Best Paracord For Hiking, Camping, Emergency Survival & Doomsday Preppers

TITAN SurvivorCord Is The Ultimate Survival Paracord With Special Purpose Strands

TITAN SurvivorCord is the best 550 military paracord for hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, emergency survival & doomsday preppers.

TITAN SurvivorCord - Best Paracord For Hiking, Camping, Vehicle Emergency, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

TITAN SurvivorCord is the ultimate survival paracord that every prepper should include in their supplies and bug-out bags! Paracord by itself is one of the most versatile and useful items you can have in everyday situations plus keep on hand for a Doomsday scenario.

TITAN SurvivorCord takes paracord to the next level by integrated 3 potential life-saving additional survival strands into Top-Rated Mil-Spec 550 Paracord.

The original TITAN SurvivorCord includes seven individual 3-strand nylon braids plus a single strand of waxed jute for starting fires, a 25 lb. mono-filament fishing line and a copper wire that can be used for snares, conductive wire, and other emergency needs.

Titan SurvivorCord XT bumps up to twelve individual 3-strand nylon braids, plus it trades the copper wire for a super strong 900°F fire-resistant Kevlar strand that can be used as a friction saw or even to secure your food over an open camp fire and it will not burn.

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Comparison Chart Of Titan SurvivorCord XT, Titan SurvivorCord, Titan WarriorCord & 550 Paracord

Chart comparing Titan SurvivorCord original, XT & WarriorCord versus commercial 550 paracord.

The Original TITAN SurvivorCord Has 7 Nylon Braids Plus One Each 25 lb Test Fishing Line, Waxed Jute Strand & Copper Wire

The original TITAN SurvivorCord adds 3 potential life-saving survival strands to top rated Mil-Spec 550 Paracord.

Why you might need it

The original TITAN SurvivorCord is based on mil-spec standards and is the new must have item for hiking, camping, vehicle emergency kits, long term survival kits, and bug-out bags.

TITAN starts with their standard industry respected MIL-C-5040, 7-Strand, Type III 550 Cord and adds a strand of 25 lb. Mono-Filament Fishing Line, a strand of Brass Wire for Snares or Conductive Line, and a strand of Waxed Jute Fiber for starting fires in a down pour.

This gives the original TITAN SurvivorCord a rated tensile strength of over 620 lbs, while Titan SurvivorCord XT has a tensile strength over 1000 lbs! TITAN Survivorcord comes in 100' or 500' lengths and has several different color combinations to choose from including Olive Drab, Black, Bronze, Forest Camo, and Zombie Green.

Remove The Outer Sheath From TITAN SurvivorCord To Access Strands For Fishing, Snaring, Fire Starting & More!

The original TITAN SurvivorCord has a strand of 25 lb. fishing line, a strand of brass wire for snares and a strand of waxed jute for starting fires.

TITAN SurvivorCord is perfect for:

  • Starting Fires - just crumble, rub, and pull apart the waxed Jute line and it will start a fire with a single spark from your flint even in damp conditions.

  • Fishing - the included 25lb Test fishing line is strong enough to bring in large fish.

  • Snaring - but you will need to twist two or more copper strands together as the copper wire is too thin and weak for snaring as a single strand.

  • Using the copper line as a conductive wire.

  • Securing a tent or tarp.

  • Building a raft.

  • Tying down items to your car or backpack.

  • Hanging a rucksack from a tree or Stringing up a clothes-line to dry out wet clothing.

  • Making a tourniquet or splint.

  • Making a leash.

  • Stringing up a trip wire to rig an area by tying cans, chimes, etc. to the cord to alert you of intruding animals.

  • Hanging tools from your belt or backpack.

  • Using as sewing thread, fishing line or dental floss (inner threads).

  • Tying up bad guys or animals.

  • Creating or Rigging a pulley system to lift a heavy object.

  • Many more uses!

In addition to its general utility functions, Titan Paracord is also excellent for Survival Kits, Bug-Out Bags, and Vehicle Emergency Kits.

The Titan SurvivorCord Waxed Jute Line Will Start A Fire With A Fire From A Single Spark In Wet Conditions

The original TITAN SurvivorCord waxed jute strand is an emergency survival fire starter even in damp conditions.

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Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Love this stuff. Best cord ever!"

"This stuff is the bomb! Has internal jute strand for tinder, internal copper wire for electrical conduction and snare building and a monofilament fishing line. One of the most useful wilderness supplies you can carry. Highly recommended."

"A really strong fantastic paracord for all types of functions I keep several feet in the trunk of my automobile for emergencies...Will be purchasing more before too long....Thanks Titan!!"

"Best parachord out there!!! Thicker, stronger, and has extra survival goodies right in the chord. No more clumsy "tins" to fill with knotted up fishing line!"

"The best. This is the stuff I'm carrying in my EDC & Bugout kit because it's so versatile - will be buying more for sure!"

"Great paracord really high quality ,super strong highly recomend this over standard paracord."

"WOW... These guys nailed it.. The first time I have seen anything different in the boring paracord business was when I bought some "Firecord", which is great stuff. But it is kind of expensive (even at the wholesale cost.) The firecord has a flammable strand inside and until now, it was the ONLY 550 type cord that gave you anything extra. THIS STUFF BLOWS THEM AWAY! This TITAN "SurvivorCord" goes WAY beyond that. This is the 7-layer cake of EDC (Every day carry) paracord. I'd call it 550 cord but its stronger than that AND it does more. This stuff has a "tinder" cord inside to start a fire , a synthetic fishing filament to tie things or use for fishing, a manufacture marker line (because they want you to know you are not buying a copy? they are really planning ahead and being optimistic) But my favorite part is Brass wire. It can be used for a strong tie (I have seen pic's of a nicely tied arrow head) but I think what makes it unique is that it IS conductive and could be used to repair an electric line or rig something that needs electric current. It is listed as being non-magnetic ; as in it will NOT set off a metal detector, so appeals to the low-profile market. So this stuff is the most multi purpose (by far) , priced well and great look & quality."

"High Quality multipurpose cord. Have used it for other then outdoor adventure, like it was used to stich up my patio chairs, tie downs for our garden, etc. A very good product. In fact we are going to buy three more Titan cords."

"Survivorcord is the appropriate title for this product because that is exactly what it is. With the very thin wire, monofilament line, and jute you have even more assets at your disposal than with other "paracord" products in exactly the same space. If you were to simply replace your bootlaces and fashion your own bracelet you could carry more survival items. Titan even furnishes you with a free e-book with all kinds of suggestions for projects. You even get a choice of colors too. This is the one cordage that should be in everyone's kit."

"Really great equipment. Used it to camp and found it strong and flexible. The interior fishing line actually works."

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