Best Shatterproof Invisible Security Window Film For Home Security & Safety

ShatterGARD BurglarGARD Glass Protection Film Helps Defend Against Violent Burglars, Vandals & Looting

ShatterGARD BurglarGARD Glass Protection Film is the best shatterproof invisible security window film for home security & survival.

ShatterGARD BurglarGARD Invisible Shatterproof Glass Protection Film

Defend your property with invisible ShatterGARD security film. Stop or significantly slow down burglars, home invaders, and Doomsday marauders from gaining entry into your home through glass doors and windows.

Watch the videos on this amazing product, plus see the added tip below on how to use cargo nets to stop or slow down intruders from entering your house. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

ShatterGARD BurglarGARD Glass Window Film helps you survive against violent burglars, vandals & looting during doomsday.

Why you might need it

For most homeowners, the weakest link in their home security against burglars and home invasion are their glass windows and doors. The same could be said in a Doomsday scenario where marauders could quickly enter your home simply by breaking through a glass door or window.

With ShatterGARD invisible glass protection film, you'll buy valuable time to either escape or to better defend your property. While a criminal may muster enough force to eventually shatter the glass surface, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to eventually penetrate the virtually indestructible security film.

ShatterGARD defends against burglars, violent home invaders, vandals, and even storm damage from hail, high winds, and flying debris. ShatterGARD is made of a high strength, optically clear polyester material that makes glass significantly stronger and virtually impenetrable to the most violent of blows.

Watch the YouTube videos below to see for yourself. ShatterGARD includes a Do It Yourself installation and is applied directly to the interior side of glass windows and sliding doors. ShatterGARD kits include installation instructions and all of the necessary installation tools.

ShatterGARD BurglarGARD can protect homes, businesses, showcase glass, etc.

ShatterGARD Window Film defends against violent home invaders and even storm damage from hail, high winds, and flying debris.

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YouTube Videos

The following video explains Shattergard window security film in detail including demonstrations, applications, and testimonials.

The following video is a demo of Shattergard security film on the Rachael Ray show that demonstrates the shatterproof and invisible properties of this glass protection film.

The following video is a demo of Madico Safety Film (similar to Shattergard) on unprotected and protected glass doors.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"ShatterGARD- BurglarGARD is truly lifesaving. My home is equipped with an alarm and security camera system, and a big dog too. These layers of protection help, but unfortunately aren't enough. To truly offer additional protection BurglarGARD is the way to go. I've researched everything on the market and there simply isn't another product that compares to quality, durability and price. Works fantastic for flying rocks too. We live in proximity to the water and the storms are getting worse every year. The windows on the 3rd floor are close to impossible to install a manual hurricane shutter, but BurglarGARD takes care of that too."

"After my Daughter’s first floor condo was broken into I did research on security measures. I added additional dead bolts to the doors and added additional measures to the door jams. Options on the windows were to put bars on the inside of the condo as the condo association would not allow bars on the outside. Not wanting to make the condo look like a jail I came across ShatterGard. After reviewing the information on ShatterGard I decided that it was a viable option and purchased a roll for self-install...."

The following feedbacks are for ShatterGARD's Sliding Glass Door Protection Kit:

"As an architect, I've included this product in several of my projects (both commercial and residential) already. The installation is so incredibly uncomplicated (check out the ShatterGARD web pages for some pretty impressive vids of this and other similar simple yet effective products), I've encouraged a few friends to use the glass door protection kits for themselves. The vision quality of the film is barely perceptible as well. ShatterGARD has done a fine job of creating a line of security products that serve as home and business breach defense options for pre-existing and new construction. Highly, highly recommended."

"I wasn't sure that we would be able to install this product ourselves when I made the purchase. We aren't that handy. Not only was it easy to install, it looks great. We can't even tell it is on the glass but it sure makes our family feel good that it's there. I highly recommend this product!"

"As Doomsday preppers, we use ShatterGARD BurglarGARD to guard against burglars today, and marauding invaders tomorrow in a Doomsday survival situation!"

"I'm a contractor but I've never installed window film before so I was a little nervous when I ordered this kit for a client. Needless to say the instructions were very clear, the film was easy to handle and the client was ecstatic. Now I recommend this product to all my clients."

"This an excellent product. I bought it first for my house, but was pleased and bought it for both doors on my vacation cottage. It is easy to install, and came with everything I needed. Wonderful to get such peace of mind so easily... I'd highly recommend to everyone!"

"I purchased the glass protection kit and without any previous 'glass film' installation experience, was able to install it on both of my patio doors without any trouble. I highly recommend this product."

ShatterGARD includes a Do It Yourself installation kit and the film is applied directly to the interior side of glass windows and sliding doors for extra security.

Added Tip

ShatterGARD and other security glass protection films can be very expensive, especially if you have many 1st floor windows and glass doors to protect. However, it is well worth the cost and could be the difference in defeating criminals who have bad intentions for you and your family.

In addition to or in lieu of ShatterGARD, another alternative for preppers to use to prevent or slow down marauders in a Doomsday scenario is to install cargo nets on the inside of your doors and windows.

Just locate the studs in the walls surrounding your doors and windows that would need protection. Then install large screw hooks into those studs basically outlining a door or window from the inside of your house. Then stretch an appropriately sized cargo net attached to the screw hooks.

Then, for example, say someone shoots the door hinges off of your front door or is able to kick it down. The cargo net would significant slow down the intruders. You would be able to quickly remove the cargo net from the inside, but an intruder from the outside would basically have to cut/saw through the cargo net.

By the time they gained access, you would have had ample time to escape or defend your property while they are dealing with the net. See the recommended accessories below for an inexpensive 5' x 10' cargo net that we recommend.

For another way to reinforce any exterior wooden doors, replace all of the existing short hinge screws and door lock screws with 3" wood screws. The 3" screws will likely all be into studs and will be much stronger against anyone trying to kick your door in.

Recommended Accessories

Shattergard Burglargard Security Window Film Helps Stop Violent Looters & Rioters

Shattergard Burglargard Security Window Film has a scratch resistant coating, it absorbs shock waves and multiplies the strength of glass.

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