Celox Blood Clotting Products Stop Bleeding Fast For Emergencies & Survival

Celox Blood Clotting Products (gauze, granules, plunger) stop bleeding fast for medical emergencies, trauma & survival.

Celox Controls Bleeding Fast In An Emergency Or Survival Situation!

Celox is an incredible medical product that everyone should have on hand to control bleeding in an emergency or survival situation. For some smaller bleeding wounds, Celox can stop bleeding fast just by applying it.

Some heavier bleeding wounds (like knife or gunshot wounds) can be controlled quickly with an application of Celox along with a pressure dressing. Celox is available in several versions (Granules, Powders, Rapid Gauze, and Plunger Set).

Keep reading for additional Celox blood clotting products and how to use them.

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CELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment - 2G Granules

Celox Granules typically stop bleeding within 30 seconds after pouring on a wound and applying pressure.

Why you might need it

In a long term survival scenario, you might not have access to medical personnel and facilities. This is one of a few specialized items you may want for your kit. Celox is an exceptional product for controlling bleeding.

Celox is safe and easy to use on people, pets, or livestock and stops even serious bleeding in seconds.

We personally like Celox as the best consumer available blood clotting agent, but we also like some of the QuikClot products and recommend that you stock up on both as detailed below so that you can always be ready to help control bleeding today and in the future.

Note that these products will not work for deep wounds in the chest or abdomen area especially when organs are involved. But in other areas it’s an easy way to quickly stop hemorrhaging, and Celox has antibiotic properties, which is another plus.

An advantage of Celox is that according to several sources it does not have to be removed from the wound, nor does it give off heat when it is wet, like some other products. Celox instead will be dissolved by the body, although it can also be washed out if the wound requires further treatment.

By not giving off any heat when Celox becomes wet with blood, there is not any additional tissue damage that would result from heat. Celox Blood Clotting Products come in several versions. See below for the different Powders, Granules, Rapid Gauze, and Plunger Set that are available.

The CELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment 2g, 10-Pack is great to use only what you need, and to have several of these packs in multiple locations.

The Celox Blood Clotting Granules With Plunger Applicator Set is used to stop bleeding from small, deep penetrating wounds, and is suitable for treating bullet, blast, or stabbing injuries.

Those type of deep bleeding wounds are hard to stop, so the applicator and plunger system help to insert the hemostatic agent deep into the site of the wound to reach the source of bleeding. This set has a sterile waterproof package with instructions printed on the backside for product use.

CELOX Granular Hemostat Blood-Clotting Crystals In Convenient Waterproof Packets (2g, 3-Pack)

Buy Celox Granules in sets of small waterproof packs for single use to stop bleeding through rapid blood clotting.

Celox vs. Quikclot (Comparison)

  • Quikclot and Celox are both FDA-approved. The new QuikClot Gauze and Sponge products are really good, and the Celox RAPID Z-Folded Gauze is awesome, so you may want to have some of both on hand.

  • Unlike Quikclot, Celox will cause effective clotting even in people using anti-coagulants like Coumadin, Warfarin, or Heparin without further depleting some clotting factors.

  • Furthermore in granular form, we believe that Celox has several advantages over QuikClot:

    • The ingredients of Celox are made to be broken down into sugars and absorbed by the body naturally. This means, that if medical attention is not available, Celox granules do not have to be removed, and the injury will heal without the embedded Celox causing any problems. This is opposed to the QuikClot granules which we understand must be removed before the wound seals. Quikclot now has gauze and sponges, but Celox is the only product that we know of that has granule packs that you can pour on a wound and not worry about removing the granules. The Celox granule packs are more cost effective for stockpiling higher quantities of the product.

    • The Celox Granule Applicator and Plunger Set is the only applicator that we know of for deep knife or gunshot wounds.

    • The older version of QuikClot (prior to 2008), produced a lot of heat when it reacted with blood, and this was very painful and could burn flesh. If you were in the military on a helicopter and a granule flew into your eye, that was usually pretty painful.

    • If the patient has used the older version of QuikClot granules, they have to be removed by cleaning and scrubbing, and even then there still may be uncertainty that you've gotten all the granules out. You can traumatize fragile tissue so much more trying to get all of the granules out. I understand this has been a complaint with emergency-room physicians and trauma surgeons. The more recent version uses a chemical that doesn’t cause as much of a burn reaction, although it can still get hot when it comes in contact with plain water. They’ve also encased QuikClot in gauze or sponges which is a major improvement for the QuickClot product.

    • Celox just does not give off heat period.

Celox Granules 15g Packet Promotes Rapid Coagulation In Traumatic Wounds With Moderate To Severe Bleeding

Celox Granules are blood clotting crystals that come in small packs for medical emergencies at home or survival situations.

Celox Blood Clotting Products come in several versions (Granules, Rapid Gauze, Gauze, and Plunger Set):


Individual Small Packs. Just pour these packs into a wound. This is nice to have because you can use as much and have additional packs left over.

Larger Sized Packs for larger wounds. Just pour the granules into the wound.

The Celox Granules 35g Pouch Controls Moderate To Severe Bleeding In Larger Wounds

Celox Granules also come in larger 35g pouches to stop bleeding in large wounds caused by trauma and deep cuts and injuries.

Pour Celox Granules Into A Larger Wound, Cover And Compress To Stop Moderate To Severe Bleeding

Celox Granules are easy to use by simply pouring into a wound & covering the wound with pressure to stop bleeding fast.

Celox Z-Fold Rapid Gauze

  • Just place the gauze on the wound or pack the wound as needed. These are a gauze roll impregnated with Celox which is outstanding for packing a wound. Most arterial bleeding will require packing the wound to control it. Granules can be hard to pack.

  • One of the pluses of the gauze is that if the wound continues to bleed you can pull it out and reapply as it probably wasn't packed deep enough.

  • Now the power of Celox is even greater. Celox RAPID Z-Fold Gauze is an instinctive way of using Celox RAPID to stop mild to severe bleeding. Just pack the wound and apply pressure (as needed) - it’s safe, easy and very effective.

  • Celox™ Rapid saves up to three minutes in controlling bleeding compared to other hemostat dressings. • Rapid packing (1) • Rapid compression (2) • Minimized blood loss (2)

  • Celox RAPID is suitable for… • Severe high pressure bleeding • Arterial and venous bleeding • Bullet, blast, knife & shrapnel wounds • Wound packing • Applying through strong blood flows • Application to all bleeding wounds

  • Celox RAPID has been shown to… • Reliably stop arterial bleeding** • Minimize blood loss

  • Celox Z-Fold Gauze (3" x 10 feet)

  • Celox Rapid Z-Fold Gauze (3" x 5 feet)

  • Celox Rapid Ribbon Z Folded Gauze Package, 1" x 5'

Stuff Celox RAPID or Celox Z-Fold RAPID Ribbon Into A Strong Bleeding Wound To Stop Severe High Pressure Bleeding

Celox Rapid & Z-fold Ribbon gauze is suitable for severe high pressure bleeding, arterial and venous bleeding, and bullet, blast, knife & shrapnel wounds.

The 8" x 8" Celox Gauze Pad Is Impregnated With Celox Granules

Celox Gauze Pads are pliable gauze bonded with full-strength Celox granules that stop bleeding fast.

Simply Fill A Wound With Celox Gauze & Apply Pressure To Stop Strong Bleeding

Celox Gauze Pads are easy to use by stuffing it into a traumatic wound and applying pressure even for people using anticoagulants.

  • Pictured below and works for deep penetrating wounds. This is also known as the Celox-A applicator.

Celox-A Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set Is Used For Bullet, Blast, Or Stabbing Injuries

The Celox-A Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set stops bleeding from small but deep penetrating wounds.

The Celox-A Plunger Set Is Easy To Use To Insert The Granules Deep To The Source Of Bleeding

The Celox-A Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set inserts the granules deep into the wound to the source of bleeding.

QuikClot Blood Clotting Sponges & Gauze

Other Bleeding Control Options

YouTube Videos

The following video demonstrates the Celox Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set.

The following video is a must see video showing footage of a police officer packing a gunshot wound with Celox Rapid and then he applies an Israeli bandage over it. Additionally, two doctors discuss bleeding and how Celox works to stop bleeding. This is an excellent learning video.

The following video demonstrates using Celox Blood Clotting Granules.

The following video is a review of the Celox Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"When a major vein or artery is breached, there is no stopping the leak. A tourniquet may do even more damage. CELOX A plunger will fill a void in a puncture wound, even a bullet hole and stop the bleeding with a mild compress. More than enough to stop shock and get your loved one to an emergency center. Battle proven and this product will not stain the skin, does not require removal. Absolutely essential for home and trail."

"Had a 4" gash to the bone. I was alone. The cut was on my arm by the elbow. This stopped ALL BLEEDING in less than a minute. Drove 7 miles to the ER and not 1 drop of blood in the car or on my pants. Nothing less than AMAZING!"

"I'm an EMT and I bought this to keep in my trauma pack. I never thought I would be the one to need this. On a camping trip I suffered a major accident where several tendons, my radial artery and radial nerve were severed...it was bad. I lost quite a bit of blood before celox (35g packet) was applied but with constant pressure blood flow slowed down incredibly. The product resembles a fine sand or sawdust and when applied no heat is produced (one of the reasons I bought this over quick clot). I was about 25 minutes away from the closest trauma center (plus EMS response took about 10 min). I know this product helped save my life."

"I rate this 5 stars based on the fact that EMTs that I know personally recommend it, and because it's made by a company with an excellent reputation; SAM®. SAM Medical Products makes items trusted and used by NASA and the United States Military. I also rate it 5 stars since it does not heat up inside the wound (as per medical studies) like other hemostatic products like "Quick Clot" do."

"If you carry a firearm regularly, you have a higher probability of being shot, whether accidentally or intentionally. This product is perfect for deep-puncture arterial bleeds from any mechanism of injury, when standard, direct-pressure, bleed-stanching techniques are inadequate. This is especially true when time is of the essence while transporting the injured out of the zone of imminent danger."

"We carry this on our ambulances in Abu Dhabi. While we rarely see GSW's, we do see a stab wounds for which this works well. The roll gauze works well for larger gaping wounds. My friends from the NHS ambulance services in the UK swear by Celox over Quick Clot."

"This stuff isn't cheap but it is very awesome. Been building a basic trauma kit/ODK in a Condor Molle large utility accessory mag pouch so my kit has heavy use value and this is a seriously useful addition. I favor Celox over Quik Clot because it doesn't use heat in its reaction so there isn't adding burns to an already bad moment, it breaks down properly in the body so secondary issues don't come up if the med boys accidentally leave some in, and it doesn't have the risk of secondary clots in the body which could cause dangerous/deadly results. Don't get it in the eyes and don't breathe it in.....I paired this Celox with two Israeli pressure bandages (you can pick your favorite brand of pressure bandages these days, so awesome), SWAT T tourniquet, trauma shears/rescue hook, med. gloves, cpr mask, gauze, tape, etc. in the Condor pouch and now have a solid basic trauma oriented kit. I use a 5.11 pouch 10x6 horizontal for the regular first aid kit, and the Condor for this trauma kit, so I can grab either kit at need without having to waste time digging through a huge bag for the celox while someone bleeds out. But again, that's personal so do what you prefer."

"My husband is on Coumadin and often has uncontrollable nose bleeds. We made several trips to the ER because of it. The ENT doctor recommended this product and it really works. We will never be without it."

"I am a hog hunter that uses dogs. this product has proved invaluable in times of need. It has saved our dogs many times from life threatening injuries sustained from the hogs the dogs have cornered. It is an amazing product and performs extremely well for its designed purpose. Thanks to Amazon for making this product easily available."

"I think that the applicator is an excellent idea, a simple solution for deep wounds with small openings.

Good job to the seller on getting me a fresh product with a long shelf life. I ordered this in 12-2014 and it has and expiration date of 9-2019. Almost 5 years!"


Celox as a bleeding control product was brought to my attention by Dr. Ryan Chamblin, trauma surgeon and author of the medical survival books that I highly recommend called Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: First Aid Kit Building and Mini Med School for Preppers and The Prepper Pages.

Dr. Chamblin stated that Celox would be very valuable to have on hand to control significant bleeding in a Doomsday scenario. For more information on CELOX, refer to the following blog post by Dr. Chamberlin: Celox & Quickclot – New Ways Preppers are Treating Bleeding

Important Note

To see more medical items that Dr. Ryan Chamberlin (trauma surgeon) recommends for preppers, click "Medical & Dental" in the navigation bar in the upper left.

Caution & Warning

Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. TopSurvivalPreps.com and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including Celox.

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