Link Share Request Instructions


TopSurvivalPreps desires to collaborate with other quality prepper and survival web sites to see how we can improve prepping and survival by combining / linking related sites that are helpful to the prepper and survival community.

If you have a prepping or survival web page, blog, or forum, and would like for us to consider exchanging links or banners with your site, please do the following:

1. Contact us by filling out this Contact Us form and provide your web site URL, name, email address and desire to exchange links with our site.

Note: In general we will not respond to contact requests that are not from other prepper or survival web site owners. Our Contact Us form is intended only to contact us for link exchanges or if another prepper/survival site owner has other collaboration requests/ideas. When we are contacted, unless we already know you, we will typically go to the prepper/survival site URL that is provided to us, and if we are interested, we will contact the site owner from the contact information listed on that site to validate the request. This eliminates all of the SPAM type contacts that we have encountered in the past such as where the contact purpose was a "fake" question, etc. with the sole purpose of acquiring our email address so that they can send future unwanted emails or sell our email address for SPAM purposes.

2. If we agree to exchange links we will let you know. There is a good chance that we will agree to exchange links with your site as long as we believe it will be beneficial to do so for both of our sites We do desire to link to beneficial prepping and survival blogs and sites, but we would not agree for example to link to an Amazon A-store that anyone can build a complete site like one of those in 10 minutes.

3. If we both agree to a link exchange, then we can agree to just exchange text links, or more preferable banner links. So if you have a banner such as one of ours below, you can send your image and preferred URL to share on our page. This would be in return for posting our link and image on your site.

Below are examples of our 468 x 60, 300 x 300, and 200 x 200 banners. The Bass Pro Shops banner shown on our "Links" page is 250 x 159. Any of these banner sizes are okay to exchange or we can agree to exchange other sized banners.