Best Emergency Blanket For Camping, Hiking, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

Stansport Sportsman's Polarshield Emergency Blanket

The inexpensive Stansport Sportsman's Polarshield is a versatile & warm emergency blanket for camping, hiking, survival & doomsday preppers.

Best Emergency Blanket For Camping, Hiking, Emergencies, Survival & Doomsday Preppers

Emergency blankets should be an essential component of any prepper's medical supplies in a Doomsday survival scenario.

This particular emergency blanket is very tough, durable, versatile, waterproof and light and can help you stay alive and warm in a survival situation. See the description below for how important and versatile this blanket is for survival. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why you might need it

This is a great deal for a really useful survival item. If you are ever in an unexpected emergency, whether this be a Doomsday scenario, car accident or natural disaster, one of your biggest challenges can be staying warm.

If you end up stranded without power for some time and if conditions are cold, an immediate concern will be to maintain your body temperature. This blanket will allow you to retain up to 90% of your body heat, weighs 10 ounces and measures approx. 50" x 82". They are also waterproof and weather proof.

This emergency blanket can be a life saver and is made much better than the cheap disposable emergency blankets. It is made from extremely tough polyester rip-stop material on one side and a highly reflective mylar surface on the other side.

The mylar surface reflects infrared radiation from the sun, trapping it as useful heat. Even if the sun is not out, it will help to contain the warmth within your body so you do not lose precious heat. This technology was developed in the space program to provide maximum warmth with minimum weight.

The Amazing Versatility Of The Stansport Sportsman Polarshield (click to expand)

The Stansport Sportsman Polarshield Emergency Blanket is also very versatile. In addition to a blanket to help keep you warm, it has many other uses including:

  • Sun Shelter

  • Heat reflecting tarp around a campfire

  • Rain water collector

  • Temporary shelter

  • Sling

  • Signaling device (reflects light for miles)

  • Poncho

  • Fishing lures (If you cut some small pieces off, they can be used as a fishing lure since they're so shiny)

  • Pack for carrying supplies

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Added Tip

Keep at least one of these in your car(s), and one in each of your Bug-Out bags. In a Doomsday situation you can use the extra ones in your vehicles since this item is so versatile. Emergency blankets, duct tape, paracord, a shemagh, and a good knife are probably the most versatile survival items. Also consider buying the two Grabber Outdoors emergency blankets below.

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YouTube Videos

The following video shows different uses of an inexpensive mylar emergency blanket. These techniques can be used with any kind of tarp.

The following video shows how to use an emergency blanket on both sides of a camp fire and placement of both blankets relative to the fire, your replacement firewood, and you.

The following video shows some of the downfalls of the inexpensive emergency space blankets. That is why we recommend you have some of the higher quality emergency blankets like the one pictured above (in addition to the inexpensive blankets if you also want those).

The following video shows the Grabber Outdoors (hooded model) being used as a "lean to" tent.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"This is the best Emergency Blanket on the market for an affordable price. It doesn't pack as small, but it rolls up with my self-inflating camp pad, so it essentially takes up no room in my gear pack. I used it in 29°-F weather, wrapped around the pad with a fleece layer in between me and the Stansport Sportsman's Polarshield Emergency Blanket, used a 55°-F sleeping bag, and stayed warm all night long. This holds up to heavy use. I've went threw half dozen or more of the thin Space Blankets, with this you won't be doing that. The quilted layers and nylon holds up to about anything...."

"This is probably one of my best purchases for my Bug Out Bag. High quality and doesn't seem like the cheesy cheap emergency blanket. Carry daily in Bug Out Bag."

"Perfect for camping gear. Durable enough to give you confidence in use and reuse and thin/light enough to be worth packing. It is a quilted foil/canvas blanket, reflective on one side and red on the other with sturdy grommets in the corners that can be used to hang it and reflect a fire's warmth at your back or down towards you if laying down."

"This emergency blanket is very robust - nothing like the space blankets we are familiar with. The reflective side is VERY reflective unlike some that look matte. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the grommets. Would prefer loop sown onto the blanket - grommets have already ripped for me, but I was also using it a bit unorthodox (as a reflector under my hammock). Get it and you'll be happy."

"Yes this is good for sleeping at home. I used to run the electric blanket with the poor insulation in my building in NYC, and those electric bills add up. with this, I clip it in between the sheets and top blanket (it's very slippery, your blankets will fall right off if you don't), and go through the whole night with my body heat, actually feeling better, more naturally warm, rather than with the blanket. I haven't turned on my electric blanket the past week since I received it. highly recommended as way to save on your bills...."

"Product is well made and appears to be very durable. However, dimensions are not as listed in the 'Q&A' section above. I ordered two and both are 48"x82". This is smaller than expected. Otherwise fine."

"Nice and thick can be used several times very light weight and can use under my bivy to stay extra warm and dry..."

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