How To Tie & Use A Shemagh For Survival

A Shemagh has tremendous value as a survival prep and has numerous ways that it can be tied and used for survival.

The Shemagh Is Perhaps The Most Versatile Survival Prep

A Shemagh has a tremendous amount of versatility as a survival prep and it will not take up much space in your Bug Out Bag. Keep reading and watch the videos below to learn the numerous valuable ways that a Shemagh can be tied and used for survival. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

The Shemagh is probably the most versatile survival prep and will not take up much space in your Bug Out Bag.

Why you might need it

A Shemagh is basically a large bandana with numerous survival applications. A Shemagh can be used as a dust mask, it can keep the sun off of your neck, head and face, and it can be used as a wrap for warmth.

A Shemagh can also be used as a sling, a tourniquet, a potholder, a pad for a hot spot, a dish rag, a wash cloth, a napkin, a pre-water filter, and as an eye patch or ear muffs.

It can be used for cleaning glasses, for wetting and wearing in hot weather, as toilet paper, as a gun wipe cloth & cleaning patches, as a hobo pack, for securing a rock and throwing a line or rope over a tree limb, and for many more uses.

This particular Green and Black Shemagh is a good choice for such a versatile survival item. The listed size is 40" x 42", although some feedback states that this Shemagh is closer to 37" x 40".

We list 33 survival applications for a Shemagh which is basically a large bandana with numerous uses.

How To Tie A Shemagh

Here are 8 steps on how to tie a Shemagh as a head wrap, face veil and scarf.

Added Tip

A Shemagh is so versatile and such a must have item for survival, that we recommend you keep several Shemaghs in your backpack for hiking, in your Bug Out Bag and at your Bug In location.

Shemaghs are notorious for not being colorfast. It is recommended that you let them soak and wring them out in warm water several times until the dye does not bleed. Watch the videos below to see how to tie a Shemagh using multiple methods.

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A Shemagh can provide great camouflage for gun fighting, snipers and doomsday survival.

YouTube Videos

The following video shows you how to tie a Shemagh using multiple methods.

The following video shows you the top 10 reasons to carry a Shemagh while hiking.

The following video reviews the survival uses for a Shemagh.

The following video reviews the uses for a survival bandana many of which are applicable for Shemaghs.

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Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Very good quality. Way better than I expected for that price."

"Multifunction head wrap it's a sling, filter, scarf, bandage, knapsack, you get the picture...."

"This is an all around great purchase. ***WORD OF CAUTION*** Please be careful how you wash it. It will shrink in the laundry. The size it shrinks to is manageable, but smaller than the original size. It can be stretched out slightly, but if you have to wash it do it with soapy water in sink and let it air dry out of the sun."

"Great product..!!! Thanks! After a warm rinse to remove the excess dye and starch or whatever is in them to make it breath better, it still has its deep color and worth the few dollars spent. Very pleased with this shemagh. Never had one before and now I have three to add to my survival packs...."

"The shemagh is priced right and of decent quality. I washed it in cold water 3 or 4 times to remove the excess dye, line dried it, and I'm good to go! The only issue I have is it's size..... it's not 44X44 but more like 37X40, but that's not a deal breaker for me as none of my other shemaghs are exact size either. So far I'm pleased with it."

"These shemaghs are great and an absolute steal, but some friendly advice: before you use, soak w/warm H20 in a bucket or something that you don't care about stains, for 20 mins, wring out, repeat 3x. Whatever dye process they use is not very color fast, but that's OK as I bought the OD and it has now faded from a very dark (nearly black) green to a lighter, more versatile color. Similar to Army ACUs. In fact the shemagh goes great with my ACUs, and almost looks Army issue. I even machine washed one of mine in a delicate garment bag (with my ACUs) and now it feels like it's cashmere it's so soft...."

"....Now that I have one, I can see why the design is so ingenious. It's really what you want it to be. Warming, cooling, dust shield, protection, emergency compression wrap, breaks up your outline, TOTALLY changes your head shape, has enough length that it won't come off during's really just awesome. I carry it now every day in my pack. Yes, I still have a buff in there too...but the Shemagh is handy if I need it and want it...and I find myself using it more and more in the last months since I bought it."

"....About the Shemagh's themselves, these are VERY good quality. After watching a couple videos on YouTube on how to tie a Shemagh, I can easily and quickly put one on before heading out into the below freezing weather we now have here in Central Illinois...."

"How to set the color and stop it from bleeding....Get about a half of a cup of vinegar and a cup of salt. Mix that with about 3/4 a gallon of water in a bucket or something. Unfold the shemagh and give it a good 45 minute to an hour of soaking in the mix. This will set the dye. Rinse about 4-5 times until the water is generally clear. Lay flat to dry. If you're confused find a YouTube video about setting colors."

A Shemagh can provide full neck, face and head protection against the sun, wind, cold and bugs.

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