Best Portable Solar Motion Detector Early Warning System For Home Defense

Doomsday preppers know that they can use motion detector early warning systems for home security, wildlife monitoring plus survival hunting.

The Best Early Warning System For Home Safety, Wildlife Monitoring & Doomsday Hunting In 2021

This article is part 6 of 14 in our series that cumulatively includes details on the vast amount of battery powered capabilities anyone can easily maintain for many years after a Doomsday event.

Having a reliable set of solar powered wireless outdoor motion detectors that pair with multiple portable battery operated receiver(s) makes the perfect early warning system for monitoring the exterior of your home. You can also use this type of system for wildlife monitoring and even Doomsday hunting. Keep reading to learn how. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why You Should Consider The BLUEBits Motion Detector Security System

We have owned several motion detector systems in the past for home security and for knowing the moment when visitors or deliveries arrive. Most of these systems seem great until you test them only to realize that they are either too sensitive, the motion sensors hardly work at all, or the sensors and receivers do not work through walls or very far apart.

After purchasing many different Solar Motion Detector systems and returning them, we fortunately purchased and tested the BLUEBits Motion Detector Security System. We were amazed at how well this system works and we also discovered it has features that expand its capabilities beyond just home security to also include wildlife monitoring, and if we ever needed it, for Doomsday hunting.

The BlueBits Security System Main Components Are The Base Station (Receiver) & The Solar Motion Sensor

The BlueBits security system main components include a base station receiver plus multiple solar powered motion sensors.

Normal Home Security & Knowing When Visitors Or Deliveries Arrive

The BlueBits Motion Detector Security System is great for normal home security as you can monitor all sides of your home plus all of your windows and doors with well thought placement of up to 7 motion sensors. With this system, you can have as many receivers as you desire all communicating with the same (up to 7) motion sensors. The receivers are either white or black and the motion sensors are either white or brown.

The receivers can be USB powered or 110V AC powered and always with battery backup power using 4 AA batteries per receiver. We have a couple of these receivers strategically located in our home working on AC power with battery backup. We also have a 3rd receiver working solely on rechargeable AA batteries that we carry with us if we are on our back deck or even as far as 1000' away or further working in our back yard. So no matter where we are in our home or yard, we can also be notified of a motion alert.

It is super nice having the ability to know if someone is at your front door or coming around the side of your house when you are all the way in the far end of your back yard. Today, this setup works great for knowing when visitors or delivery people have arrived.

With the BlueBits Motion Detector Security System you can monitor all sides of your home plus all of your windows and doors during Doomsday.

Whenever we install or relocate the wireless solar powered motion sensors, we simply carry a receiver around with us in our pocket. The motion alarm receivers are relatively small with rounded corners and with 4 AA batteries installed, they can easily fit in your pocket. The receiver volume has approx. 4 levels adjustable on each receiver (loud, medium, low & off) and there is a corresponding visible numbered light (1 through 7) and separate tone. The audible and visual alarms continue to alert you as long as motion is detected.

As mentioned, you can have up to 7 motion sensors programmed to a receiver, but each motion sensor can be programmed to as many receivers as you want. For example we have six solar motion sensors protecting the perimeter of our house and we monitor all six sensors with 3 different receivers. So if motion sensor #5 detects motion, all three receivers receive the exact same alarm simultaneously indicating motion from sensor #5 which monitors the right side of the house.

The solar battery powered wireless motion sensor has a line of sight range of up to 2000' (over 1/3rd mile) to all base station receiver(s) it is paired with. The motion sensors send the alarms dependably through multiple walls and work in daylight or in complete darkness indoors or outdoors.

BlueBits Receivers & Solar Motion Sensors Can Be Placed Up To 2000' Apart

The BlueBits receivers and solar powered  motion sensors have a range of up to 2000' and will  charge even on cloudy days.

The motion sensors will detect motion up to approx. 30' away and are sensitive to pretty much anything giving off a heat signature (person, car, dog, squirrel, etc.) but we have no issues with trees or bushes getting moved by the wind. Some feedback states that leaves are setting them off. We have tons of trees & bushes and are not having that issue.

Our biggest issues with other systems were too many false alarms, not reliably detecting motion, and the sensors not sending alarms through multiple walls. These are not issues with this system in our experience. Even when we think we are getting a false alarm it is usually a bird that has flown in front of a motion sensor as we have captured on our video cameras.

The Motion Alarm Receivers (AA Battery Powered) Can Easily Fit In Cargo Pants Top Or Side Pockets.

The ability to carry the AA battery powered motion alarm receivers in your pocket is a major advantage for preppers as an early warning system that can be used during Doomsday.

Additional Doomsday Zombie Apocalypse Security

Remembering that this website is a survival, prepping, Doomsday prepper website, it got us thinking about how this system could be used for more than just typical home security. So just imagine Doomsday has occurred and a major threat of attackers and zombies exists. The ability to carry the receivers in your pocket would be a major advantage as an early warning system.

For detecting intruders, if I was already on high alert outside with my weapon(s) of choice, I could have a receiver with me with the volume turned off or on low, and I could easily tell where intruders are moving around outside without even seeing them. Just by the way we have the motion sensors installed and pointed, if intruder(s) come around from either side of the house, for example, we will know when they are in the side yard area and the instant they are arriving in the back yard.

The BLUEBits Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Has A PIR Sensor Detection Range Up To 30 Feet

The BLUEBits wireless solar motion detector sensor can detect motion up to 30 feet away.

Doomsday Hunting

This system can be used for Doomsday hunting. We live adjacent to a national park and have a creek in our backyard that lots of animals (deer, rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, possums, fox, turkeys, etc.) use as a game trail in and out of the park. We actually figured this out by accident when one of our motion sensors and a co-located solar motion floodlight kept going off in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. The motion sensor alert and flood light were going off simultaneously. They both protect our back yard entrance to our deck and our vegetable garden.

After this happened several times at approximately the same time every night, we woke up to see what was going on. It was a rabbit that was sneaking into our garden to have dinner. That made us realize how it would be super easy to just be outside on our deck within range and when the motion sensor and floodlight turned on, just shoot the rabbit with a pellet gun as each time it usually only ran about 10 feet and stopped. But that rabbit can live until Doomsday or until a hawk kills it (but hopefully it will produce lots of little rabbits before then).

In a daylight situation it would be just as easy to shoot squirrels out of a 2nd story window with a sensor detecting them at the base of a tree within perfect range. We have a very powerful & accurate pellet rifle, but the squirrels get to live until some point after SHTF unless they get in our attic.

The creek in our backyard is located approximately 60' from our back deck or from any of our back windows. This creek runs into a National Park, and practically every single night (dusk, dawn, and in the middle of the night), our two hunting cams video tape deer, raccoons and coyotes moving along that creek, plus the occasional rabbit, fox or possum every other night or so. We also have turkeys, geese, ducks and heron infrequently in our backyard or creek.

It would be real easy for us to place a couple of motion sensors monitoring the creek and hunt either day or night. At night we could use moonlight, motion lights, or night vision as we have both night vision binoculars and rifle scopes. This motion detector system is something as a prepper, we can no longer do without since it guarantees better Doomsday security and hunting. We would have plenty of other tasks to do plus sleep, and for hunting we would want to be alerted to know when to shoot versus wasting a lot of time waiting on some animal to arrive.

The BlueBits Black Receiver & Brown Sensor

The BlueBits receivers & motion detection sensors come in white or in black and brown colors making it possible to hide them as part of a survival strategy during Doomsday.

How To Power This System After Doomsday With No Available AC Commercial Power

In writing our Solar Powered Prepping Series of articles, we have uncovered a vast amount of battery powered capabilities that anyone can easily maintain after a Doomsday event using foldable solar panels coupled with portable power stations and small (AA, AAA, etc.) battery chargers.

That is another reason why we love the BLUEBits Motion Detector Security System so much. In an indefinite long term power outage (like a SHTF Doomsday situation), it will be easy to keep this system powered indefinitely with a foldable solar panel, portable battery power station, and plenty of AA Eneloop rechargeable batteries and AA chargers.

With multiple receivers, each person in your clan can have one and or keep them in multiple areas so that everyone is warned of approaching intruders. We have several articles listed at the bottom of this page that detail the best solar panels, power stations, and AA battery chargers.

You can see some of our BlueBits system in the picture below. We use three receivers (two white and one black) plus six white solar motion sensors outside. Our three brown solar motion sensors are just set aside for backups, although we could use one in our system now if we wanted to since the system can have a total of 7 motion sensors working.

Beaudens 150W Power Station Powering - Charging BlueBits Motion Detector Components Simultaneously

This picture shows the Beaudens 150W Solar Power Station charging BlueBits motion detector components simultaneously.

NOTE: There is a lot going on in the picture above with the Beaudens 150W power station charging two brown solar sensors and directly powering one black receiver with no batteries installed. The two brown colored solar motion sensors with blue lights are being charged (one via a 5V USB port and the other via the AC adapter & USB cable). Those two brown sensors are upside down as they each have a small solar panel on the other side.

The two white receivers are being powered via four AA rechargeable Eneloop batteries (with 4 extra batteries in front of those receivers). The one black receiver has no batteries installed and instead being powered directly from a USB port, although we typically use an AC to USB Adapter (not shown) in a normal 110V AC Outlet, and we do install backup batteries. We just wanted to make sure the black receiver would work via USB power from our power station and without AA batteries.

The red lights on each of the 3 receivers indicate they are powered on. The white solar motion sensor (programmed as sensor #2) in the back right has a charged battery (from its own solar power charging) and is the only sensor turned on. I moved just before taking the picture and that set off the solar motion sensor (indicated by its momentary red flash), and all three receivers flashed the Blue Light #2 (as you can see above) while playing an audible tone.

BlueBits Solar Motion Sensors Will Charge Even On Cloudy Rainy Days

Preppers should get the solar versions of the motion sensors as they will even charge in the shade.

BLUEBits makes a wireless solar motion sensor and a wireless non solar motion sensor in white and in brown. If you want this same setup, definitely get the solar versions of the motion sensors as they will even charge in the shade. Three of our 6 wireless solar motion sensors are mounted outside and are under porches in complete shade and they still have stayed charged since January 2020. In the event any of our solar motion sensors lose their charge, the system will notify a "low battery" for that sensor and we could recharge it with the included micro USB cable.

BLUEBits sells a single receiver & single solar motion detector (sensor) in a combo for approx. $55, and they sell just the receiver (approx. $30) or an add on solar motion sensor (approx. $30) so you can build out exactly how many motion sensors and receivers you want in your system. We ordered 2 receivers & 6 solar motion sensors in white plus 1 receiver and 3 solar motion sensors in brown. This gives us a lot of flexibility and spares.

We Keep Our AA Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries Charged (For Our BlueBits Receivers) Using One Of Our Foldable Solar Panels Which Charges A Small Power Station Which Can Power Any Of Our Small AA Battery Chargers

For a long term survival strategy, we recommend that preppers keep AA Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries charged for their BlueBits receivers using a foldable solar panel and a portable power station.

Additional Considerations:

The BLUEBits receivers require practically zero watts of power when they are not receiving a sensor alarm. When motion is detected, just for a few seconds, the receiver requires approx. only 4 watts of power as we measured on our multi-meter. The solar motion sensors provide power themselves, but they can also be quickly charged if needed via a USB cable from a standard 5V/2A USB port on a power station or power bank, or from a USB cable and a standard 5V/2A USB to AC adapter which are both included with each solar motion sensor and receiver.

Although you can power the receivers via either the 5V USB port or the AC outlet on a portable power station, if Doomsday happens it will be much better to power the receivers from 4 AA Rechargeable NIMH batteries. With four Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries (which can be recharged up to 2000 times) we are getting about 6.25 days before the receivers audibly tell us "Low Battery". This is essentially the same amount of days that 4 AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries last.

The duration in days between installing charged AA batteries will be heavily dependent on how often the receiver receives motions sensor alarms. For us, a set of 4 Eneloop AA batteries would last about 34 years, and we have a lot of extra Eneloop AA batteries.

Our receivers do go off fairly often during the day (as we now have lots of deliveries to our front porch since the virus pandemic started). Also, we get a lot of squirrel action on one side yard motion sensor that we will likely change the sight aim higher off the ground to catch a person walking by but not a squirrel on the ground. BlueBits states to mount the sensors low "for driveway sensors", but most of our sensors are mounted 10' to 12' off the ground out of reach of kids or vandals and they work just fine pointed downward at an angle.

Our only one gripe about this system and every other system we have seen are the short silly tunes they play, because it is hard to remember each tune that corresponds to each motion sensor. When you are not nearby a receiver to see which numbered sensor went off, sometimes it is too late by the time you get to it. However, this is not a big deal, as eventually you start remembering which tune goes with which sensor. If you carry a receiver in your pocket or one is nearby, you will see which sensor went off, even you do not recognize which tune goes with which sensor.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Amazon carries the BLUEBits Motion Detector Security System.

NOTE: In addition to the receiver and solar motion sensor which are what we recommend in this article, this BlueBits system can also include (in the place of any solar motion sensor) your choice of a window & door alarm, a doorbell, or a non-solar motion sensor. That's your choice if you want to include any of those components in lieu of any solar motion sensors. You can mix and match up to 7 "sensors" per system.


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web site is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the BlueBits Motion Detector Early Warning System. We have only described how this system works for us and our experience with it.

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