Best Military Combat Holographic Rifle Sight For Hunting & Self Defense

EOTech Holographic Sights Are Used By The Military, NATO and Police

EOTech Holographic Sights are the best rugged and waterproof military combat sights with the fastest target acquisition for hunting & self defense.

EOTech Holographic Sights Are The Best Military Combat Sights - Fastest Target Acquisition, Rugged & Waterproof

For self defense and hunting, an EOTech holographic sight provides very rapid and accurate target acquisition for your rifle. It has the fastest target acquisition, hands down of any optic, and it is very rugged, waterproof, and highly used by the military, police and NATO forces. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

Holographic scopes rule, and are superior to "normal" red dot and reflex scopes. The EOTech is a real combat scope.

The EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight maximizes the operator's peripheral vision. This allows faster target acquisition and gives the shooter greater control in the engagement zone. The features built into EOTech holographic weapon sights provide the following advantages:

    • Two eyes open shooting and situational awareness

    • A variety of reticle patterns with the smallest, most precise dot in the industry

    • Undetectable operation in any environment

    • Adjustable reticle brightness settings for many situations

Added Tip

The best EOTechs have side control buttons in our opinion. Our favorite as the best value is the discontinued EOTech 518.A65 Holographic Sight. It is better to have the control buttons on the side instead of the back where they might be blocked if you also install a magnifier optic.

You can also use a magnifier optic in conjunction with an EOTech 517.A65 holographic sight. They make slide to side, flip to side, and quick disconnect models that swing or slide out of the way or can be quickly removed.

To fit an EOTech and magnifier simultaneously on your rifle, you will need to replace your hand guard with a quad rail hand guard (with either ladder rail protectors or rail guards on the side rails to protect your hands) if you do not already have that set up. A hand guard removal wrench makes replacing the existing hand guard with a quad rail hand guard much easier.

On my top rail, I have front and rear flip up MagPul sights, the EOTech, and the magnifier all mounted at the same time. I leave my front sight flipped up at all times and the back site flipped down. It's not an issue having the front sight flipped up. The aperture (the hole you look through on the front sight), just lines up with the red dot on the EOTech.

If your EOTech's battery were to die, simply remove the magnifier (or slide or swing it to the side) in just seconds and then flip up the rear sight, but still leave the EOTech mounted. You can see your flip up sights through your EOTech.

Where To Buy

Video Review & Comparison Of The EOTech 518.A65 & 558 Holographic Sights

Newer Models

There are even more capable models of the EOTech 518.A65 Holographic Sight such as the 558 which is Night Vision compatible. If you can find the now discontinued model 517.A65, it might make it not worth the upgrade to the newer models.

The new models blend can take standard AA batteries and they have the side buttons and quick detach mounting base of the EXPS models. The 517.A65 (if you can find one) already has side buttons, so buyers will have to decide if it is worth the difference in cost to have the quick detach feature plus compatibility with standard AA batteries.

The 558 is also compatible with separately purchased night vision devices. The 517.A65 and 518 are not night vision compatible. With Gen 1, 2 or 3 night vision goggles you can see the reticle of the Model 558 but not with the 517.A65 and 518.

Other Models

Recommended Accessories

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"I tried every red dot out there, none even compare to the quality and precision of an EOTech".

"Fantastic well made optic. The manufacturing of this product is superb. You can tell the engineers payed attention too the finest of details. Great sight picture easy to set up and it turns itself off at two different times depending on which button you use to turn it on. Worth the money."

"A+. It's pricey but top notch! I paired it with a Vortex magnifier and it's proven to be a reliable system for my AR10."

"Makes my 9 year old a true marksman at 200 yards. Perfect shots every time . I own several eotechs now."

"It's an EOtech. Perfect acquisition and clear sight picture! Buttons on the side are a huge + for magnifier, or in my case co witness iron sight, 1/3 lower cowitness...."

"Takes a beating. I serve on a police department and am also part of a regional SWAT Team (entry team). To me, you can't get any better for the money. I'll keep it short.. I shoot a lot, a lot! (Doesn't mean I'm any'll have to ask the bad guys for an answer). This site has been slammed into doorways, railings, name it! It still hangs in there! What do you expect when you're running in , and out of doorways at 0400 hrs...trying not to get shot! Love the side controls. I have my EOTECH mated up to an old Colt M-16 (full auto) with a ten inch barrel. The EOTECH under automatic fire select is very easy to acquire and hold steady....but mostly I love the fact that this thing can take a beating. I highly recommend it! Shoot safe out there!"

"Awesome piece of gear. Runs on AA batteries, has buttons located on the side so that a magnifier can be used without getting in the way of the buttons, and it sits high enough to co-witness with standard iron sights without the need for a riser. It's also among the more affordable models..."

"The best just got better. Been a fan of this brand for years and this new model is going to keep it that way. I've read a few articles on how EOTechs aren't holding at sub arctic temperatures or some nonsense like that, but I don't care. I use this on a 12 gauge and my AK47, roughly 10000 rounds a year. I don't run obstacle courses or submerge it in water, I just go out in the woods or quarries and shoot a bunch of stuff with my friends. I have not used this site farther than 125 meters away, but to that distance I can shoot DVDs out of your hand all day. Easy to zero in and even detaching multiple times it still holds with no issues. I don't mind the size of this, because I'd rather purchase AA batteries than those little ones for the price."

"If you want a reflex sight, EOTechs should be on your short list of ones to get. They are absolutely top notch equipment. They real "combat sights". I don't just mean they could be used in combat, I mean they are. NATO militaries use them, police forces use them, these things are used when lives are on the line and when reliability is important. They are rugged, waterproof, extremely well built and exceedingly accurate...."

"It's a real EOTech and these things are beastly. Well worth the price point and to clarify in case anyone is wondering, this particular model allows for flip-up steel sights to cover the bottom 1/3 of the scope for a better overall sight picture."

"....First, This Product will be THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE ACCURACY OF YOUR SHOT, than anything else you will buy for your AR platform. Zero's fast, doesn't loose zero, and is the most durable, dependable, and useful product(besides the gun itself) that you will buy for shooting. Second, If you with the Armed forces or Law enforcement, or even a survivalist or a prepper, this product is for you. It is powered by the single most common battery on the planet. If you are in a disaster situation and you can not find two double (AA) A batteries, than you have bigger problems to worry about. Its is a little expensive(in the door at $350-$450) i will give you that, But Its fast target acquisition, reliable grouping, ease of available power. user friendliness, and its ruggedness, makes up for the extra $200 dollars you will spend. Third, Two words previously stated, USER FRIENDLY! I honestly believe my 5 year old could attach, activate, and even zero this product. I put it on a Rock River Operator II and it was 6 inches low and about 4 inches left of The target. OUT OF BOX. took me exactly 11 rounds to zero this site and walk it in. I was hitting a three of diamonds at 100 yds within 15 minutes. Lastly, excuse my language, But this product is plain Sexy! It looks fantastic and aesthetically appealing on the firearm."

"Fantastic optic. There's a reason EOTech and Aimpoint are gold standards for laser optics. The 518 provides excellent and quick target acquisition with its large, anti-reflection window and thin surrounding metal frame. Like all EOTech sights, the reticle is parallax-free, meaning that it points where the barrel does, even if your eye isn't right behind it."

"To give you a background, I'm an action shooter who uses my Rock River AR-15 "Entry Tactical" for practical rifle shooting competitions at my local club. That being said, my goal with my AR is to continually hit inside the primary scoring circle, which is about an 8" diameter circle at center mass on a man sized target. I don't get a micrometer out to measure group size. My main goal is fast target acquisition and reliable performance.

"...I couldn't be happier. The performance thus far has been amazing. After bore sighting, and dialing in the optic at 50 yards, I've been able to compete and improve my scores over my previous optic. To get an idea of what this optic looks like, imagine that there is a hologram floating about 25 yards down range with a red circle and a dot in the center. No matter where your eyes are at, where the red dot is where the bullet is going to travel."

This is a durable unit. That's obvious from the moment you open up the injection molded case the optic arrives in. There is a piece of steel that is "U" shaped that surrounds the glass of the optic. This guard is missing on some of the Bushnell varieties of the Holographic Weapon Sight.

I don't intend to try to break the glass, but its pretty evident that this guard is going to protect the unit from some pretty serious bangs against hard objects, and from internet videos, you can still see the red dot even if the glass is shattered."

YouTube Videos

The following video is a review of the EOTech 518.A65 Holographic Sight

The following video is a review of the EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight & EOTech G33 3x Magnifier

The following video is a review of the EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight.

The following video is a review and demo of the EOTech 516 Holographic Sight and Point of View (POV) Shooting. Go to the 5:00 minute mark to see what it looks like shooting first person view through an EOTech Site

The following video shows you how to zero in an EOTech Holographic Sight

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