Best Book For Anticipating & Dealing With Violence Today And In Doomsday

Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected Is The Best Self Defense Book For Preparing For Violence

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Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected is an excellent book explaining violent situations and how you can prepare and react to them. The book explains the mindset of people with violent intent against others, and how their intended targets can both prepare for and respond to such violence. The book's chapters include: (1) Legal and Ethical implications, (2) Violence Dynamics, (3) Avoidance, (4) Counter-ambush, (5) Breaking the freeze, (6) The fight itself, and (7) The aftermath. Knowing how to react can help to avoid a terrible result. Key points include knowing the legal and emotional implications of your reaction, plus avoiding violent situations or knowing how to possibly de-escalate them verbally. Most people freeze almost universally in a sudden violent attack. You will learn how to recognize a freeze and break out of it quickly.

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Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected is an essential book in my opinion to understand how and when to react when faced with violence. It is valuable if you conceal carry a firearm to understand what to do if you encounter an attacker that has a knife or other weapon or if they have no weapon.

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"Learn what causes human violence, the signs of it, why you WILL freeze and how to get out of it quickly!"

"Eye-opening! I now have a better idea what to watch for and where human violence might come from, how it develops and what glitches to expect in my own reaction (freezes). A highly-recommended book!"

"This book has a wealth of sound practical advice. Its about understanding the causes and types of violence, and learning to avoid them or defuse them and where necessary protect yourself."

"Great explanation of the messiness of violence and self defense. Coming to an understanding of the legal and emotional repercussions is just as important as know when or how to throw a strike. I appreciate especially the viewpoint in the writing that escape is the most important result desired."

"Excellent book explaining violent situations and how you can prepare and react to them. Must read for ccw permit holders in my opinion."

"Rory does a nice job of summarizing the various types of violence and the techniques used by criminals to lure the unsuspecting into their traps ... very illuminating stuff."

"Everyone should read this book....And I really do mean EVERYONE. Not just martial artists or self-defense instructors, although they should DEFINITELY read this book. In fact, anyone who teaches self-defense who doesn't read this book is doing their students a huge, and potentially dangerous, disservice. The material held within is a game changer, and if a martial arts instructor is not covering these seven topics, they need to either (a) figure out a way to incorporate them into their curriculum or (b) remove the phrases "self-defense" and "self-protection" from all of their marketing material...."

"....Anyone, and I mean anyone, who reads this book will gain practical knowledge and easy-to-implement tips and behaviors that will make them MUCH safer. (And to all of you guys out there, get your significant other to read this book. I realize that it might be a hard sell, but it may well be the single most important thing you can do to enhance their safety. Remember, you aren't necessarily going to be around when bad things happen.)"

"Vital information! Miller has enough experience to fill a hundred volumes, yet manages to cut to the heart of the matter in one extraordinary tome. His unique ability to make highly complex subject matter engaging and useful makes this is a book that every serious martial artist should not only own, but refer back to again and again. In it you'll discover that self defense isn't just about fighting. In fact, if your training does not encompass all seven of these areas it is dangerously incomplete....While Meditations on Violence was good, this book is truly great. It contains vital information that everyone must know."

"....What the book does do is to explain why predators attack their victims (status-seeking-show, they want something the victim has, or they relish instilling fear, causing pain, or killing). The book discusses the legal difference between use of force for true self-defense v.s. 'monkey dance' (escalation from insults or argument to a physical fight), and how the D.A., judge, and juries view it. The book also addresses our physical and mental reaction when attacked. For example, there's a freeze reaction, and manual dexterity decreases markedly. I think that explains why a police officer can empty his gun at an attacker at close range without hitting his target once. Finally, the book discusses emotional and legal aftermath for a victim who fought back with deadly force. For those of us whose understanding of personal defense is drawn from television and the movies, this book is a dramatic eye-opener - what the author describes as 'stepping through the looking glass'."

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