  NOTE:  This video and others will show soldering the wires, which might be best. However, per Amazon Feedback, some folks are just splicing the wires to save time. 

Syma X5C/X5C-1 motor replacement

The following YouTube video is another review and demo of the Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone flying without the camera.

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Fast and Maneuverable

The following YouTube video is another review and demonstration of the Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone.  There are great low and high flying shots between 4:00 and 10:00 minutes in the video.

Syma X5C Quadcopter with Camera

The following YouTube video is another review and demo of the Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone.  This video demos the Syma X5C-1 with the camera replaced with the better 808 #16 V3 120 degree HD keychain camera.

Syma X5C-1 Drone Keychain Camera Desert Flight

The following YouTube video is a great tutorial that will train you on the basics of flying a quadcopter drone.

Quadcopter Drone Flying Lessons

The following YouTube video is a review, demonstration, and comparison of the JJRC H8C versus the Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone.  The Syma X5C-1 is a great beginner quadcopter, and the JJRC H8C is better for intermediate flyers.

JJRC H8C Drone Test Flight - The X5C Killer?

The following YouTube video is another review and demo of the JJRC H8C Quadcopter Drone with a WLtoys transmitter.  This video demos the JJRC H8C with the camera replaced with the better 808 #16 V3 120 degree HD keychain camera.

JJRC H8C Drone, Bat Out of Hell

The following YouTube video is a review and demonstration of the JJRC H9D Quadcopter Drone which is a relatively new inexpensive model with First Person Viewing (FPV) via an LCD on the controller.

JJRC H9D first outdoors test

The following YouTube video is a review and demo of the Hubsan X4 H107D Quadcopter Drone.  This is an amazing tiny quadcopter with live First Person Viewing (FPV) via an LCD on the controller.

Hubsan X4 H107D the smallest FPV ready-to-fly quadcopter

The following YouTube video is a review of the high end DJ Phantom Vision and DJI Inspire1 models.  

1st Time - Drone Buyer's Guide. BEST DRONES FOR 2015

Additional Reading

Other Models

  • DJI Inspire 1 PRO Drone (Top end quadcopter. Likely the best quadcopter available to consumers. Check Amazon. There are many other DJI Inspire models/packages)

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