Best Special Forces Knife For Hunting, Tactical Fighting & Doomsday Survival

Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Knife

Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG is the best special forces hunting and tactical fighting knife blade for Doomsday survival.

Best Special Forces Knife

This is an exceptional heavy duty folding knife for the price and is a tactical fighting, utility, and hunting knife all in one. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

Many Doomsday Preppers and survivalists will likely need at least one high quality knife that they can depend on. The Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Knife is a high quality versatile folding knife.

The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel and has a black titanium nitride coating. This knife is well balanced, it has smooth action and a strong lock. It feels great in your hand, fits in your pocket, and has a 4-way reversible pocket clip so you can wear it however you want it.

The blade sharpens easily and holds it edge even with hard abuse. The serrated edge is ideal for cutting rope or other fibrous materials, although you can also get this knife without the serrated edge if you prefer. Check out the YouTube videos below to learn more about this great knife.

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"This is a fantastic, heavy duty knife. I'm a two-tour Vietnam Veteran who has had many knives in my lifetime and this is one of the best I've ever seen. Columbia River products are well made. You don't have to sweat this purchase. Without question you will be getting a superior knife."

"The M21 is a heavy-duty, fighting and utility, tactical folder. This really is a great knife for the price. I was quite impressed, favorably by this blade, I think it compares very well to blades costing more than twice as much. The blade is an excellent, meant-for-work design, that can function in almost any role. I use it as an edc/camping knife, and the blade shape and size have proved very efficient for my use...."

"Military approved. I received this knife as a Christmas gift from my brother who is in the military. All the guys in his company carry one and use them when they are deployed (and at home as well I would imagine). Very well balanced and great quality."

"This is my daily carry/work knife. It has survived a tour in Iraq and all of the abuse that I have thrown at it. The action is smooth and the lock is strong. I have had a few knives come back on me in the past, but this one hasn't let me down."

"One of the finest knifes I own....absolutely outstanding!!!"

"This knife is awesome!!! It feels great in the hand, is well balanced and looks bad a$$. Well played CRKT!"

"This knife is a MONSTER. If you think this knife is big, you need to think even bigger. It still works for pocket use, but it's quite heavy. But even for its size, it still has that incredible CRKT feel, ease of use and smooth operation. It comes quite sharp and the serration is very, very deadly. I'd use this if I had to cut a seatbelt, easy. The Auto-LAWKS system makes it very safe for the handler, stopping the blade from EVER coming crashing in on your hand due to the dual-lock feature, yet it can be easily closed with one hand. I use this knife for pretty much everything, though it can be quite a bit more intimidating in public use than your average "pocket" knife. Makes you almost want to join the army and get full use out of it, really."

"If you've been looking at it, and wondering, then STOP and buy it! I've taken this knife on 3 tours in Afghanistan and countless training missions in the Army.. No problems. The Veff serrations smaller finer points have since worn down after years of use/abuse but I purchased this looking for a cheap and hefty tool that would take a beating. I'd say CRKT has done just that with this bad boy. I make a point to carry this with me anywhere I go while in uniform, and it's comfortable with an ease of use that's unmatched by any other knife I've had in the passed. This, along with the M16 have sold me on the CRKT brand. Cheap only in price, but not quality and reliability. Bought another yesterday for the wife to carry around out here, since she's been without any blade other than a standard issue multitool. I simply cannot allow THAT. She gets what I trust and rely on. Best value, still on Amazon!"

"Awesome knife. Very sharp. Cuts through cardboard boxes like nobody's business. I love the safety locking mechanism which prevents the knife from accidentally closing, and the G10 handle has good grip."

YouTube Videos

The following video is a review of the Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Knife

The following video is another review of the Columbia River Knife and Tool's M21-14SFG Special Forces Knife


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