Best Water Purifier, Distiller, Desalter For Emergency Survival & Doomsday

2 Quart Per Day Prime Water Universal Water Purifier, Distiller, Desalter

The 2 quart per day Prime Water Universal Water Purifier, Distiller, Desalter is great for emergency distilling rainwater for doomsday survival.

Best Universal Sea Water Purifier, Distiller, Desalter For Doomsday Preppers

The non-electric Prime Water Universal Purifier requires no filters or plumbing. With it you can distill and purify water from any source including pond, river, pool, swamp, stagnant rainwater, tap water, and you can desalinate/purify seawater. Having a portable distiller such as this one can save your life in a survival scenario. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

NOTE: You can learn a lot from reading this article but please note that this item is no longer available and in our archived (older) recommendations folder. Please see our new article on the Top 5 Homemade Portable Water Distillers. We also have another really good related article Top 25 Best Portable Water Filters For Emergency Survival And Prepping.

Why you might need it

If you ever get lost hiking in the wilderness or there is a long term Doomsday survival scenario, having access to clean drinkable water is a must. If you are near the ocean, having the equipment and ability to desalinate salt water could be a life saver. Preppers and survivalists typically have water filters and have methods for collecting rainwater. However, if the water is salt water or if it is contaminated with dissolved metals like lead, or it is collected from any roof (especially an asphalt roof), the water is typically not safe for drinking even using a portable water filter. However, in these instances you can always distill collected water to make it safer for drinking.

The Prime Water Universal Water Purifier, Distiller, Desalter shown is the 2 Quart per Day size and is small enough (4 lbs, 6.5" Diameter x 8" Tall) to easily fit in your Bug-Out-Bag, as you can pack other survival items inside of it. This purifier comes in 3 sizes. The larger 4 and 6 Quart per Day versions would be better for Bugging In or for your Bug-Out location. These water distillers are made from 100% high grade grade stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. The image above depicts the distiller containment with internal components displayed alongside. This non-electric Universal Purifier can be used to distill/purify/decontaminate/desalinate water on your gas range, your electric range or hot plate, your charcoal grill, your propane grill, your camping stove, or your campfire. You can distill and purify water from any source including pond, river, pool, swamp, stagnant rainwater, tap water, and desalinate/purify seawater. The 2 Quart per Day model can provide 2 to 3 quarts of distilled/purified/desalinated/decontaminated water daily.

This water distiller is also great as an emergency/survival back-up in the event of a total electrical power outage or long term power unavailability. Use it on your range to purify/decontaminate your tap water. No filters are ever required and there is no plumbing. You simply add 3 to 4 inches of your source/impure water to the containment chamber. Then set your stainless steel purified water collection bowl (provided with the device) onto the surface of the source water so that the stainless steel bowl floats freely. Then lay in the stainless steel condensation collector on the top rim of the containment chamber, and set the unit onto/over your chosen source of heat. The pure water collection bowl will collect the purified/distilled water as it drips from the stainless steel condensation collector. Best purification results will be produced if you can maintain the source water at approximately 180 to 190 degrees F (just below boiling). The quantity of purified water being produced will vary somewhat depending upon the temperature of the environment in which the device is being utilized.

Other Larger Models

  • 4 Quart Per Day Non-electric Prime Water Purifier (7.5 lbs, 8" Diameter x 8" Tall)

  • 6 Quart Per Day Non-electric Prime Water Purifier (8.5 lbs, 12" Diameter x 12" Tall)

Recommended Accessories

  • Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove (Use the Solo Stove as your heating source for your distiller in a Bug-Out situation. The Solo Stove is the #1 wood-burning backpacking camping stove recommended by Backpacker Magazine. This stove has an ultra light weight compact design that is perfect for Survival, Camping, Hunting & Emergency Preparation. No need to carry any fuel with you as this stove uses twigs and other readily found burnable items that you find outside wherever you are!)

  • Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Fire Starter (The Spark Force is an exceptional and inexpensive Ferro rod fire starter that will provide any prepper or survivalist the ability to start fires reliably in hot, cold, and wet conditions. This model is better than most in throwing off a good shower of sparks. Use it to light your Solo Stove or camping fire to use for your distiller.)

  • Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System (Some water can be filtered to make it drinkable and does not have to be distilled. Learn more about this great portable water filter for hikers, preppers, and survivalists.)

  • Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System (Learn more about this rainwater collection system.)

Added Tip

To distill collected water, you can purchase Non-electric Water Distiller such as this one or one of the larger models shown below. Another way to distill collected water is to make your own homemade distiller.

Be sure to see our article Best Rainwater Gutter Downspout Diverter System For Survival & Doomsday and watch the YouTube videos in that article to learn different methods for distilling water and how to construct the simple water distillers shown in the videos.

To improve any setup that boils the dirty water (i.e., rain, sea water or urine) and distills it through a copper tube, keep in mind that the water vapor steam in the copper tube is extremely hot, and the water vapor will naturally want to escape.

To improve water distilling efficiency:

  • Use a longer length of copper, and coil it if it is corrugated copper or if you know how to bend copper without crimping it.

  • Place the receiving container (that is collecting the distilled water) inside of yet another larger container filled with cool water. The larger additional container with water helps to cool & condense the water vapor as it is coming out.

  • Place something like aluminum foil over the receiving container at the top to prevent as much water vapor as possible from escaping.

Sample Amazon Feedback

"Fantastic water distiller. The floating catch-bowl is a very smart touch. Because it is wide, it catches all the condensation without having to be weighted down in the center of the pot, like other types of catch bowls I've played around with. Plus, depth of the top bowl allows it to hold quite a few ice cubes (or cold water) to create the necessary temperature differential between its inner and outer surfaces. This device churns out distilled water quite fast when employing ice cubes up top."

"This is a great, simple way of desalinating/distilling sea water. It is a small, neat bit of kit that I love. Perfect for two/three people. Extremely well made and small enough to carry with me in a bug out situ. This will be a lifesaver if and when a disaster strikes. I live in the UK, and yes the shipping was expensive, but I love the simplicity of this distiller. Living on the coast, with sea levels rising, this was a must have for us. The manual pump systems for life rafts cost a shed load of money and have to be serviced which is very costly. Try this instead. It works and is so reasonable. LOVE It. :)"

"I ordered this to teach me how to distill water without electricity. It is stainless steel and not heavy. It is smaller than I expected but it serves my purpose."

"Arrived quickly. Appears to be a good product. Excellent item to produce water from dirty water if needed."

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