Best Survival Handbook For Soldiers, Disasters, SHTF & Doomsday Preppers

Instructional Guide For Soldiers Also Teaches Skills To Survive Doomsday

The U.S. Air Force survival handbook is the best survival handbook for soldiers, disasters, SHTF & doomsday preppers

U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook

This book is filled with essential survival information in all kinds of conditions & scenarios and is an exceptional reference manual for preppers!

The U.S. Air Force survival handbook is an instructional guide for soldiers that also makes a great skill teaching guide on how to survive Doomsday. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

The U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook is very comprehensive and is highly recommended by soldiers and survivalist instructors as noted in the Amazon listing for this item.

You'll learn things like first aid for illness and injury, finding your way without a map, building a fire, finding food and water, using ropes and tying knots, mountain survival, concealment techniques, signaling for help, survival at sea, building shelters, animal tracking, predicting the weather and much more.

The chapters on the psychology of surviving and evasion techniques that were written for downed pilots behind enemy lines are exceptionally valuable for survivalists and preppers.

This is a large book (8-1/2" Wide x 11" Tall x 1" Thick) with 592 pages slam full of survival techniques with plenty of helpful drawings.

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Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Great book. This book is packed with useful information. It makes a great study guide or even just as an informational book. It includes illustrations and surprisingly detailed instructions for just about everything in the wild...."

"Best Survival Manual. Exactly what I wanted. A Marine told me the Air Force survival manual was the best bar none. I am totally satisfied with his suggestion and the transaction on Amazon. If you want to know what bugs and roots, etc., you can eat to survive, plus much, much more useful information, get this book."

"Used in all branches of the military - considered best in category. You learn some skills covered in this survival guide in military service no matter your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). A former soldier in the combat arms, I learned a portion of this material. However, the U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook is more comprehensive and covers the basic mechanics of survival best because it was prepared for pilots that might be downed in hostile territory. On the most fundamental level, survival is about keeping the body from going into shock and using the mind to do what is necessary to survive the "actualities" (fatigue, hunger, exposure to weather as well as to insects and parasites, and so on). It is about using every means at one's disposal to recover from the situation. This book is applicable to disaster planning because it is our primary literary source for dealing with immediate and extreme stress. Preparation is not only providing for water, food, physical protection, medicine, barter items, tools and materials. If disaster comes suddenly, there will be terrific mental stress compounded by actualities. The challenge of keeping mind and body going would keep us quite busy. This, among other things, is addressed in the Handbook."

"The ultimate on survival. I was a Survival Instructor in the Air Force a long time ago and needed to verify some info for a survival course that I am putting together for the Department of Conservation. I have found this update of the Survival Manual that I used when I was instructing to be easier to use than its predecessor. The instructions are easy to follow."

"Best of the Best. I was a soldier in the U.S. ARMY from 1992-2001. As a soldier in the ARMY, I was/am fond of all things Army. The competitive nature of serving in the military told me the Army has the best FMs (Field Manuals) because why wouldn't they? After all it's the Army! The fact of the matter is all branches of the US Armed Forces, publish many great manuals on survival, However the U.S. AIR FORCE AFR64-4 Survival Handbook, is hands down the most complete. This book is filled with information on survival all people should know. The book contains many great, and practical passages. The one thing this book contains, which is a must read for people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, is the mindsets you go through, of not knowing what could happen if a situation arises. The psychology of survival is just as important as the know how. For the little money you spend for this handbook, you'll realize it's a steal. You may never have to worry about crash landing in a foreign country, or navigating through a jungle. Heaven forbid anyone should. It's the "what if" question that lingers for many people, that should compel you to take a look, and read for yourself...."

"This book is the best I have come across and the only one I felt could be a stand alone true survival book. Granted I may never be in a desert, ocean, or arctic situation being tracked by enemies or surviving a radioactive blast... but it is good to have the info just in case.

Think of it of a Boyscout manual on super steroids times 10. The processes are simplified and illustrated to help identify and understand the language involved with the tasks. In addition the knowledge shared takes into consideration you might not be prepared with any supplies. This book shows you how to create Ropes, Compass, tools, and Back packs and other necessary survival equipment. It seems as though if there is any degree of difficulty or confusion a diagram is included. This is very important I feel when identifying or preparing food and water sources, building shelters, navigating, and medical care... all things truly necessary for survival. The evasion and techniques are great if Anarchy does ever break out... however I do not feel evasion during zombie takeover is that complicated since they are pretty dumb from what I have seen in movies...."

"...This book teaches all the forms of survival worldwide:

  • Hundreds of Diagrams (Edible/Inedible/medicinal/Toxic Plants, how to skin/butcher animals, build shelter, fire making, oven building, tool making, etc.)

  • Charts, Figures and conversion tables.

  • Shelter: Building and concealing, fire building

  • Food: including edible/inedible plants, snaring/trapping/scavenging/hunting and butchering food

  • Evasion: getting away or concealing from hostiles

  • Clothing: From make shift sunglasses to shoes.

  • Medical: Injury and sickness as well as Psychological. Medicinal Properties of plants.

  • Water: collection and purification

  • Environment: Surviving particular climates and/or situations including water/dessert/snow.

  • Tying knots, making and using ropes, Navigating rugged terrain, climbing and other life saving skills."

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