Best Outdoor Dual Fuel Lantern For Camping, RVs, Fishing & Survival

The Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern is the best outdoor lantern for camping, RVs, fishing & doomsday survival.

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern Can Burn Regular Unleaded Gas And Includes Hard Carry Case

This is a dependable premium dual fuel lantern that burns very bright and can be adjusted down for longer burn times. One 1.3 pint tankful of gasoline lasts about two long evenings. The Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern can burn Coleman White Fuel or regular unleaded gas.

This lantern is perfect for camping, tailgating, outdoor adventures, survival, and Doomsday preppers. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

In a Doomsday survival or camping scenario, having a bright light in at night (especially if it is pitch black) can be appreciated in the appropriate situation (i.e, a camping situation or situation in which you are not trying to stay hidden).

Gasoline is something that can be scavenged from your vehicles in a Doomsday survival scenario. Coleman lanterns have historically proven to be very dependable over decades. These Coleman fuel version lanterns are much more efficient and less costly from a fuel perspective versus propane lanterns.

One gallon of gas will last a long time using this lantern. Having a siphon available would make it possible to just siphon gas from your vehicle to use in this lantern.

The Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern includes a hard carry case and can burn regular unleaded gas making it desirable for preppers and survival.

This particular model Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern comes with the hard carry case. There is another version of the same lantern available without the hard carry case. Also, there is a slightly larger slightly more costly model of this Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern (with Powerhouse written on the fuel tank) that has a 2 pint tank, and burns brighter. There is a link to both of these versions in the recommended accessories below.

Where To Find Ethanol Gas

If you run unleaded gas through it routinely, it is better if you can find a gas station that carries ethanol free unleaded gas. You can find Ethanol Free Gas using the link below. After going to the site, select your state from the select State icon. Then zoom in or out on the map and click on the "Pins" to see the stations.

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YouTube Videos

The following video is a review & demo of the Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern with hard carry case.

The following video is a review & demo of the Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern.

The following video demonstrates replacing the mantels on a Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"I bought this Coleman lantern to use while RV camping. I have had Coleman lanterns for many years, and they have always been good. I think this new one is the best one I have ever bought. It is well made, and I like the carrying case."

"Perfect! I got this lantern for Christmas, and I love it. It is EXTREMELY robust! The quality is very good (made in the USA). The light it gives off is very bright, so I don't see why you would want to get the PowerHouse lantern (the next size up). If you did you may damage your eyes!"

"This is a great lantern, have an older model that is still in use and works great after 19 years. Had to buy another one as the price was to good to pass up, and it is still made in the USA. Highly recommend this lantern for camping or power outages. The liquid gas is much better than propane bottles as it last twice as long as my friends propane."

"Awesome. Super bright. Dependable. I never go fishing or camping without this light. I finally had to buy a new one when my old Coleman lantern gave out after more than 15 years! Love these lights."

"Just right for emergencies. Never have had any problem with it. Dual-fuel beats propane. Nice, sturdy case as well."

"Love these lanterns! Great pkg price with the carry, storage case included! Throws tremendous amount of light and lasts a good amount of time per fill! Easy to operate and great quality!"

"Fantastic lantern that works precisely as it should. This lantern is very well made, provides an astounding amount of light and is the perfect size. I believe this is a must have item. Under certain circumstances batteries for other lighting devices could potentially be hard to come by. While unlikely, the piece of mind provided by having a lantern that can operate not only on camp fuel, but readily available unleaded gasoline is a plus. I am a fan of the Coleman Brand, and while many of their products may not stack up to those offered years ago (not much does these days) this lantern is one of the exceptions, along with their Dual Fuel Stove that if properly maintained will last you a lifetime."

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