Best 1 To 4 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent For Camping & Survival

Outrav 1 To 4 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent

Outrav is a good quality 1 to 4 person instant pop up tent for camping, survival & Doomsday preppers.

Outrav has the best low cost quality 1 to 4 person tent for camping, survival & Doomsday preppers.

Choose between a 1 to 2 person or 3 to 4 person tent that pitches in 1 minute.

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This super fast pitching tent is a low cost 1 to 4 person light weight waterproof fiberglass pole instant dome tent that can be pitched in 1 minute. Only weighs 5 lbs.

Why you might need it

In a survival situation, you typically need as much protection from the weather as possible, and a tent is ideal when you want to set up camp. This tent is waterproof, the zippers all work well, and the ventilation is excellent.. It withstands wind very well, and has a stuff sack.

The 1-2 people tent stands 43” at tallest point & measures 83" x 59".

The 3-4 people tent stands 53” at its tallest point & measures 83" x 94.5".

The Outrav 1 To 4 Person Light Weight Instant Dome Camping Tent is a low cost waterproof perfect for backpacking & hiking.

The Outrav 1 to 4 Person Light Weight Pole Backpacking Tent can be assembled quickly and is an enhanced Pop up Tent. It has an Automatic Hydraulic System that can be pitched in only one minute. It is an instant dome tent featuring a revolutionary design. Sturdy fiberglass poles are pre-attached to the tent and ultra light construction makes pitching the tent effortless.

The Outrav 1 to 4 Person Lightweight Pole Backpacking Pop Up Tent has an automatic hydraulic system easily pitched in only one minute.

This tent is very stable in the wind and in bad weather and features a bug-free interior. The 210D OXFORD polyester rainfly is waterproof. The tent is very sturdy, rain proof, has two-way zippers, a lamp hook, and the windows allow a nice breeze.

The Outrav 1 To 4 Person Tent is lightweight with a waterproof 210D rainfly and is perfect for backpacking, camping & survival.

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YouTube video demonstration of an automatic hydraulic system essentially the same as the Outrav tents.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

(1 - 2 Person) "I bought this to go for a camping with my friends last friday. As expected this came on time and the package was handled very nicely. Btw this was my first camping and I have never bought a camping tent by myself. I knew it was quite hard for the beginners to set up a camping tent. And then one of my friend suggested me to buy a automatic pop up camping tent, where I encountered this on amazon. I am quite happy with what I got for the price I spent. The quality of the product is very good. And the best thing I liked about this is the way I can set it up. My friends took a while to set up their tents but mine was very easy. And The one i ordered was designed for 1-2 peope, and as said me and my friend could fit in there perfectly. And one more good thing about this product is the weight. This is very light weight and is easy for one to take it while you are on s hike and plan to stay for a night. Also they give a nice bag to carry your camping tent."

(1 - 2 Person) "I bought this to start camping, and it's met all my desires. The quality of the materials and construction is good. It's a bit big, but nothing you can't carry to the campsite. I wouldn't do a daylong hike with it if I was by myself, but perhaps if 4 people were sharing the load of supplies, this tent would be fine in a hiking pack. The campsites are closed right now so I only camped out in my back yard. The tent folds out, and you simply unfold the hinges. It erects itself. And to put it away, you pull the hinges and wrap it up. There's nothing to put together. I've owned a half dozen tents, and I will not miss threading poles."

(1 - 2 Person) "Nice little tent with everything stored together that goes into a nice little carrying bag. It took a minimal amount of effort to put up and was surprisingly light. Granted, this is a bit on the smaller side and honestly, I think this is best for 2 people max. You can squeeze 4 people into this, but when I go camping I like to have a little space in my tents. Easy for a single person to put up without having to really go anywhere. Zips up cleanly I really like the design. I'm just worried about some of the joints breaking if I were to use this in colder weather."

(1 - 2 Person) "This pop up tent is a great deal! I put a self-inflating queen size mattress on the inside of it, and it comfortably slept three of us for three days!"

(3 - 4 Person) "I love the fact that you can easily setup this camping tent in a matter of seconds. It's also fairly lightweight so you can take it as a backpacking tent as well. It doubles as a sunshade when you remove the inner tent which makes it perfect for the beach or a picnic. Very spacious and roomy inside, plus well ventilated."

(3 - 4 Person) "I have been looking for a tent for a couple weeks and decided to purchase this. I went with this tent because reviews stated it was easy to setup and had plenty of room. Once I tested it out indoors, it was indeed spacious and set up time only took a few minutes. So far I am glad with the purchase and will test this out for outdoor camping and the beach."

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