Best Military Waterproof Camouflage Rain Poncho, Emergency Tent & Shelter

This ultra large, inexpensive, lightweight, high quality, waterproof, military ripstop poncho is great for Doomsday preppers and will keep you and your bug out bag dry in heavy rain.

Best Quality, Low Cost, Heavy Duty, Military Ripstop Poncho For Camping, Hiking, Preppers & Survival

Keep yourself and your backpack dry with this ultra large, low cost, lightweight, high quality, waterproof, military ripstop poncho. This poncho will protect you against heavy rain or snow while wearing your Bug Out Bag backpack.

This poncho has a dual use as an emergency tent and shelter. It has metal snap buttons and is made of 100% ripstop nylon which is extremely durable, lightweight, breathable and wear-resistant fabric with a large hood including a drawstring closure. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

This over sized poncho can help keep you dry in both rain or snow. It's perfect for Military. Camping, Hiking, Survival, and is great for Doomsday Preppers. This is a quality and durable poncho with generous protection.

This poncho is made of waterproof ripstop nylon and weighs approximately 1-1/2 lbs. The M-Tac Military Camouflage Rain Poncho is easy to get in and out of and to let out heat if you get hot. There are snap buttons that run down both sides where you put your arms through, so you can unsnap them if you need some more ventilation.

See the YouTube video below for a review of this poncho.

This poncho has strong nylon fabric, has a carrying case, and can be used as a survival tent.


  • Strong nylon fabric Rip-stop used for tailoring military and other uniforms

  • The poncho comes packed into a nylon carrying case

  • Rectangular shape, common for all ponchos

  • The edges are equipped with cords in eyelets for pulling it like a tent

  • On the sides it is fastened with buttons for wearing like rain cover

  • The volume is regulated by a cord, on the inside of the poncho

  • Equipped with a hood, which is regulated by a cord on the retainer

This survival poncho is perfect for Doomsday preppers as it has a camouflage color.

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Having metal snap closures, cord regulated volume, and equipped with a drawstring hood, this poncho keeps the weather out making it a great survival item.

YouTube Video

The following video is a review and demo of the M-Tac Military Camouflage Rain Poncho.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Just after receiving it, I wore it in a relentless downpour for a half day in the woods. There was one small spot near the back of the neck seam in the hood that needed a drop of water-proof sealant, but other than that it was perfect. I ordered this to have on backpacking trips for foul weather and a small backup tarp. It works great. Grommet points work perfect for shelter applications. I have a tan 'commercialized mil-type' knock-off of this that is too heavy and does not have the grommet tie points. I'm so glad I got this and wonder why I waited so long to get it. I like it so much, I may need to get another for my work laptop backpack."

"Product as advertised. A poncho is always a good piece of kit to have stowed away in your pack. This item is particularly lightweight and comes with its own stuff bag but as such it will go unnoticed in my pack until I need it. A good piece of kit to have when laid up in a static OP or blind although the nylon is a little noisy for close up work. Possibly not as big as I would have liked. I also replaced the attached cords with paracord."

"This is a good quality poncho. I have tested it for its ability to stay dry it does pretty well unlike a lot of ponchos and raincoats out there. It is nylon so its breathable unlike cheap plastic ponchos you can buy for 1$ at stores."

"Material seems good and decent. Should be (relatively) noise free during rustling. It's more soft than hard plastic like. I haven't worn it in the rain or the shower but I get the sense that it's going to be fairly quiet there too."

"Light weight & made well. No reason not to carry an extra layer for emergencies. Been caught at high altitude without one before during light rain. Hypothermia was setting in. Be prepared!"

"This poncho IS water proof. It is the same size as my multicam woobie, and mates with it nicely. It is big enough for a shelter system, and has the waist sinch cord, also the hood is big enough for a helmet."

"It’s not too thin but not extremely thick either. Which saves in weight. Overall I think it’s a nice thin durable poncho for what I want. The snaps click together just fine."

"Exactly what I expected. Not cheap thin plastic. Durable and large for use or as shelter."

"Pattern is true to sales photo. I haven’t worn it out in any torrential rain for a long time period but I hiked in light rain and water did not seep through. The size is pretty good for me even though I'm short. I’m only 5'3" and when I put my arms out the poncho comes right to the edge of my cuff On my wrist. And then since I’m so short it almost covers the top part of my boots which I like."

The poncho measures 82 x57 inches and has grommets for use as an emergency or Doomsday survival tent.

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