Best Waterproof GMRS FRS Two-Way Radio For Hiking, Vehicles & Survival

The Motorola T605 Talkabout - 2 Pack Bundle Includes Two T600 GMRS FRS Radios, A Carrying Case and AC & Car Chargers

The Motorola T605 Talkabout 2-Pack Bundle includes two T600 GMRS FRS radios, carrying case and AC & DC car chargers.

Motorola Talkabout T600 FRS GMRS Fully Waterproof Two-Way - 35 Mile Radio 2-Pack

Motorola’s Talkabout T600 is a high performance, ultra durable waterproof FRS GMRS radio that’s right for the extreme outdoors.

Perfect for camping, boating, hiking, hunting, vehicles, prepping, survival and more, they have a range of 35 miles and include an emergency alert button, LED flashlight and NOAA radio tuning. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

The Motorola T600 Radios Are The Only Motorola Radios That Have A Fully Waterproof Design & Will Float In Water

The Motorola T600 GMRS FRS Radios are fully waterproof and will float in water.

Why you might need it

Motorola’s Talkabout T600 is by no means a fair weather radio / walkie talkie. It is waterproof and is great for outdoor enthusiasts. They can get wet in the rain or dropped in the water and you can keep on using them.

Packed with every possible radio feature, it’s hard to believe such value at such competitive pricing. With a range of up to 35 miles and freedom to communicate wirelessly, the T600 won't slow you down.

With the Push-to-Talk feature, if you also purchase an optional earpiece/microphone, you can communicate in an unrestricted and discreet way, which is perfect for hunting or reconnaissance when you need to talk with a partner quietly at a distance.

These radios work great for communicating with your friends or family while hiking, camping, or boating. For prepping and survival, these radios are great for bad approaching weather since they include functionality as portable NOAA weather radios.

In addition, in a long term Doomsday survival scenario where normal communications like cell service may not be working, having a GMRS / FRS radio would be invaluable for communications with neighbors or members of your family or survival network.

Note: The range in real-life conditions is typically significantly less than the listed maximum ranges which are in ideal conditions.

The Motorola T600 Has A 35 Mile Range, Emergency Alert Button, LED Flashlight and 11 Weather Channels

The Motorola T600 has a 35 Mile range, LED Flashlight and 11 Weather Channels making it perfect for hiking, vehicles & survival.

Motorola Talkabout T600 Features:

  • Easy-to-Retrieve design, floats up

  • Water-activated flashlight

  • 11 Weather Channels (7 NOAA) with Alert Feature

  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power Boost

  • Flashlight with both Red and White LEDs

  • iVOX/VOX Hands-Free

  • Emergency Alert Button

  • Dual Watch

Motorola Talkabout T600 Design (click to expand)

  • Waterproof** – Survives Water Dunks and Heavy Downpours

    • Fishing, kayaking, swimming or simply heading for a great day of fun with family or friends near the water? How about skiing down your favorite ski slope or hunting during that unexpected heavy down pour? The Motorola T600 two-way waterproof radio is a must have to ensure you have a reliable means of communication under harsh weather conditions. Don’t worry about transmission failure when it makes contact with water. Its IP67 standard withstands constant submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes and repels the heaviest of rain droplets.

  • It Floats** – Makes For Easy Recovery

    • If your T600 radio happens to fall into the water, don’t despair. Through meticulous engineering, the radio floats and is visible on the water surface. Once recovered, use your T600 radio to keep talking and listening.

  • Headset Connector** – Use With Your Favorite Motorola Audio Accessories

    • Hands-free devices provide you with many advantages, the main ones being discreet communication, sound enhancement in noisy environments, and the ability to multitask. The T600 waterproof radio is equipped with a headset jack connector ready for use with any of your favorite Motorola audio accessories.

  • Ergonomic Design – Functional but Sleek

    • Designed to maximize operator’s productivity, its hourglass shape fits snugly into the palms of your hands reducing fatigue and discomfort typically experienced with the competition’s brand. The non-slip ridges on its base housing eliminate annoying hand slips. Although built for function, the T600 radio boasts a sleek contemporary look.

  • (Optional Accessory Purchased Separately) Earbud With Push-to-Talk Microphone - Unrestricted Communication

    • Exploring the wild or simply enjoying your outdoor passion? Use your earbuds as a convenient clutter-free way to speak and listen to other two-way radio users. Designed to comfortably fit in your ear, just plug the earbud connector into your T600 radio and snap it to your lapel or shirt. Experience an unrestricted and discreet way to communicate when the pleasure of nature captivates you.

**This radio meets IP67 standards. It will withstand submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes. Radio floats with included NiMH battery. It may not float with some AA batteries. Use of headset should be in dry environments only.

***The FCC requires that all operators using GMRS frequencies obtain a radio license before operating their equipment. To obtain the FCC forms, please call 1-800-418-3676 to request Forms 605 and 159, which includes all of the forms and instructions you will need. It is the responsibility of the radio user to read and understand all applicable rules and regulations regarding GMRS.

****NOAA radio service may not be available in all areas. Check with your local weather office for frequency and details, or visit (canada:

Motorola Talkabout T600 General Specifications (click to expand)

  • Range (miles) - Up to 35-mile Range

  • VibraCall™ Vibrating Alert: Yes

  • iVox/VOX Hands-Free: Yes

  • IP Rating: Waterproof IP67

  • NOAA / EC Weather Channel and Alerts: Yes

  • 22 Channels + 121 Privacy Codes

  • PTT Power Boost: Yes

  • Battery Life (3AA Alkaline): UP TO 23 HOURS

  • Battery Life (rechargeable NiMH 800 mAH): UP TO 9 HOURS

  • Emergency Alerts: Yes

  • Flashlight: Yes

  • Floats: Yes

  • FM Radio: No

  • Micro-USB Charging: Yes

  • TALKABOUT App Enabled: No

The Motorola Talkabout T600 Has An Emergency Flashlight With Both Red And White LEDs

The waterproof Motorola Talkabout T600 has an emergency button and a flashlight with red & white LEDs.
The Motorola Talkabout T600 is the best waterproof GMRS FRS Two-Way Radio for hiking, camping & doomsday survival.

How far can I expect my radios to communicate?

The communication range quoted is calculated based on an unobstructed line of sight test under optimum conditions. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than the maximum possible.

Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to: terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference and obstructions.

Realistically, without a GMRS license, with FRS you can expect approximately 1/2 mile range in your neighborhood with no obstructions. For GMRS, as with other UHF radio services, reliable range is considered to be line-of-sight and the distance to the radio horizon can be estimated based on antenna height.

Theoretically, the range between two hand-held units would be about one or two miles. Mobile units have higher antennas and a range of around 5 miles (8 km).

Obstructions such as hills and buildings can reduce range.

Realistically, without a GMRS license, with FRS you can expect approximately 1/2 mile range in your neighborhood with no obstructions.

Included Belt Clip Has Integrated Whistle

The Motorola T600 Talkabout GMRS FRS radio includes a belt clip with integrated whistle.

Other Longer Range Recommended Communication Devices

YouTube Video

The following video is a demonstration of the features of the Motorola Talkabout T600 Waterproof GMRS FRS Radio.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Easy To Use - Range Better Than Expected. Just arrived, inserted included rechargeable batteries, turned it on, both radios worked perfectly! The wall charger has a Y cable, so both radios could charge at the same time - same thing for the car charger/cigarette lighter plug in-it has two USB's so both radios can be charged at once. Rechargeable batteries came charged and ready to go. I only rated Battery Life as a neutral 3 stars simply because I don't know yet how long they last. Switching batteries required removing two screws, which wasn't convenient but easy enough with a coin or screwdriver. I understand a screwed down battery case is necessary to be water proof. Build quality is very good, solid feel. Belt clip will clip on, or is removable - seemed quite sturdy. Bought these for emergency communications - I think a few extra bucks for waterproof is worth it. Liked the carry case, seemed durable enough for its intended purpose. Was easy to use right out of the box. Took one unit in the car, left one at home to test the range. Tested out to 1.5 miles through my neighborhood and across a college campus. Sound was pretty good - a little crackly, but definitely very understandable. Very pleased with these radios. Purchased a second set."

"Freaking Awesome!!! We bought these to use when we go kayaking. We will be buying two more sets soon as there are always at least five of us and a lot of times more people. We live in a mobile home park and when we got them we tested them in our community. My husband went two streets down and to the other end of the street, all in all quite a distance. Many prefabricated and metal homes between us and these were crystal clear. When we took them to Negro Bar at Folsom lake we were able to hear each other clearly no matter where or how far apart we were. Our friends are in awe of them. We will end up buying two more sets so all bases are covered when we go as a group. Thankyou for such a wonderful product!!!"

"Worth the price for one off road trip. Bought these to have the luxury of instant communication with a friend during a 5 day overlanding trip. It helps so much to have constant connection to a different vehicle. Both in town and out on the trail you can state issues and intentions without fiddling around for a phone. It's especially helpful when you're in a spot without cell connection. I'll be using these everytime I follow someone in a different vehicle or vice versa."

"Good quality and it FLOATS! The main reason I decided to buy these over others was because they are P67 Waterproof, but more importantly they float! You can have a great waterproof radio, however if you drop it and it doesn't float what good is it. On my very first kayaking trip with this radio I actually did knock one overboard while fighting a fish. Yes it really did float and I quickly turned around and picked it up, and it still works. It's also highly visible in the day time and the light did turn on when it hit the water. These are very important features to me."

"Nice, tough, useful license free walkie talkies. I bought these in November, and have not had a chance to use them as I intend to, as a means of communicating between kayaks. Once I have done so I will add to this review. I have tested them on land, and here are my observations so far:

  • when tested in town I have been able to communicate at 1/2 mile, at which the signal is both strong and clear. That may not sound like much, but it twice as far as my older 1 watt FRS Talkabouts, which only manage 3 blocks. Urban environments are tough for low powered UHF radios.

  • some have mentioned that the volume of the units is too low. That is not my experience. I can hear them quite well, and I often turn their volume down.

  • UHF signals are line of sight, and can carry on for miles, but I was surprised to hear transmissions from a GMRS transmitter located 50 miles away. That has a lot more to do with the transmitter than it does with my units, but I do not hear those broadcasts on my older Talkabouts.

  • the units seem rugged.

  • they are bulkier than my other (non waterproof) FRS/GMRS radios

The rules concerning FRS/GMRS radios can be somewhat confusing, but at this time (and since 2018) these units are completely license free. You can communicate on them with any FRS/GMRS (2 watts, mostly) radio or GMRS (up to 50 watts and licensed) radios. If you don’t understand any of the above, no problem. The point is if you have these radios you don’t need a license to use them, and you can talk to anyone you can hear on them!"

The Motorola T600 Has A Rugged Design And Can Use Rechargeable Or AA Batteries

The Motorola Talkabout T600 can use rechargeable or AA batteries.

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