Best Pill Book For Nurses, Doctors, Medical Students & Doomsday Survival

Look Up Every Prescription In The USA, And Learn What They Are For, Common Dosages And Side Effects

The Pill Book Is The Best Of Its Kind For Nurses, Doctors, Medical Students & Doomsday Survival

The Pill Book: New and Revised 15th Edition

The Pill Book lets you look up every prescription in the USA, and learn what they are for, the class of medication, common dosages, common and rare side effects, etc.

This would be extremely valuable medical book in a Doomsday survival scenario. Medical Students, nurses, doctors and preppers will all appreciate this handy pill guide. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

No home should be without this book!


For more than three decades, millions of consumers have trusted The Pill Book to provide official, FDA-approved information on more than 1,800 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with guidelines from leading pharmacists.

Each drug is profiled in a concise, readable, easy-to-understand entry, making The Pill Book the perfect reference when you have questions about the medications your doctor prescribes. Inside you’ll discover...

  • Generic and brand-name listings that can help you save money

  • What each drug is for, and how it works

  • Usual dosages, and what to do if a dose is skipped

  • Side effects and possible adverse reactions, highlighted for quick reference

  • Interactions with other drugs and food

  • Overdose and addiction potential

  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free medications

  • The most popular self-injected medications and their safe handling

  • Information for seniors, pregnant and breast-feeding women, children, and others with special needs

  • Cautions and warnings, and when to call your doctor

  • 32 pages of actual-size color photographs of prescription pills

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"Excellent book for info on prescription meds. Very ,very helpful medical info."

"Must Have Book! Love this book! Have purchased an updated version for many years. It's always best to be up-to-date on prescriptions that you have to take!"

"I just received my new, 15th edition of THE PILL BOOK and am happy to say it continues the same happy tradition I know from earlier PILL BOOKS. This book lets you look up every prescription medication in the USA, even recent ones, whether by trade name (e.g., Halcion) or generic description (Triazolam) -- if there are exceptions to that universality I don't know of them. The listing will tell you much more than a doctor will, or even a pharmacy information sheet -- common dosages (even photos of the most popular pills, for example Plate "M" for Halcion/Triazolam), class of medication (such as Benzodiazepine sedative), what it's for and how it works, common and rare side effects, what to do if you've missed a dose, what not to take concurrently, what to do if you overdose or have negative reactions, and so on. For the average mature American who takes several prescription meds (or more), this is probably the wisest nine bucks you can spend. Very highly recommended."

"A must have for any intelligent family. With all the different drugs on the market today and taking into consideration the possibility of drug interactions and side effects, it is vital to stay informed. Recently my wife was prescribed two different medications by her doctor. Taking them together could have been a threat to her life, neither the druggist nor the prescribing doctor warned her about the side effects that would take place if she took both medications within 4 to 6 hours of each other. The Pill book did! GET THIS IN YOUR HOME! Think generics are exactly the same as brand name drugs? Think again!"

"This soft cover, reasonably priced book is in my opinion a valuable reference source to everyone who take prescription medication because it medically details the purpose of each pill and also gives comprehensive listings of possible side effects and interaction with other medications. It provides valuable understandable information that most practicing M.D.'s don't have the time to provide in greater detail, the intent of prescription drugs they prescribe for their patients."

"I have been purchasing this book for the last 8 years. I love this! It is a good reference tool. I am a Therapist, so I like to look up the medications of my clients so I can have a better understanding of any complications that might come up. Price is great for the information you get."

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