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Outdoor enthusiasts, Campers, Adventurers, Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers will all love the SAS Survival Handbook as it teaches what to do in every conceivable disaster situation.

Best Survival Book For Surviving Disasters - SAS Survival Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere

This book is based on the training techniques of the world famous British SAS elite fighting force and is filled with essential survival information in all kinds of conditions & scenarios. Outdoor enthusiasts, Campers, Adventurers, Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers will all love this book as it teaches what to do in every conceivable disaster situation. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

This book was written by a supreme authority on survival and will prepare you for any survival situation you may encounter. John "Lofty" Wiseman was a professional soldier and survival instructor in the British SAS special forces troops.

This guy knows his stuff on surviving around the world in any kind of environment (urban, suburban, jungles, deserts, mountains, arctic conditions, etc.). The SAS Survival Handbook is easy to read and understand by even those with limited or no survival knowledge.

This latest 3rd Edition has been updated with 100 additional pages and reflects the latest in survival knowledge and covers new topics such as urban survival and terrorism. You will not find a better survival guide than this book, but another very good complimentary survival handbook to have is the U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook.

SAS Survival Handbook Topics include:

  • Being prepared: Understanding basic survival skills, like reading the weather, and preparation essentials, such as a pocket survival kit.

  • Making camp: Finding the best location, constructing the appropriate shelter, organizing camp, staying warm, and creating tools.

  • Food: What to eat, what to avoid, where to find it, and how to prepare it.

  • First aid: A comprehensive course in emergency/wilderness medicine, including how to maximize survival in any climate or when injured.

  • Disaster survival: How to react in the face of natural disasters and hostile situations—and how to survive if all services and supplies are cut off.

  • Self-defense: Arming yourself with basic hand-to-hand combat techniques.

  • Security: Protecting your family and property from intrusion, break-ins, and theft.

  • Climate & terrain: Overcoming any location, from the tropics to the poles, from the desert to the mountains and sea.

Added Tip

This book comes in multiple versions many of which are called "Revised Edition", "3rd Edition", or "Collins Gem", and some do not even list the edition. Look at the year the book was published and number of pages.

The Pocket Sized compact version has less pages and smaller printed font size but is still packed with the best survival information. The pictured version above is the largest and newest version (3rd Edition). The larger versions would be the better desktop version.

Versions (click to expand)

    • Published March 3rd 2009

    • 576 pages

    • Approx. 5.25" Wide x 8.25" Tall x 1" Thick

  • 2010 Pocket Size Edition (Collins Gem) - Probably the best COMPACT survival manual on the market suitable to put in a backpack or Bug-Out Bag

    • Published March 4th 2010

    • 384 pages

    • Approx. 3.25" Wide x 4.5" Tall x 0.75" Thick

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Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"If you buy one survival/bug out/end of the world book, make it this one. Holy cow! I didn't realize the book was this big. 672 pages! It has everything from self defense to trapping. Bugs to bomb blasts."

"The "SAS Survival Handbook" is the most comprehensive survival handbook I have ever seen...."

"This book has it all! Pictures for traps and shelters, plants to avoid, plants to eat, first aid and everything! Great for doomsday preppers or the wilderness explorer!"

"This book covers everything. To the point that i don't even use Google anymore for survival related questions. This book covers the essentials, like what to eat, where to find it, and how to prepare it. How to make different kinds of fires for different applications. How to build anything from temporary shelters to damn near permanent log cabins. Where and how to fish whether you have a reel or not. Even cooler stuff like how to make leather and prepare fur skins (including using the animal's brains with water to treat the skin). I was amazed at how much he fit in this book, how easy it is to read, and how well it's illustrated. This book should be rebuilt with a water proof design so people can carry it into the woods without fear of damage, for it is THE essential manual for any level of survivalist/adventurer."

"Survive anywhere....The book covers all you'd ever want to know about the essentials of surviving in climates such as: the polar region, mountains, seashores, islands, tropical regions, or even at sea...."

"This book is a manual on how to survive in any environment. The author has lived it and learned from it. Mr. Wiseman passes on his knowledge to give you a chance...."

"Best survival guide. I own and love this book. It is a super comprehensive guide to surviving all sorts of extreme emergencies in a variety of geographic zones and climates. Plane crashes, car crashes, getting lost in the wilderness, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks - you name it, book covers it! The author is an authority on survival, being the former survival instructor or the British SAS special forces troops, which operate around the world, from arctic to desert zones, and from big cities to remote jungles. Tone is very down-to-earth, and straight to the point. The book is easy to read and understand and does not assume or need any prior knowledge of military and survival techniques (which is the author's background). I am a former search-and-rescue team member and trained wilderness first-aid responder, and I find the information in this book first rate...."

"Thorough and Easy to Use. I'll probably never be trapped behind enemy lives and dependent upon catching small mammals and selecting local edible plants for survival, but its nice to have a nifty, easy-to-carry guide just in case. Wiseman's SAS Survival handbook is an excellent companion for hikers, campers and into-the-wilderness junkies. This book is extremely well written with easy to understand illustrations and excellent organization. There are color plates for easy identification of plants and animals to eat/avoid/use-as-medicine. This book has it all, or at least all I can think of. There are sections on camping, hiking, supplies, compass skills, shelter making, first aid, transport, catching and preparing animals and locating local edible foods, tool making, fishing, hunting, knot tying, general survival in different climates and environments and more. The best part of this book is by far its terrific approachability. It is written for the layman and is very easy to understand. Either as an outdoor accomplice or a handy at home preparedness guide, this is a book to get and know."

"A Great Survival Book!!!!!!!! A Great Book, over 600 pages and it covers everything you need to know to survive anywhere. I would suggest this book to anyone in the wilderness or just wanting to learn some good tactics to survive."

"What else is there to say? This book is THE foundation of knowledge for anyone who wants to know how to stay alive, regardless of the hazards you're facing. I'm thinking about ordering a second copy to keep on my Kindle, along with some other SHTF-oriented documents, so that if I need the knowledge and don't have space for the books (this guy alone is pretty heavy), I can at least pack my Kindle and solar charger and stay ahead of the curve. Plants, first aid, weapons, shelter, fire: it's all in here! The new section on urban situations is helpful. You can pay a lot on books that are interesting and entertaining. This book is about survival, and it could be worth more than a library full of others."

"This book to me is one of the most important books in my library. Just like he said in his introduction the world is changing and with change their is always danger around the corner to challenge our survival instinct. I never gave learning survival skills a second thought but now having a family I wonder what I could do if we were put in a situation that threatened us such as natural and man-made disasters or if I went camping in the woods and got lost. I went searching on the web and came across this book and I'm glad I purchased it ( I also purchased build the perfect bug out bag by creek Stewart which I also give 5 stars).

The third edition of the sas survival handbook covers wilderness survival skills such as:

  • preparedness

  • survival kit, pouch and knife

  • survival in different climates such as mountains, polar regions, islands, deserts and tropical regions

  • food such as how to catch and cook animals, how to identify what plants to eat and what to avoid etc

  • how to make a fire with what's around you

  • how to make tools

  • navigating with or without maps

  • surviving at sea

  • first aid etc

There is heaps of information that a novice like me can understand. Their is also a section on urban survival which covers self-defense, protecting your family and home and what to do when disaster hits your city. This book is very comprehensive and I recommend this book for everyone it is handy to keep in the house and definitely a book to read here and there and it's something to practice because learning even the basic survival skills is a important skill in life."

Editorial Expert Reviews

  • Review

    • “A classic outdoor manual. ... Written by John Wiseman, former survival instructor for Britain’s elite Special Air Service (an all-conditions strike force considered by some to be tougher than the U.S. Navy SEALs), the book addresses every conceivable disaster scenario. ... Don’t leave home without it.” (Outside magazine)

    • “This step-by-step survival bible has... prepared [me] for anything. ... This edition’s most valuable lessons arrive in its new ‘Urban Survival’ section, which features tactics for countering espionage and dealing with urban animal attacks.” (Washington Post)

  • About the Author

    • John 'Lofty' Wiseman served in the British Special Air Service (SAS) for twenty-six years. The SAS Survival Handbook is based on the training techniques of this world-famous elite fighting force.

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