Best Bear Attack Spray Deterrent For Hunting, Fishing & Doomsday Survival

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent is the best self defense against bears and wild animals while hiking, camping, or back country survival.

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent With Hip Holster - Maximum Strength & 30-foot Range For Hiking, Camping, Back Country And Wilderness Adventures

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray is a very effective but typically non-lethal deterrent that could save your life from bears, and other wild and domestic animals in addition to providing protection against home intruders and anyone else who is physically threatening you. Keep reading below to learn the difference in bear spray versus pepper spray, which is better for different situations, the devastating effects and dangers of these products. Video demonstrations and user testimonials for this product are also provided below. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray comes with a holster making it a great addition for a Doomsday prepper to have on hand.

Why you might need it

Many times, physical threats can be stopped without lethal actions, and believe it or not, using bear attack spray deterrent is almost always more effective against a bear attack versus a firearm. Bear attacks often happen in seconds.

I have seen where firearms are only 50% effective in stopping a bear attack versus using bear spray which is over 90% effective. The reason is because if a bear is charging and right on you by the time you shoot a gun, unless you fatally wound the bear instantly, the bear is on you and mad. This is versus a shot of bear spray in the face, which can totally stun a bear's senses and hurt their super sensitive nose and eyes.

The same goes for other wild or domestic animals that may be threatening you. Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent is an excellent choice for self defense against wild and domestic animals that threaten you.

Firearms are typically more lethal than bear spray or pepper spray and are more likely to get you into legal trouble as well, so why use a firearm in any circumstance when a typically less lethal option is available.

It is recommended to have a combination of weapons for hunting and self defense in a Doomsday scenario (firearms, pellet guns, knives, spears, bows, bear spray, pepper spray, etc.) so that you have options and backups. Bear spray and pepper spray are typically non-lethal and are definitely not as loud as firearms.

A long distance shot of bear spray or pepper spray to a home invader could take them totally by surprise without warning, allowing you time to escape. Frontiersman and UDAP are both excellent manufacturers of Bear Attack Spray Deterrents.

A long distance shot of bear spray or pepper spray to a home invader would be a great non lethal deterrent to survive a would be attack.

Guidelines To Avoid A Bear Attack (click to expand)

  • If you spot a bear, keep your eyes on the bear at all times.

  • Always have Bear Spray in its holster ready for immediate use.

    • Spray any bear as soon as it comes within range of your bear repellent spray (typically 20 feet or whatever the listed range is on the can)

    • Aim the spray at the eyes and the nose of the bear

    • Spray as long as it takes for the bear to turn around, this could take up to 6 seconds

    • Remember that bear spray should only be used as a last resort. You should always remain vigilant of your surroundings. Making excessive noise in while walking around in bear country will help avoid surprising any bears and thus reduce the risk of an attack.

    • Try to avoid the mist and any back spray after you spray bear spray. If you allow the wind to blow the bear spray in your face or into the face of others, they will receive the negative impacts of it.

  • Never run away from a bear, as this will invoke the bear to attack. A bear can run a lot faster than you can.

  • Stay calm, continue facing the bear, and slowly back away, trying to keep as much distance between you and the bear.

  • Try to make yourself look as big and imposing as possible. If possible have a stronger person put a smaller person on their shoulders.

  • Speak or yell at the bear to let it know you are human.

  • Make loud noises by clanging pans, firing a gun, using air horns, or whatever is available.

  • Make plenty of noise on the trail frequently, especially in dense vegetation, blind corners or curves, or any areas with limited vision.

  • Be careful with food smells. Never cook close to camp.

  • Store all foods in plastic away from camp at night and when camp is unattended. It is suggested to store food at least 100 yards from camp and at least 14 feet up a tree and 4 feet away from the trunk.

  • Be alert where recent bear activity has been documented by park officials and other public service people.

  • Common areas where bears like to frequent are stream beds, dense edge cover, and berry patches.

  • Use extreme caution when traveling on trails at night, sun up, or sun down.

  • Watch for fresh bear sign (bear scat or tracks) on the trail or near possible camp sites.

  • Always be conscious of the wind direction since bears have an excellent sense of smell (better than dogs). If the wind is at your back, a bear will likely smell you and exit the area before you get close to it. If the wind is blowing in your face, your chances of a bear encounter increase greatly. Also, in noisy conditions such as high wind or running water along creeks and streams, a bear might not hear you coming and/or you might not hear it.

  • If you walk up on a dead animal carcass, immediately leave the area. Bears will often feed on a carcass for days and will also stay in the area to protect their food.

  • If you see a bear cub, chances are the momma bear is in the immediate vicinity. Momma bears will aggressively protect their young, so it is best you leave the area immediately.

  • Keep your dogs under control as they can lead an angry bear right back to you.

  • Avoid traveling alone in bear country. It is always safer to travel in groups. The more people in the group, the greater the chance to reduce a bear attack.

Remember to carry your bear spray with you at all times when in bear country. Make sure that your bear spray is easily and immediately accessible, like in a holster by your side. Your bear spray should never be placed inside a back pack.

Finally, practice using your bear spray. Make sure you are comfortable drawing it out quickly, aiming, and spraying it. When you encounter a charging bear, you will only have seconds and you will not have time to fumble around finding and then firing your bear spray.

Can I use bear spray on humans as self defense? (click to expand)

You can, but it may be less effective than pepper spray. 10% pepper spray will typically totally incapacitate a person, and to say it is devastating is an under statement. 1% or 2% bear spray will likely deter most people, but they will most likely not be 100% incapacitated.

With that said, this particular bear spray (2%) is the strongest allowed by the law for use on bears and other animals. Read the sample Amazon feedbacks below and you can see that this product is very effective on human attackers as well and you can use it from greater distances than most pepper sprays that have a typical range of less than 10'.

Bear spray is typically more expensive than pepper spray and is harder to carry with you at all times because of its size. Pepper spray is small, easy to use, and much stronger. There is an available Mace Gun that can shoot a stream of 10% pepper spray a maximum of 20' .

See the recommended options section below for links to the Mace Gun and other recommended pepper spray products.

Difference in Pepper Spray versus Bear Spray (click to expand)

Pepper spray is a (usually) non-lethal, self defense weapon available for police, the military and civilian use. The active chemical ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is the same chemical found in chili peppers that causes stinging and irritation. Pepper spray has the following devastating effect when it is sprayed on a person's skin and eyes:

  • Excessive tearing

  • Intense burning pain

  • Temporary blindness

  • Swelling of the eyelids

  • Difficulty in breathing

These effects will often last longer than 20 minutes, making pepper spray extremely effective as a self defense weapon. It is so effective that, pepper spray is used by almost all police and some military units to subdue and incapacitate threats.

Bear spray is similar to pepper spray in that they both contain the same active ingredient called oleoresin capsicum (OC). However, bear spray contains a much lower concentration. A typical pepper spray used for self defense will have an OC concentration of about 10% and will basically incapacitate any animal or human that it is sprayed on. Bear spray, on the other hand, typically has an OC concentration of 1% to 2%.

Bear spray is used to scare off an attacking bear, but not to cause it to become incapacitated and incur serious pain. That’s why bear spray only requires a small amount of OC that is just enough to irritate the bear and cause it to run away. Studies have confirmed that bear spray is very effective at reducing bear attacks.

Remember that using bear spray is only meant to be used when you encounter an aggressive bear that is charging towards you and within range. Do not use bear spray on any of your camping gear or clothes, as bear spray actually attracts bears! Bear spray only works as a deterrent when you spray it in a bear's face!

Remember to carry your bear spray with you at all times when in bear country, and make sure that your bear spray is easily and immediately accessible, like in a holster on your belt.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Strongly recommend. You should keep one in your car and home. Will drop a charging bear and even more a charging dog. Not to mention a human being. Women you should carry one within easy access if you have any walking distances at night or in questionable areas. With more and more pit-bulls and coyotes lurking around, carry one with you for protection for your self, and/or while walking your dog."

"I've never had to use this on someone or something yet, but carrying it around sure does make me feel dangerous. Seriously, though: I tested its spray outside and it has a great range. I'm sure it would deter a bear or a bear-life man, if needed."

"The best deterrent at a great price especially if you have bears stalking you at night in the inner city."

"***Personal Experience to share. If you have a can of Bear Pepper spray and wonder if you were to spray it in to your face how would it feel. Well, let me tell you, it HURTS….. A LOT. You won’t see for a long time, breathing is interesting; breath slow, and your skin will feel like it’s on fire, for a long time. If you try this on a sunny day expect that the sun will increase the intensity of the fire ball that is your face. Side note: several hours after the effect have diminished, you might think a shower is a good idea…. It is NOT."

"My neighbor came home the other day and was surprised to find a stranger in her house burglarizing it. She had noticed a vehicle parked in front of her house and down a spell but didn't think anything of it at the time. Because we live in a rural area, she happened to have a can of this particular bear mace in her purse and it was the first thing that she reached for . She sprayed THE ENTIRE CAN on this guy and he hightailed it to his car and took off. Apparently the fumes overcame him as he wags fleeing because he smashed into someone and when the police arrived realized that it was the same guy..."

"As a former NPS Yellowstone Ranger I can tell you that this is a solid product, and if used properly gives you a much better chance of surviving a bear attack. Remember these issues, though 1) NEVER put your bear spray in a pack or anywhere where you cannot get to it and use it within 6 seconds. Bear attacks are usually very fast, and often do not happen in front of you. The bear could attack from the side, or god forbid, the back. It is similar to a car accident, it happens so fast you are stunned, 2) practice for a second or two spraying it. Know how to use it before you use it. 3) the best practice is not to rely on this to prevent an issue with bears. By the time you are under attack, you already HAVE an issue. This spray is not as effective under windy and rainy conditions, therefore, on days like that pay attention to the wind and your environment, especially by streams. Stop, look and listen. If you feel nervous, yell and CLAP YOUR HANDS as loud as you can. Always hike with groups, and make sure at least two of the people have bear spray and know how to use it. If you get charged it will change your life. I have been several times. Part of my work, and risk you take in working in the park. I wouldn't have changed that for anything. But, pay attention in bear country. This is serious stuff. You are more likely to have a car accident with tourists in the park than have any bear issue. But be prepared and be loud in the back country."

"I ordered this product to use on any home intruders and to add to my anti zombie kit. I decided to give the product a little zap to see if the sprayer worked properly. I gave a little spray outside to a small spot on the brick of my house. I did not want to spray the ground since I have a small dog that licks her paws a lot. That small spray turned out to be a bigger deal than I planned. I could not breath anywhere near the sprayed area. It was choking me even inside the house. Trying to get anywhere NEAR the spot was very difficult. It also comes out with strong force. If you decide to test it to see if your nozzle is working, do not spray anywhere near a doorway or window to your house. Do not spray in a yard where there will be pets and do not have anyone near you. When you think you are in the clear, get 10x further away than you think you will need to be before spraying. Make sure that you don't spray with windy conditions. Needless to say, I will not be spraying my face to further research the product."

"I bought this to carry in my vehicle as a backup to my pistol. Situation permitting, I would much rather use this than my firearm. The can says it empties in 5 seconds, wow! Not sure if you can hit a momentary squirt. Should be good for Road Rage idiots. The problem with a handgun is the hesitation in shooting someone. I would not hesitate to spray someone threatening me."

"A MUST HAVE for hikers / campers / national forest visitors. If you're hiking in the woods, and you are in Bear territory, please bring this with you. Don't shoot a bear with a handgun when this is all that is needed to protect your family from danger. The sheath is well made, the deterrent is easy to use. A great product that could save your life, and a LONG Prison sentence as well."

Tips For Surviving A Pepper Spray Attack (click to expand)

Here are some tips for surviving a pepper-spray attack:

  • Don’t rub your face. Pepper spray inflames the capillaries on your skin’s surface, which is what causes the intense burning sensation. When you touch the affected area, you are further helping to open up capillaries, which will make the pain worse.

  • Try not to breathe it in. Inhalation is the real danger, so the more you can cover your mouth and nose, the better.

  • Be careful of cold temperatures. You should flush any area that’s been pepper-sprayed with cool, fresh water and stand in front of a fan — a fresh-air breeze helps. But given that capsaicin stimulates heat receptors, which in turn triggers the body’s cooling response, overexposure to cold water can be dangerous in winter weather. “This dual effect increases the risk of hypothermia if victims are decontaminated with cold water on cold days,” wrote the authors of the 2004 paper.

  • Use the right soap. Clean affected areas with non-oil or cold cream-based soap. Don’t use salves or greasy ointments because they will trap OC resin to the skin. And remove any affected clothes or contact lenses.

  • Don’t resist arrest. Half of the 26 deaths linked to pepper-spray use by California police, reported in the 1995 ACLU report, occurred in victims who were restrained using the “hog-tie” method. The more you resist, the greater your danger of getting excessively sprayed and of being restrained in an extreme fashion. “In half of all cases, the types of police restraint techniques used were identified as contributing to the cause of death or the primary cause of death,” wrote the reports authors.

  • Make your health problems public. If you have asthma or a heart condition, let someone know, so they can help you get the right medical attention right away. Sixty-one percent of the victims in the UCLA report showed evidence of an underlying heart or respiratory disease and two people had asthma, suggesting that pepper spray may be particularly dangerous for these people.

Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray has a 30 foot range and can be used in any outside encounter against an attacking bear, wild or domestic animal or human, or as a Doomsday survival prep.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

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Pepper Spray Is Five Times More Powerful Than Bear Spray & Illegal To Use Against Bears & Wild Animals,

But Pepper Spray Is Allowed For Self Defense Against Humans & Dogs In The United States

See the complete lineup of Mace Pepper Spray Guns which are 5 times more powerful than bear spray and are only allowed to be used in self defense against humans and dogs in the United States.
Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray has 2 percent oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is the maximum legal amount for use against bears and other wild animals.

YouTube Videos

The following video includes a demonstration of the above pictured product - Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent With Hip Holster - Maximum Strength & 30-foot Range (7.9 oz)

The following video shows a Park Ranger scaring away a bear and two cubs with bear spray.

The following video explains how to use bear spray and is provided by a Canadian Ranger in Banff National Park


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including Frontiersman Bear Attack Spray Deterrent and other bear sprays, pepper sprays, and mace products described on this web page. The ingredients in these products are extremely irritating and therefore can be dangerous or deadly from subsequent accidents or breathing complications in some people that may be caused by these products. Pepper spray can be particularly dangerous. In most cases, pepper spray is non-lethal, but it has been known to cause irreparable harm or even death. According to a 2004 paper by researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health and Duke University Medical Center, high-dose exposure to OC spray can produce “adverse cardiac, respiratory, and neurological effects, including arrhythmias and sudden death”. Respiratory responses to OC spray include burning of the throat, wheezing, dry cough, shortness of breath, gagging, gasping, inability to breathe or speak (due to laryngospasm or laryngeal paralysis), and, rarely, cyanosis, apnea, and respiratory arrest. Nasal application of capsicum causes sneezing, irritation, and reflex mucus secretion. Its inhalation can cause acute hypertension (similar to ammonia inhalation), which in turn can cause headache and increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. AFTERCARE IS CRITICAL. After you spray an attacker with pepper spray and escape, it is recommended that you call an ambulance and the police. If your attacker or anyone (an innocent bystander) who may have been caught up in the spray is asthmatic, has allergies, or has a heart condition, you could wind up killing them with the pepper spray.

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