Best Book That Teaches Medical & Surgical Skills For Doomsday Preppers

This Book Teaches Preppers How To Become Medics During Doomsday

Survival Medicine - The Prepper Pages is the best survival medicine book teaching surgical skills for doomsday preppers.

Best Survival Medicine Book Teaching Surgical Survival Skills - The Prepper Pages

Survival Medicine - The Prepper Pages is a surgeon's guide to scavenging items for a medical kit, and putting them to use while bugging out.

This book not only teaches you how to build a comprehensive medical kit, but also the critically important medical and surgical survival skills vital to surviving a doomsday scenario. It's apparent that the author desires to teach preppers how to become medics during Doomsday. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you need this book

Survival Medicine - The Prepper Pages is an essential book for every Doomsday Prepper & survivalist's library. It's the first survival medicine guide in a series published by Dr. Ryan Chamberlin, a retired trauma surgeon and current professor of medicine.

In 250 easy to read pages, the book details how to scavenge easily found items in the environment to piece together a makeshift kit in the event you find yourself without one.

While weaving that narrative through the pages, he goes on to explain the equipment and supplies you really want if you're constructing a kit from scratch. One designed to be multi-functional and capable of treating the widest range of aliments you're likely to encounter during disasters.

But it's not just a book about supplies - it's a guide on how to treat illnesses definitively in desperate conditions - times when medical help won't be available.

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The Prepper Pages - Back Cover

Back Cover of Survival Medicine - The Prepper Pages which is an essential book for every Doomsday Prepper & survivalist's library.

More About the Author & His Desire To Teach Preppers How To Become Medics (click to expand)

I know the author and correspond with him often. I've learned that since the late 1990's, Dr. Chamberlin has been refining a method for teaching preppers how to become medics in the shortest amount of time. His ultimate goal is to guide them to the point where they feel comfortable dealing with the medical emergencies common to disasters and cataclysms. His survival medicine books are written just for that purpose. Since then he has created a popular medical preparedness web site,, which you can visit to learn more about medical conditions encountered during catastrophes.

You should also consider purchasing his other books, where you'll gain even more practical medical and surgical knowledge. Dr. Chamberlin's latest book, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: First Aid Kit Building and Mini Med School for Preppers, is a compilation of his entire survival medicine series to date. While The Prepper Pages was written to a size that can easily fit in your medical kit, his latest book, which I refer to it as the "Mini Med School" book, is designed to provide you with a less expensive option than buying all three of his books individually. It's the single best comprehensive Survival Medicine book available in my opinion. I have both, and you might want both too. I have The Prepper Pages in my medical kit, and Mini Med School in my library. The Prepper Pages has more detailed information on suturing, and has appendices on additional techniques that are not in the Mini Med School book. So it's perfect for my kit. That and because I've found it has more details on what to scavenge compared to Mini Med School.

Regardless of what you choose, all of his survival medicine guides come with the free matchbook option. This is where you buy the paperback version, you get the Kindle edition free. On his web site you'll also find the enlarged images which his digital editions link to, as well as instructional videos he's made to support the chapters of all his survival medicine guides. All in all, both of these books are essential medical knowledge that you not only need to have in a Doomsday survival scenario, but also for any medical emergencies today.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"A MUST Have book! Full of truly useful information on where to get and, even better, how to use items in your emergency medical kit. This is one book that is definitely a must have!"

"Super book. This Doc writes very well and is an easy read!....This doc writes so well especially compared to others of this genre out there. Super informative, even beyond common sense.

I am going to seek out other books by him. Highly recommend this book."

"Excellent! This is a really good book. Lots of practical, down to earth advice. It reads like a novel. I finished it in a few hours. It's so good I'm buying the paperback even though I have the kindle version already."

"Delivers All It Promises. Realistic, practical, and easy to read. Chamberlin approaches a difficult subject with solid advice and a subtle sense of humor. Born of his experiences following Hurricane Katrina, the book trains you what to look for and what to do when medical help is not available and not likely to be available anytime soon, if ever. Scavenging tools and supplies beyond the obvious can help you and your loved ones survive. He includes what to put in your medical bag, but addresses your options when you are in a bad situation and your bug-out bag is not available. Detailed and illustrated medical techniques for treating injuries and illnesses likely to be encountered in a SHTF scenario. So impressive that I plan to buy a print version to have on hand."

"An awesome resource. Very thorough yet concise and to the point. Highly recommended for everyone. You can get prepared now, or wish you had later."

"A Must Read. Very informative read. If you are one of the smart ones out there in search of understanding how to prepare for chaos and economic unrest then this is a perfect book for you. Whether you have experience in the topic or know nothing about it, The Preppers Pages is a great choice to read up on."

"....The book talks about some of the more likely problems one might run into in a bad situation where real medical treatment is not available, and presents some ideas on how one might deal with such situations. It does not waste a lot of time on trying to go over things that are not going to be helpful in such a situation...."

"....As an ex EMT medical assistant it is very good to have as a refresher and a great go to for the novice."

"Clear and simple. A condensed, easy-to-digest medical and scavenging guide written for the layperson, but filled with useful info that even clinicians will appreciate. This is not a replacement for proper basic medical training, but it will carry you through in a pinch. This isn't some zombie-apocalypse (fantasy) scenario: This book is for an urban survival conditions of an uncertain -- or indefinite -- length, and will give you the first-hand advice you need for most of the emergent medical needs you could encounter. Let other resources tell you which pistol you should carry, how to whittle a figure-4 trap, or orient yourself with a compass. If you can't manage the injuries you may incur during egress all that shiny gear will be for naught. This text is for making the most of your escape from the urban environment in which many of us live and work, pure and simple."

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