Best Rainwater Gutter Downspout Diverter System For Survival & Doomsday

Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Diverter Collection System

The Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Diverter Collection System collects water from your gutter downspout into your rain barrel for Doomsday survival & prepping.

Best Gutter Downspout Rain Water Diverter System For Survival & Doomsday Preppers

Convert your existing gutter downspout into a rainwater collection system using the Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System. Great for survival, SHTF, and Doomsday preppers in the future, but they can also be used today for gardening, lawns, trees, bushes, and flower beds. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

People normally use these diverters to collect rain water in a rain barrel or other containers to use for watering their gardens. However, in Doomsday Survival scenario, you can collect water for other uses.

Note: Water runoff from a roof is typically not safe for drinking, especially from an asphalt roof, but on any roof there will be other contaminants such as bird droppings. However, you can always distill collected water to make it safer for drinking, and the distilled rain water can be used for other purposes such as showering, clothes washing, etc.

The Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System is an easy upgrade to change your downspout into a more effective rain water collection device.

The Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Gutter Downspout Diverter creates an effective rain water collection system.

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Added Tip

To distill collected rain water, you can purchase a solar still such as the one in the recommended accessories below. Another way to distill collected water is to make your own homemade distiller using methods such as shown in the YouTube videos below.

To improve any setup that boils the dirty water (rain, sea water or urine) and distill it through a copper tube, keep in mind that the water vapor steam in the copper tube is extremely hot, and the water vapor will naturally want to escape.

So to improve the efficiency: 1) Use a longer length of copper, and coil it if it is corrugated copper or if you know how to bend copper without crimping it. 2) Place the receiving container (that is collecting the distilled water) inside of yet another larger container filled with cool water.

The larger additional container with water helps to cool & condense the water vapor as it is coming out. 3) Place something like aluminum foil over the receiving container at the top to prevent as much water vapor as possible from escaping.

Be sure to scroll down and watch the YouTube videos below to learn different methods for distilling water and how to construct the simple water distillers shown in these videos.

Other Models

  • RainReserve 2012303 Rain Barrel Complete Diverter Kit (This is a higher quality rain diverter equipped with valves, overflow protection, rain barrel connectors, and you can setup two diverter tubes if you select that option).

  • Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit (This is another higher quality rain diverter equipped with valves, easy removable filter with clear window, overflow protection, rain barrel connectors, and dual diverter tubes if want to set up two rain barrels).

Recommended Accessories

  • RainPro Brass Rain Barrel Quarter Turn Ball Valve Spigot with Bulkhead Fitting (Helps convert your own buckets, large containers, and barrels to Rain Barrels)

  • Good Ideas IMP-C50-SAN Impressions Bark Rain Saver, 50-Gallon (This rain barrel has a good design that is attractive, has two brass spigots (one for hose and one for a bucket) and it has a channel at the top that diverts excess water to the front of the barrel)

  • Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 50 Gallon (Note this rain barrel does not require a gutter diverter. Instead just buy a either a flexible gutter elbow or two solid elbows)

YouTube Videos (Rain Diverters)

The following video is the manufacturer installation video for the Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System.

The following video is not for the the rain diverter shown above and instead is a video of the more expensive RainReserve system linked to below in the Other Model section). This video is also excellent in that it discusses water conservation and provides tips for Rain Barrels in general.

YouTube Videos (Homemade distillers)

The following videos show you how to create your own homemade water distillers. This is a valuable skill to learn in a Doomsday survival scenario.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Very nicely built, and works well. About everything you could ask for in a rain diverter."

"Easy to install and works flawlessly. Was amazed just how efficient this device was...."

"Works perfect with a rain barrel."

"Best diverter for the money. Great product that's simple to install, easy to use product, no moving parts to maintain, easy to divert away water during winter months, even with my gutter covers they still collect sufficient amounts for my needs with no concerns of clogging from leaves."

"As a mechanical engineer, I loved the design of this when I first saw it. The diverter does not just take all of the water from your downspout, but provides overflow security for times when the rain is too heavy, when leaves and sediment fall, and for when your barrel is full. In these occasions, the water simply continues down the remaining downspout as if the diverter weren't there. The unit is also two pieces, which makes it easy to clean, maintain and service, if necessary....As to effectiveness, we've had our barrel out in the rain for a few months through hurricanes Irene and Lee, and only managed to amass a few inches deep of water. After installing the diverter, the next morning we had a very heavy rain, but only for about 15-20 minutes. Out of curiosity, we checked the rain barrel to see if we captured any, and the entire barrel was full."

"Purchased this to divert water from the gutter into a rain barrel without having to install an overflow valve. Worked like a charm. When it first rained after installation, it filled up a 55 gallon rain barrel to the top and then diverted the water back thru the downspout after the barrel was topped off. It is a very heavy duty white plastic. It can be painted if you wanted to. Follow the instructions when installing so you do not cut too much out of your gutter (just holding it up and measuring by the size will make you cut out more gutter than you need to). The hose it comes with is thick plastic and is folded. You will need to remove the creases from the hose or the water will not flow thru. A blowdryer to heat up the creases while you bend it will work. Also comes with a stopper to plug up the diverter during the winter months. We initially ordered just one, to make sure it actually worked. We are very happy and have ordered more. I forgot to add that this worked great on our rain barrel systems, as we have a closed top with bung holes. We left one bung hole closed and put the end of the hose thru the larger bung hole. If you have an open top rain barrel then it will just keep filling up and flowing over. The way this system seems to work is by pressure. As your rain barrel fills up, water is forced back up the hose and down the downspout. If you have an open top rain barrel (no top or just a screen) then there is no way to generate the pressure to stop the flow of water into the barrel once filled. Also: these will fill up a 55 gal rain barrel pretty quickly, even with just a normal amount of rainfall."

"Much Needed! After getting together and instructing several rain barrel workshops I personally have found the diverter both convenient and logical. With the 1.5 inch hose for the rainwater to go in and leave as overflow I feel fully confident that even through heavy rain storms water will not spill our and ruin foundations. It is also a plus that these devices are made in the U.S. and being in Ohio they're mostly locally made."

"Great Design & Easy To Install. Works as advertised and is really easy to install. It was easy to un-kink the hose by just letting it sit in the sun for a few hours. Collected a full barrel of water in no time. Make sure your lid is solid on your rain barrel so the system works as designed. Our lid was loose, and the water overflowed. Once we tightened it, the water bypassed the full barrel and continued down the rain spout. Great design! Our experience with Oatey products has always been good."

"This makes it very easy to install a rain barrel near a downspout. Clean, simple lines. It has to be 18" above where the upper hose enters the barrel and the hose is not as good looking (it is also white) or rigid (kinks easily) as I would like. Replace the hose with a better one, e.g. clear fiber reinforced, and this is a great way to go."

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