Best Cold Steel Blowguns, Darts & Accessories For Hunting & Doomsday

Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel Big Bore Magnum .625 4 Foot & 5 Foot Blowguns For Hunting, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

Cold Steel Big Bore .625 Magnum Blowguns are a serious hunting and survival weapon for small game. These blowguns have an effective range out to 20 yards or more. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Highly Accurate

With practice, the Cold Steel blowguns are accurate to within a two-inch circle while delivering a heavy weight dart easily capable of penetrating a half-inch sheet of plywood.

Accuracy, power and range like this enable a hunter to take small game like doves, quail, squirrels, snakes, lizards, frogs and rabbits in complete silence. Keep reading to learn a lot about this amazing survival tool including its versatility as a fire pipe, fishing rig, and more!

The Best Most Deadly Hunting Dart By Far - Cold Steel .625 Razor Tip Broad Head Dart

Why you might need it

Cold Steel makes the best high quality blowguns, period. Cold Steel specializes in large calibers like the .625 Magnum because they are capable of shooting darts that are 20% faster and three times heavier than other darts.

These larger darts provide vastly improved killing power compared to smaller .40 caliber darts. Cold Steel Blow Guns are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are only available in 4 and 5-foot versions.

You will not find a Cold Steel blowgun available less than 4' because this company is not in the business of selling toys. Take one of these blowguns with you leisurely on hikes, just for fun, or for hunting and you will not be disappointed.

If you are a outdoor enthusiast like we are, you may soon find yourself addicted to using a blowgun. Not only are they fun to shoot, they are an inexpensive hunting weapon and the darts are purchased in bulk at a very low cost.

As a survival tool, a quality blowgun like one of these should be a component of every prepper's survival kit, as it is very versatile, easy to carry, and they provide the ability to kill small game in complete silence. They're relatively lightweight and because they have a rubber tip, they make an excellent walking stick.

In comparison to a firearm and bullets, blowguns and darts are much less expensive and lighter, and the darts are reusable until you damage or lose one. Since blowguns are silent, you can stalk small game or hide behind a blind or tree like a sniper. If you miss, you might get multiple shots since there is no loud noise from the weapon.

Also, since a blowgun's distance is limited, there is less danger of over penetration or stray darts striking livestock, pets or people in the distance. Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Developing skill with a blowgun is easy and it can lead to many inexpensive hunting adventures.

Below Are Pictures Of My Awesome Blowgun Set Up (click here to expand item list & tips)

These are the components of my Cold Steel Blowgun that I use.

Purchased these from Amazon (links below)

  1. Cold Steel 2-Piece, 5 Foot .625 Standard Big Bore Magnum Blowgun

  2. Venom Blowguns 1.5mm Wall .625 Cal Tactical Mounting Rail System

  3. Pinty Hunting Rifle Green Laser Sight Dot Scope Adjustable with Mounts

  4. Springbok Top Load Duffel Shoulder Strap Bag - Woodland Camo (Apparently it is no longer available)

  5. Cold Steel Razor Tip Broadhead Dart B625BR (40 Pack)

  6. Cold Steel B625BB Cold Steel Bamboo Blowgun Darts .625 (50 Pack)

  7. Cold Steel Big Bore .625 Magnum Stun Dart B625SA (50 Pack)

  8. Big Bore Blowguns .625 Mini Broad Head Dart (50 Pack)

  9. Cold Steel B625SE Blowgun Darts, Multi Dart, 100 Wire Darts, 7 Driving Cones

Purchased this from Walmart (link below)

  1. Plano ProLatch Stowaway Large Clear Organizer Tackle Box (clear box with maroon colored latches)

Not sure where I got these items (already had them), but these are handy tools

  1. #2 Wood Pencil Sharpener

  2. Nail File Pumice Stone

  3. Steel Rod Knife Sharpener (not pictured)


  1. The Cold Steel 2-Piece, 5 Foot .625 Standard Big Bore Magnum Blowgun is not a toy. It is a serious high quality hunting weapon. It is so powerful, it will even shoot the Bamboo Darts into tree bark at 30'. The metal darts can easily get stuck in trees and hard to get out, so I avoid using a tree as a backstop. I put a target up against a large Cardboard box from 60' and the Razor Tip Darts go straight through both sides of the box like butter, sometimes ripping the cone off the dart.

  2. I definitely recommend the Pinty Green Laser and Venom Blowguns Tactical Rail. You don't actually need a laser, as adjusting your aim for the blowgun just using the barrel as your sight works perfectly fine. Your accuracy improves quickly with practice with or without a laser. It's just a lot of fun with the laser and I think it does slightly improve your accuracy. The total cost of the Venom rail mount and Pinty Green Rifle Laser is like $30. The Venom rail mount I use above fits the Standard Series & does NOT fit the thicker wall Professional Series Cold Steel Big Bore Magnum Blowguns. The Venom rail mount states it fits .625 blow guns with 1.5mm wall thickness. The Cold Steel Standard Version Magnum Blowguns are 1.7mm wall thickness, but the Venom Rail still fits it perfectly (you can see it mounted on mine in the pictures below). The green laser works great in sunlight, and squirrels are not scared by it. You sight the laser just very slightly high to account for distance, gravity and how powerful you blow. You would so the same adjusting your aim with just the barrel. Just target practice. Aiming the blowgun is intuitive once you start using it.

  3. The Plano ProLatch Large Size Clear Tackle Box works perfectly to hold my darts and tools. It's a much lower cost at Walmart (~ $5). The different sized Plano ProLatch boxes have different colored plastic latches. The correct large size has two maroon colored latches.

  4. Everything I pictured fits perfectly inside the camo duffle bag, even the Plano ProLatch Tackle Box with the darts. The Blowgun 2-Piece short "joining" tube fits perfectly in the camo duffle bag pouch. I can't find that particular camo duffle bag again anywhere. Just find one taking these following measurements into account. The measurements of the camo duffle bag (puffed out) are approx. 31" Long by 10" Wide x 3" Deep. The duffle bag pocket is approx. 6-1/2" x 6-1/2"x 1" Thick. The two tubes of the 2-Piece Blowgun are approximately 29-3/4" Long for the Mouthpiece tube and 29-1/4" Long for the other tube. The short joining tube adds less than 1" more length, but it's a separate piece, and a duffle bag only needs to be at least 30" Long. The camo bag we have is perfect at 31" Long, and 10" wide. The 10" wide is also perfect for the Plano Tackle Box which is 14" Long x 9.13" Wide x 2" Tall.

  5. I use a #2 Pencil Sharpener to sharpen any broken Bamboo darts. That way you can keep reusing them until you lose them or they are too broken.

  6. Hold your Blowgun Tube(s) vertical, and take every dart that you buy and drop it through the tubes to make sure they slip through fast and easy. The darts should basically fall through the tube. If every dart is having an issue its a small defect in the Blowgun tube at one of the ends where the tube was cut in manufacturing. If almost all of the darts fall easily through the tubes, but an occasional dart has an issue, then inspect that dart for an plastic burrs, or perhaps it was manufactured just with a tiny bit wide diameter of plastic.

  7. I use the Pumice Stone Nail file to file off any plastic burrs (infrequently) on any of the dart cones or to make their diameter slightly smaller. If you ever get a defective dart cone that doesn't easily slide through the tube, you can shave it a little instead of throwing it away. See the last Added Tip below where someone else used 220 grit sandpaper folded into a circle with the sandpaper on the inside and they rotated the dart cone inside it to shave it down easily. NOTE: The overwhelming majority of dart cones are not defective.

  8. I needed a Steel Rod Knife Sharpener (for a one time initial use) to file down the very slightest metal burr on the inside end of one of the blowgun tubes. It was a very slight defect that was keeping the dart cones from easily slipping through.

Added Tip To Fix Darts

Note: We have never had to do this, and only had to file around the edge of the cone on a small subset of dart cones. However, if you get a bag of darts that have misshaped cones like they are warped by heat, then drop them in boiling water for about 10-15 seconds as described below by another blowgun user.

Here's an excerpt from one Amazon feedback. We believe the packing issue has been resolved since then. "A number of Amazon customers have had problems with the included darts not working in their Cold Steel blowguns, because the cones are misshaped and the darts jam tight and won't blow. The problem arises because the darts are shipped tightly rubber banded together, compressing the orange cones against each other and warping them over time. The fix is surprisingly easy--just immerse the orange dart cones into boiling water for about 10-15 seconds, and they will return to their original roundness. Obviously, use tongs or a similar tool to safely submerge the darts, and exercise due caution around the boiling water and steam.

There's an additional potential issue with the black-and-orange Stun Darts. A bad lot of oversized darts made it to market, both in standalone dart packages as well as with the blowguns. A very tiny ridge of extra plastic rings the outside edge of the dart cone; it's barely detectable, but it's enough to make the darts jam solid. If the cones are misshaped, use the boiling water fix first and test; if darts still jam tight do the following. Fold a tiny square of 220 grit sandpaper so that the sandpaper is on the inside, and then "wipe" the entire outside edge of the dart cone with the folded sandpaper as you rotate the cone--just as if you're drying the rim of a glass with a dish towel. It may take several turns of the dart cone to fully sand the ridge down. Rinse the sandpaper residue off the cone and test; repeat if needed."

Here's My Cold Steel 5 Foot 2-Piece Standard Magnum Blowgun With Camo Duffle Bag

The Green Laser Mounted On My Cold Steel Magnum 2-Piece Blowgun Works Great!

Cold Steel Darts Fit Perfectly In The Plano ProLatch Stowaway Large Clear Organizer Tackle Box

You Can See The Green Laser Mounted On My Cold Steel Blowgun

I Keep A Pencil Sharpener & Nail File Pumice Stone In My Dart Case

The Quality Is So Good It Can Be Annoying!

In the event you want a version to attach to your backpack or Bug-Out Bag, Cold Steel has a 2-piece, 5-foot "take-down" model that has two tubes that are about two and half feet long with threaded joints and reinforcing coupling tube for strength. This 2-piece version is very sturdy and straight. The quality is so good, that it is slightly annoying that there are many tight threads so it takes a short while to piece it together. But as a result, it's the equal of the exceptional single piece five-foot model in terms of stiffness, accuracy and long-range performance, but it has the added advantage of being easy to pack and transport. We highly recommend the Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun for that reason.

Extremely Versatile As A Multi-Purpose Hunting / Survival Tool (click to expand)

Below are just some of the ways you can use a Cold Steel Big Bore Magnum Blowgun in a survival situation whether you are a prepper, survivalist, hunter, or just an outdoor enthusiast.

- Hunting Weapon

First and foremost, the Cold Steel Magnum blowguns are very deadly to small game. Please do not use a blowgun on larger game. If you shoot a larger animal, unless you made an almost impossible kill shot, the animal will likely run away wounded only to suffer a very inhumane death.

- Hiking/Walking Stick

The mouthpiece on the Blowgun tube makes a nice handle for a walking stick. If you are hiking on steep terrain, this could help you gain footing.

It is recommended to replace the hard plastic tip with a nice rubber furniture tip (obtained from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.) to add grip, more protection, and cushion when used as a walking stick.

- Defensive Weapon

The 1-piece and 2-piece Cold Steel Blowguns can be used like a bat for bludgeoning, or like a staff to thrust into a charging animal or person that might be attacking you. The 2-piece can provide a lightweight strong pair of striking batons. The Professional models are thicker and heavier and would make better defensive tools for striking or thrusting.

- Fire Pipe

Use the blow gun to blow air into a campfire (from a safe distance) to intensify a fire that is sputtering out or that needs to be spread faster. Scroll down and see the 2nd video below at the 3:58 minute mark to see an easy modification for a fire intensifier. Caution: If you use the blowgun as a Fire Pipe, be sure to only blow out and do not breath in, as it would be dangerous to suck hot air, hot ashes and/or fire back into the tube and into your lungs.

- Water Straw/Storage

Reach a water source (such as several feet down in a hole) and partially submerge the (aircraft aluminum) blowgun tube into the water, or submerse the tube completely under water (like in a stream or lake) to let it fill. Put the rubber tip back on and hold upright. Depending on the water source and cleanliness of the inside of the tube, you may need to treat, boil, or distill the water to make it safe for drinking.

- Fishing rod

Scroll down to the section called "How To Set Up A Fishing Rig Using A Blow Gun". Tips are included how to set up your darts and line, and how to attach a rod and reel to a blowgun. Scroll down and watch the last YouTube video to see a guy using his blowgun and a reel to catch fish (Gar). The blowgun tube is strong enough to hold a large fish and provides enough length to also use like a cane fishing pole.

Shooting Stick / Mono-pod

Rest a rifle on the curved mouthpiece and the rubber tip will grip the ground for a steadier shot for your firearm.

Support structure for tent

Attach the blowgun horizontally between two trees with para-cord and drape a tarp over the blowgun to make a tent.

The Best Cold Steel Dart Types (click to expand)

Cold Steel makes a variety of darts to purchase for hunting and for target shooting. These are the very best darts to use.

This is the best dart for hunting any small game with some weight to it, like an opossum, rabbit, or large rat. Features a steel shaft, and broad steel spearhead blade with a polymer driving cone. We recommend sharpening the blade with a stone or file when the blade dulls.

These are fast and fly true and are very accurate out of the Big Bore. Features a steel shaft with a polymer driving cone. These darts have a small very sharp steel head which provides really good penetrating power against all targets. Since they do have such deep penetration, often the cones will pop off once it hits a target. You may need to buy a small bottle of super glue along with these. Great for hunting smaller game like lizards, small birds, squirrels, doves, mice & chipmunks.

At 10” in length this is the largest commercial blowgun dart available for any caliber, anywhere. Despite its size, this is also the lightest of the big bore darts, at only 2.1 grams. It serves well for backyard plinking, or demo shooting your blowgun in front of family and friends. They can also be good for hunting small game such as small birds, rats, mice, etc., but the steel darts are generally superior for hunting. You will need to resharpen the bamboo darts with a knife every so often as you reuse them. These darts have a very flat trajectory and are very accurate as long as it is not windy as the light weight and large profile make this dart more easily diverted by wind. Overall, the bamboo dart is a lot of fun to shoot, and is easy to blow so it will not wear you out. For women or kids shooting a Big Bore blowgun, this lightweight dart might be preferred as it is the easiest to blow.

Allows the firing of multiple darts at once. Very good for small game hunting as they maintain accuracy at long distance while providing a shotgun pattern. These darts can be fired in multiples of 5, 6, or 7, with a trajectory that resembles a shotgun pattern out to 10 yards or more, landing within a 3" circle. This means you can really increase your chances of taking small game, as now you can have multiple darts penetrating your target. These might be the coolest of all the dart types. Plus, they are super easy to use. You can load 1-7 darts at a time, the more you do the tighter the cluster, the less you do the deeper the penetration. We recommend painting the ends of the darts with bright neon paint so you can find them more easily.

This is a fun dart to shoot and they shoot extremely hard. They are accurate, hard hitting, and very well designed. Two piece composition construction includes an orange cone and black metal dart. They come unassembled. These hefty darts pack a punch. Within 60', a well placed head shot to a squirrel, chipmunk, or other small animal is a kill shot. Hit a bird, squirrel or other small animal in the chest within the same distance, and you will stop their heart. Beyond 60' and the velocity drops off and these are less effective. These darts are really fun for practice shooting cans and will put a serious dent in sheet metal.

Recommended Cold Steel Blowguns (click to expand)

The High Quality Lineup Of Cold Steel Blowguns

These are the Cold Steel Standard & Professional Series Big Bore Magnum Blowguns. Any of these are fantastic. We personally prefer the 5 Foot 2-Piece Standard model for its ease of breaking down to transport & store, plus it is lighter and is still very accurate and high quality. The 2-Piece only comes in 5 Foot and only in the Standard series. If you want the heavier Professional Series, it only comes in a 1-Piece.

The basic models come with a mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver, and 36 darts (6 Stun Darts, 15 Mini Broad Head, and 15 Bamboo Darts).

Cold Steel Professional Series .625 Big Bore Blowguns

The Professional .625 models are available in 4-foot and 5-foot lengths, and they come with a target style mouthpiece and a 3mm thick barrel (compared to the 1.7mm thick standard model barrel). They are almost twice as thick and are 45% heavier than the standard models and are the heaviest, commercially made blowguns in the world. The extra weight and rigidity provides an incremental increase in accuracy. They provide increased toughness as an impact tool in a self-defense situation.

Blowgun Accessories (click to expand)

Note: These accessories fit the Standard Cold Steel Big Bore Magnum models only. There are similar accessories if you purchase the Professional series models - which have a thicker shaft.

  • Cold Steel 2 Foot .625 Blowgun Extension

    • Adds distance, accuracy and additional penetration force to your blowgun.

    • 1.7 mm wall thickness

    • Caliber: .625

    • Fits Standard Model Big Bore Magnums only

    • Big Bore Extension

    • 2' black aluminum tube

    • Length: 2 Foot

    • Fits Only Model Numbers : B625T, B6255, & B6254

    • Will not fit on Professional .625 models.

    • A 2 foot extension is not available for the professional models.

  • Cold Steel Quiver (2 Pack) for Big Bore .625 Blowgun

    • Fits Only Model Numbers : B625T, B6255, & B6254.

    • This item is B625Q and fits the standard .625 blowgun.

    • Will not fit on Professional .625 models.

    • The item number that fits the professional model is the B625PQ quiver.

  • Cold Steel B625QSP Quiver Guard

    • Slips over blowgun tube to keep your hand from sliding into the tips of the darts.

    • The foam insert allows for the darts to rest tightly without damaging to points.

    • This item is B625QSP and fits the standard .625 blowgun.

    • This WILL NOT fit the professional model.

    • The item number that fits the professional model is the B625QPQS quiver guard.

  • Pinty Hunting Rifle Green Laser Sight Dot Scope Adjustable with Mounts

Selected Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"I have several blowguns but this one stands above them all. This thing is easier to use and seems to be more accurate, at least for me."

"I'm driving the mini broad heads over 1/2" into some pretty durable pine boards from 10 yards. The 2 piece is much sturdier than I thought (rock solid, in fact) with recessed threads inside a larger tube connecting the two pieces. Portability is always a plus and I can't see the advantage of getting the 1 piece version unless you want the professional variant with the 3mm wall thickness. That would make this thing twice as heavy and it's already a beast."

"I own 6 Cold Steel Big Bores, every model but the 5 Foot Two-Piece (functionally equivalent to the 5 Foot standard). The review part is easy--each model gets a full 5 stars. These are top-quality products, each one a solid performer in its respective category. The only real question is, "Which one should you pick?" The rest of this review will answer that. NOTE: A longer blowgun will be easier to aim, and give higher dart velocities and therefore more range. The exception is women or youths with smaller lung capacities; they should purchase a 4 foot blowgun.

  • 5 Foot: Probably the best all-around choice, and a good hunting model. Balance is also good. Default to this model if none of the comments listed under the other blowguns apply to you.

  • 5 Foot Two-Piece: (Again, I don't own this one.) Functionally equivalent to the 5 Foot; an excellent choice where break-down portability is desired. This is the only two-piece blowgun anywhere that I can recommend; by all accounts the connection is secure and straight.

  • 5 Foot Professional: Nearly twice as heavy as the standard 5 Foot; a good hunting choice, or where rough conditions will occur. Steadier to aim; however, this one was too heavy for me for extended shooting sessions (more than half an hour nonstop shooting). Excellent sturdy walking staff.

  • 4 Foot: A good choice for women and youths, who find the shorter length easier to handle and blow. If purchasing for this reason I also recommend the Bamboo Darts which are very light and easy to blow.

  • 4 Foot Professional: If you're an adult male opting not to go with a 5-footer for any reason, go with this one over the 4 Foot standard. Good choice for a hunting blowgun if a shorter length is needed for carrying in dense woods, or for transporting to and from shooting locations (but consider the 5 Foot Two-Piece first if the latter is your reason). Weight is almost twice that of the standard 4 Foot but manageable during extended shooting sessions. This choice is more durable, and steadier to aim. Balance is very good. Excellent sturdy walking staff."

"I would strongly recommend this item to anyone !! Fast shipping and came with after market stun darts which was a added plus !!. i didn't expect this item to be so well made and so useful ! I am looking forward to some hunting with this blowgun."

"This is a real blow gun. It will stick the metal darts into plywood deep enough to make it hard to pull out. Does take good lungs. I have harvest numerous squirrels and several ring neck doves using the blunt darts I purchased for it."

"First of everything this thing shoot really accurate and fast too not one of the people who I have showed it too or myself can believe this blow gun, it is awesome. The best part for me that made me get this type it is because it is two piece and can be portable. I have not have any problems and since the first day I am hitting targets dead on from 10 to 30 feet. The second day I tried for a bit more about 40 to 50 feet the darts will still get stuck pretty good and deep into plywood. I am really happy with this product and it performs without a flaw. Also the picture shows the cheap stun darts and mine came with the more hardcore with the black tips more durable much appreciated. Another really cool thing is that you can make your own darts and they are just as accurate."

"Have had very good luck building darts out of the skinny 9" aluminum knitting needles. I get them at second-hand stores for cheap, flatten and sharpen the end, add a 5/8" foam ear plug (the kind you can get on a card at a grocery store) and melt a hole in it, slide on, and touch with super glue so it stays put. These fly true and hit hard. I'm Sure I could hunt with them."

"Kicks Butt, quietly. This is the coolest toy. Okay, it is not a toy. I might be old, but I'm a kid at heart. This packs a punch and is accurate. The first day I hit a couple of bulls-eyes from 20 yards. I've never used a blow gun before and I found that to get a good blow think of how you cough from the bottom of your stomach. To aim I place it along the length of my arm and turn sideways so the handle can rest steadily on my shoulder. I closed my left eye to aim so I have to compensate for that by pointing the barrel a little left of the target."

"After trying it out, I'm actually impressed. I wasn't entirely sure how powerful blowguns are supposed to be, But this far exceeded my expectations. I'll most likely be ordering more darts in the future. This is a lot of fun."

"It's a nice set up, being two piece its easy to store and transport and clean/lube. Accuracy and power is very good after some practice. I lubed the inside of the barrel with a shotgun cleaning rod and large patch using Frog Lube and got a 10 -15 percent increase in FPS according to my chronograph as opposed to the readings I got shooting it dry. I also lubed the threads for the coupling, they are fine thread and some lubrication will keep them smooth and healthy. I wouldn't use any oil or silicone based lube on/in this, Frog Lube is considered a premiere gun lube and is not only non toxic but has a nice minty smell and taste, which is a plus considering you have to put your mouth on this."

"Used to have a mouse problem. now I don't."

"A truly serious blowgun, this thing would make the practical blowgun hunters of the past a little turned on, this deserves 5 stars for the blowgun its self and including darts is a huge plus, these steel darts are vicious looking and with an orange backing that makes it easier to find."

The Deadly Shotgun Effect - Cold Steel .625 Blowgun Multi Darts

Cold Steel 1-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel Blowgun Heavy Duty Stun Dart

Cold Steel Blow Gun Extension B625E

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun Quiver B625PQ

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun Quiver Guard

YouTube Videos

The following YouTube video explains the impact of barrel length on range/penetration and the difference between the Cold Steel Standard and Professional Big Bore Blowguns. The 4 foot Professional, the 5 foot Collapsible, and the 4 foot Standard models are shown and compared to each other.

The following YouTube video shows the 4 ft. Professional Big Bore Blowgun and demonstrates 4 great uses for this tool: blowgun, walking stick, bludgeoning weapon, and fire pipe. Just another great way to stay prepared!

The following YouTube video reviews the Cold Steel 5' 2-Piece Take-Down Big Bore Blowgun. In particular watch beginning at the 4:00 minute mark to see a demonstration of shooting the multi darts.

The following YouTube video is a short clip showing a squirrel hunted with a Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun. Warning: Graphic video of a squirrel being killed.

The following YouTube video demonstrates using a modified Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun as a fishing rig. A reel is attached to the tube. The line is attached to a Razor Tip Broadhead Dart and then muzzle fed into the tube. After watching the video, scroll down further to the section called "How To Set Up A Fishing Rig Using A Blow Gun".

Cold Steel .625 Bamboo Dart

How To Set Up A Fishing Rig Using A Blow Gun

  • Blowgun Fishing Tip #1: Attach a short rod and reel to the bottom edge of your blowgun. A spinning reel with 6 lb. monofilament line works well. The rod and reel can be attached with black electrician's tape. As an alternative, you can just attach the reel to the blowgun. Experiment with a setup that works for you. We would recommend using a rod and reel, with the reel attached approx. 1 foot away from the blowgun mouthpiece and the rod tip just short of the blowgun muzzle end.

  • Blowgun Fishing Tip #2: Shoot no longer than 20' to 30' max at fish swimming at the surface. The closer you can get to the fish without scaring it off the better your chances of success. Once the cone of the dart hits the water, the dart loses velocity rapidly. Practice shooting your fishing rig darts and learn how to avoid backlash of the fishing line before you go blowgun fishing.

    • Blowgun Fishing Tip #3a: For the dart, whip finish or tie a reverse nail knot with the monofilament line around the cone end, and drill a small hole in the cone for the running line. Load the dart through the muzzle end.

  • Blowgun Fishing Tip #3b: How to tie a modified whip finish knot.

  • Blowgun Fishing Tip #4: Use a Dremel Tool to create barbs on your fishing darts.

    • Blowgun Fishing Tip #5: Before reloading a dart, shake the dart and then wipe the cone, dart, and line (that will be inserted into the tube) with your shirt, a cloth, or your fingers on followup shots to eliminate excess water on the line. This will reduce (and hopefully eliminate) any amount of water getting inside the tube. Ideally, you want zero water inside the tube to eliminate unnecessary friction.

Cold Steel Big Bore .625 Magnum Blow Gun, Darts, and Accessories - Additional Pictures

Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel Blowgun Razor Tip Broad Head Plastic Dart (comes with Blowgun but may not be available for separate purchase, but we recommend the Razor Tip Broad Head darts with steel shafts over these):

Cold Steel Blowgun Razor Tip Broad Head Plastic Dart

Cold Steel Blowgun Zy Ex Dart (comes with Blowgun but may not be available for separate purchase, but we would not recommend them anyway since they have plastic tips):

Cold Steel Blowgun Zy Ex Dart

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun Stun Dart (comes with Blowgun but may not be available for separate purchase, but we recommend the heavy duty stun darts over these):

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun Stun Dart


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the Cold Steel 2-Piece Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun and other Blowguns, darts, and accessories listed on this web page. Blow Guns are dangerous and potentially lethal to people and pets. For example, you could easily kill or seriously injure a person, cat, or dog depending on where they were struck. So buyer beware! These are seriously deadly blowguns and are not toys. Even though blow guns have built-in protection against accidentally sucking a dart into your mouth/throat, never ever breath in while your mouth is on the mouth piece of a blowgun. Make a habit of turning your head to the side of the blowgun mouthpiece when you are breathing in. Also, never load and aim a blow gun until you are ready to shoot, and never aim a loaded blowgun at a person or pet.

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