Best Inexpensive Crossbow For Hunting, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow Package

The SA Sports Fever is an inexpensive but powerful crossbow great for hunting or doomsday survival.

Best Inexpensive Crossbow For The Money For Hunting, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

The SA Sports Fever is a powerful low cost crossbow that is perfect for first time crossbow hunters or preppers seeking an affordable fully equipped crossbow package. It also appeals to the seasoned crossbow veteran seeking a lightweight alternative to larger outfits.

This crossbow is light, fast, quiet and plenty deadly with more than enough power to harvest any animal in North America. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

The SA Sports Fever recurve crossbow is an accurate hunting bow with its 4x32 multi reticle scope.

Why you might need it

A crossbow is a valuable hunting tool for small and larger game without nearly as much noise as most firearms. Crossbows have less of a learning curve than a recurve or compound bow and shoot more like a rifle looking through a scope.

You can spend a lot of money for a top end crossbow but this one is a really great value and is powerful and accurate enough to hunt with. The SA Sports Fever has a 175 lb draw weight capable of firing 20" carbon fiber arrows at 250 fps.

If you are a casual deer hunter or just want one of these for a doomsday scenario and you do not want to spend a lot of money, this is a good choice. Also, don't discount a crossbow as a self defense weapon, especially in a long term Doomsday survival situation.

This crossbow package is so inexpensive, that preppers can buy two, three, or more of these for the price of one marginally better more expensive crossbow. This is a solid, durable, accurate, quality hunting weapon. We have one, it's awesome, it's the best inexpensive crossbow for the money, and we love it.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

NOTE: SA Sports is frequently out of stock for most of their crossbows. If that is the case, see other crossbow options at all price points at the Cabela's and Amazon links below.

Other Available Crossbows For Hunting

The SA Sports Fever crossbow has an adjustable weaver style scope mount and shoots 20” carbon arrows.

SA Sports Fever Package & Specifications (click to expand)

The SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow package includes:

  • 175 Lb Recurve Crossbow

  • Premium 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope

  • Quick Detach Quiver with 4 arrows

  • Padded shoulder sling

  • Adjustable weaver style scope mount.

The pattern is Full Coverage Dipped Camo. The SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow package features an ambidextrous auto safety, a large boot style foot stirrup, and speeds up to 240 FPS.

This crossbow is lightweight, compact, has an ambidextrous rear stock, and includes assembly tools. The suggested arrows are 16" 2219 Aluminum which are included or 20" carbon arrows which are not included.

See the recommended accessories below that include 20" carbon arrows that will be significantly more accurate and powerful for this crossbow.

SA Sports Fever Recurve Crossbow Specifications

  • String Length: 26.5

  • Physical Weight: 4.85 Pounds

  • Length (w/o Foot Stirrup): 31"

  • Width (Limb Tip to Limb Tip): 27"

  • Limb: Compression Fiberglass

Added tips

You'll have to string this crossbow. SA Sports has an assembly video (link below), or you can take your crossbow to an archery range or sporting goods store that can string it for you.

Find a safe place to practice (like at an archery range). Some Sporting Goods stores have archery ranges inside their store. Be sure to practice and zero in your scope. Also, it is recommended to buy some 20" carbon fiber arrows. See the recommended accessories below.

The SA Sports Fever crossbow package is a lightweight hunting weapon with speeds up to 250 fps.

YouTube Videos

The following video provides the assembly instructions for the SA Sports Fever Crossbow.

The following video is a review of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow.

The following video shows the accuracy of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow at 50 yards.

The following video the SA Sports Fever Crossbow in action at a Turkey hunt. Start watching at the 4:00 minute mark to see a Turkey shot with this crossbow.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"I am very pleased with the crossbow kit. It is quieter than I expected. It took only 4 shots to zero. Thanks to the YouTube videos it was easy to assemble. I will update this after hunting with the crossbow."

"Awesome value, great product, spent five times as much on my first crossbow, this is just as good quality, easy to assemble, 30 min. Unbelievable, may order a spare!!!"

"This thing is so awesome!! Love it! Very worth the money."

"Nice bow had a lot of power and easy to put together. Great bow for the money."

"I have taken a few deer with this crossbow this year. No farther then 50 yds, in October I have taken a medium size black bear also. I was socked by it. black bear was no more than 25 yards away. Hit, then ran a few feet and it was down. Graphics are awesome and weight is good. Lovin it."

"This is my first ever, crossbow. Before thanksgiving last year, in 2014, my dad, uncle & I performed some target practice. Being that my uncle is a parker fanatic, he was very impressed with this bow...."

"Best starter crossbow package! Never had a cross bow before! The coolest and easiest ever! My wife bought it for me for Christmas! Took less time time than the SA Sports video on YouTube. I only needed someone to pull the trigger to remove the stringer cable. It is worth every penny!! I already broke an arrow tip and knock off because I hit it with the first arrow with the second:-) I'll definitely be taking it deer hunting next fall."

"Over all a great crossbow for someone who has never used one but wanting to pick up the experience. Bought one for my 15yr old son and after a day of shooting and getting him used to it the over all performance of the weapon is great... I highly suggest ditching the 15" aluminum bolts that come with the crossbow and sighting this weapon in with 18" or 22" carbon bolts with a 100 grain field point. We sighted in at 30 yards center scope and was grouping a 3-4 inch center with a carbon 18" bolt w/100 grain tip this weapon was accurate up to 68 yrds b4 it started to drop impact and travel."

"This crossbow is great! ....this crossbow that cost me $129 shoots great!!! Its quiet, accurate, lightweight, easy to reload and the arrows fly!!! Can't wait for hunting season. I recommend this crossbow 100%! I'm getting one for my wife too"

"Perfect for the price . I'm gunnu be hunting with this bow and once I sighted it , it was very accurate , one of the limb tips was broken and the string was missing but once I talked to them about it they sent the parts I need in two days , very good"

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review At ATA Show

SA Sports Fever In Action

The SA Sports Fever crossbow is fun to shoot and hunt with and has a low learning curve.

Caution & Warning

Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package and accessories. This crossbow is extremely LETHAL.

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