Best Army Can Opener For Camping, Back Country Survival & Doomsday Preppers

P-38 Can Opener & P-51 Can Opener

The P-38 & P-51 army can openers are inexpensive, small and perfect for camping, emergency survival & Doomsday prepping.

Best Inexpensive Small Can Opener For Camping, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

This very inexpensive item is one of the army's greatest very small survival tools. The blades swing out and then fold back in after use. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

The P-38 & P-51 can openers are one of those tools you keep and never want to get rid of. These great survival tools have been around since the days of WWII. Yet, they still remain the un-matched never fail hand utensil that get you into your grub faster than you could imagine possible.

These small lightweight camping and survival wonders can fit anywhere into your pockets or pack and leave plenty of room for your other items. The P-38 and it's larger counterpart, the P-51 makes a great can opener, cutting edge, screw driver, finger nail cleaner, groove cleaner, and more.

YouTube Videos

The following video is a review and demo of the P-38 & P-51 Can Openers.

The following video is another review and demo of the P-38 & P-51 Can Openers.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"Perfect just like in the army. I recommend."

"Best thing ever invented by the Army."

"Excellent additions to my survival gear. High quality and easy to use."

"Genuine Shelby Co. P38 and P51 from Survivalist USA. Tested both of them as soon as I received them. Both work well, and seem about as high quality as a couple pieces of metal can be."

"These things are a must have for a 72 hour kit, vacationing, camping, trucking etc. They work almost as well as hand held can openers yet te room they take up is nominal."

"One of the world's few really useful inventions. These are absolutely awesome. i got them for backpacking, but now they are my preferred can openers at home too! I looked up a "how-to" video on youtube. These can openers are incredibly simple and easy to use, and *better* than any other manual can opener i've used, cheap or expensive because there are no "skips" that can be so aggravating (especially these days with cans being made from cheaper, thinner materials - sometimes i can barely get the ends of generics). I love that they are made in the u.s., and i love the absolute simplicity and efficiency of the design. Might be strong words of praise for a can opener, but hey, it's a device i use every day that is both effective and elegant, and those are the things that make me happy. especially after years of small but frequent annoyance over ones that don't work well."

"So i ordered these because not only was it the cheapest i could find on amazon but they said they were the real deal and not some foreign knock off so i gave them a try. i have the p38 which is the smaller one on my keys and you hardly can tell its there. the p58 the larger version i keep in my backpack just in case. i opened a can with them today and i was surprised how easy it was to open it with these. i have only had for a short time but they seem durable, i tried to bend one and i couldn't do it. looking to get a long life out of this product, and at this cost who can complain."

"Mine is from 1944. It's been on my key ring for many years. There are no sharp edge remaining on the outside and it's worn smooth. I don't know what they made these things of, but it still works perfect. Once you learn how to use one, you never forget, and it only takes about twice the time to open a can with one of these as a hand crank opener. For those whiners that can't figure out how to use it or it hurts their fingers, I have a little piece of advice for you, sign up with your local recruiter. As a civilian, about the last thing you will use this thing for is opening a can. You use for prying open battery compartments to replace batteries, cutting tape on boxes, cutting string, as a flat blade screw driver or use a corner as a Phillips head, and scratching the corrosion off something."

"Exactly what I wanted! Works great. Been looking for a real P38 for a while. Got these quickly, are very well made and perfect! A must have for camping."

"These work as expected and seem durable enough. I mostly have them on hand for emergency or if I need to pack a cap opener in small space. You basically work them around the edge of the can so modern can openers would by far do an easier job... but the point of these I think is really emergency and/or the very very compact size."

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Caution & Warning

Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the P-38 & P-51 can opener. The blades on these can openers are sharp and can be dangerous.

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