Best Book For Safe Places To Live In North America To Survive Doomsday

Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places Is The Best Book For Safe Places To Live In North America To Survive Doomsday.

#1 Book For Best Survival Locations

Strategic Relocation is hands down the best book on safe places to live in North America to survive localized threats, regional disasters or even the collapse of society for any reason. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places - 4th Edition Paperback - January 2020

The authors Joel M Skousen & Andrew Skousen are uniquely qualified experts on this topic as noted below. Keep reading to learn why this is likely the most important book that you'll ever read if you want to be in a better position to survive wide scale threats in today's society.

This book is an amazing encyclopedia full of color maps, data and concisely organized text and charts on where the safe places are in the United States based on a myriad of different threats highlighted in this book. The book also goes into a fair amount of detail on the only few safe places to live around the world.

See How Your State Ranks For Long Term Survival

Map Of States - Where Does Your State Rank For Long Term Survival?

When a Doomsday type of event happens, real estate agents' popular saying "Location, location, location!!!" could never be more important, but for a different reason - not for property value but instead for safety.

You will not find a better more valuable book on the topic of Strategic Relocation. But do not take our word on it. After our review below of Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places, we included over a dozen of the many incredible Amazon feedback that we took from the 3rd and current 4th editions of this book.

We consider this book to be "priceless". You may only get one chance to relocate strategically, and any error in that regard could be fatal.

Learn Where All Nuclear Targets Are In The US And How To Avoid Their Fallout

Nuclear Explosion & Cloud - Learn Where All Nuclear Targets Are In The US And How To Avoid Their Fallout

Why You Should Be Planning For Strategic Relocation

By now, you should be convinced that it is becoming progressively less safe in many places and cities in North America and around the world. Let's face it. America is under attack and there is a concerted effort to destroy our country both from within and from dangerous countries such as China and Russia. These evil forces would love to end our freedoms and push us off a cliff to Armageddon.

Political violence and social unrest are on the rise. Depending on where you live and unless this is stopped, there is a real chance that we are all in danger of widespread lawlessness expanding to our cities and locations.

If Society Collapses Are You Located In One Of The Predicted Migration Routes Of Looters & Unprepared Citizens?

Six of Many US Cities Under Attack From Rioting & Looting - If Society Collapses Are You Located In One Of The Predicted Migration Routes Of Looters & Unprepared Citizens?

Many experienced preppers and survivalists have a bug-out location and plan, they stockpile emergency supplies, they learn bush craft survival techniques, they buy firearms to protect themselves, and they train. However, most preppers do not give enough attention to the most important "prep" and that is the strategic location of their home and/or bug-out location. Furthermore, if they are bugging out, they might not have the knowledge to assess all of the evacuation routes and determine the safest routes to get there.

You can have what you think is the perfect bug-out location, the perfect set of emergency survival food, water, and other Doomsday prepping supplies and weapons. However, since you are not really in a safe enough location, you are likely unprepared for an overwhelming invasion by attackers who are going take all of your stuff and possibly injure or kill you and anyone else in their path.

Having military or police training plus an arsenal of firearms along with several of your combat ready and hunting friends could give you the false sense of security that you are safe. There's a great chance that you are still not going to survive if your location is either too close to an urban area or it is too close to a highway or secondary road that will inevitably experience a massive herd of refugees (i.e, Americans) passing through it that are desperately looking for resources.

Your Firearm Stockpile Will Not Matter If You Are In The Wrong Location After A Doomsday Event

A Room Full Of Firearms - Your Firearm Stockpile Will Not Matter If You Are In The Wrong Location After A Doomsday Event

Once an event triggers a collapse of society, a hoard of unprepared ordinary people plus numerous criminals and thugs will have to fight for survival. It's not going to be peaceful in most areas of the country. Even really good but unprepared people will eventually do whatever it takes to feed and protect their family, and your supplies may tempt them to do bad things.

If you are too friendly and nice, these people will quickly consume all of your supplies. If you do not share, these normally peaceful citizens might turn to violence.

There are also many people just like those you see in the news every day looting, rioting, vandalizing and worse. These people will be armed and they will feel entitled to take everything you have. Many are already filled with hate and they will not think twice about killing you and anyone else if there is no civilized society and police force. They won't lose any sleep while sleeping in your bed consuming and taking everything you own until they decide to move on to their next victims.

Large militias, gangs of armed individuals, small groups and single armed individuals will collectively overwhelm urban areas. This will spread to the suburbs and eventually to rural areas as they loot every home and building within 5 to 7 miles from every main and secondary road. This migration will expand as resources are exhausted.

It will be a war zone and you will not want to be in their projected migration paths which are revealed by Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places.

Will You Be In A Location To Avoid Conflicts With Armed Militias After SHTF?

Armed Militia With Rifles - Will You Be In A Location To Avoid Conflicts With Armed Militias After SHTF?

Even if you are somewhat hidden and very well prepared, if you are in the wrong location your resources and other people's resources will eventually exhaust causing more movement of desperate hungry "zombies" that also happen to be armed.

There are many existing and ex military and police who also live in the wrong locations and are not prepared except for weapons and training. In a chaotic collapse of society, you can only assume that most will do whatever it takes to keep their families alive and that may include coming after you. They know how to use reconnaissance to scope out your location for a well planned attack. Your safest option is to strategically relocate to reduce your risk of encountering almost certain death.

As more and more people come to take your stuff, you and your armed network might kill or repel a lot of "zombies", but eventually you are not going to survive if you have not relocated to the safer areas in the country where you at least have a fighting chance. One by one or all at once, you and your network will be killed.

Perhaps your bug-out location or bug-in home seems to be in the perfect geographic location. Perhaps it's totally hidden by a forest on the side of a mountain 10 miles off of any secondary roads. This is still not a good location if it is too close to a volcano, nuclear plant, or military target, or if it is in the normal "downwind" path from where nuclear radiation would likely blow in the atmosphere.

Perhaps your ideal location is in an earthquake zone. Did you know that your buildings could still be relatively safe in an earthquake zone as long as you consider the soil type and water table depth? A simple relocation in the same general area could greatly reduce your exposure to earthquake risks. Read this book to learn how.

Learn Where To Build In An Earthquake Zone To Minimize Risk Of Building Damage

Home Destroyed By Earthquake - Learn Where To Build In An Earthquake Zone To Minimize Risk Of Building Damage

Another issue might be that your "ideal" location is in a state that has more government corruption or political risks for your second amendment, alternative medicine, home schooling and other rights. You probably don't think about those risks, but this book takes those into account.

Perhaps your dream location is taxed too heavily, it has a higher population density than you realized, or it has building code permit requirements that will prevent you from building an appropriate shelter on your property. You could prepare more efficiently in other states and locations.

Poor water availability, water contaminants, soil productivity for food production, the climate and rain patterns should all be taken into account. Some areas have plenty of resources but have really uncomfortable weather, more bugs or disease to suit your particular needs.

Learn Where Food Production Is Good Or Bad In The United States

Shriveled Up Crops - Learn Where Food Production Is Good Or Bad In The United States

If you are in too urban of an area and are planning to bug out to a better location, do you live on the correct side of the city that would allow you take safer back roads in your retreat to escape the city? Do you even know the strategies when evaluating which roadways are at higher risk for traffic jams that could be on your currently planned bug-out route?

As you can see, strategic relocation to a permanent site or bug-out location is really complex. If safety is a priority to you, the most important decision you can make is to start planning now on permanent relocation and/or a bug-out plan to get the hell out of dodge to the safest place possible before it is too late.

You may not be able to move now, but you can at least start learning and planning for the future, plus this book provides some risk mitigation techniques.

Will Your Bug-Out Retreat Path Work Or Is It A Death Trap?

Husband & Wife Trying To Flee City On Highway With Their Shopping Cart Full Of Supplies - Will Your Bug-Out Retreat Path Work Or Is It A Death Trap?

If you want to take all of the threat factors into account, you could spend countless hours trying to compile this information when it is already all concisely compiled and organized in the Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places book, by the real experts on this subject that have the background, experience and insight that no one else has.

This book is an absolute bargain.

About The Authors + What Makes Strategic Relocation Such A Great Resource

Joel Skousen is the best expert in Strategic Relocation, period. No one else has his experiences and this makes him uniquely qualified over all others to analyze all threats (both obvious and hidden) and how they relate to where you live in North America or anywhere abroad.

Joel Skousen, Author Of Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places

Joel was a United States Marine Corps fighter pilot during the Vietnam Era. During the 1980′s he served as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington DC. and concurrently served as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest.

Joel is an expert in world politics, government conspiracies, cultural conflicts, economic and financial market threats, political threats, world "hotspots" to avoid, domestic and foreign Globalists politics, and Russian and Chinese ambitions.

Joel has insight about what is really going on in the world and the evil forces that exist that the average citizen has no clue about through no fault of their own. Joel is such an expert on World Affairs that he became the founder and chief editor of World Affairs Brief, a weekly news-analysis service.

Joel is an expert at continually "reading" what is going on behind the scenes in the United States and around the world that create threats to society. Joel stays on top of these threats constantly with his network of other American patriots and he notifies his followers through his weekly World Affairs Brief.

Andrew Skousen Co-Authored Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places

Andrew Skousen Co-Authored Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places

Coincident with his government work, Joel began a consultation service to help people strategically relocate to safer places, designing their high security homes and bug-out retreats, developing their evacuation and bug-out plans.

Before Google Maps launched in 2005, Joel had already flown his own airplane all over the United States and in other countries for more than two decades scoping out terrain, resources, etc. to determine the best safe places to live as he advised his numerous clients. No one else has Joel's perspective.

For the last 40 plus years Joel has ran his consultation service and has brought his son Andrew Skousen on board who is Civil/Structural Engineer. Andrew has absorbed a ton of knowledge from Joel and is most likely now the only other person on the planet with Joel's extraordinary knowledge.

This includes Joel's strategic relocation knowledge plus expertise in high security architectural design of hardened homes and safe rooms. These often include systems such as fallout shelters, safe rooms, backup solar power, generators, HEPA air filtration systems, fuel storage, high-security doors, wood heat and customized security spaces.

Strategic Relocation - Back Cover - Authors Joel Skousen & Andrew Skousen

Strategic Relocation - Back Cover - Authors Joel Skousen & Andrew Skousen

One architectural design aspect that Joel and Andrew both believe in is that they will not design any structure which actually looks like a fortress from the outside. This would only put a target on your home and decrease your survival chances. Their designs are hidden within and/or below your normal looking house. Your house will look just like everyone else's ordinary homes from the outside.

Also, if you are considering a fallout shelter, Joel and Andrew are going to tell you it is much better to dig out your garage floor or adapt your existing basement with a safe room (or rooms) that have ventilation and other systems in your walls which also baffle sound. It's much better to drive your vehicle into your garage in advance unloading your supplies into your shelter totally out of view from prying eyes.

This is preferred instead of a building a buried tank shelter (without a building on top) that is dug into the ground where others can potentially see you entering and exiting with supplies, and they can also hear you since buried tank shelters have no walls insulating and hiding the ventilation pipes. You might as well have a megaphone as you will be heard.

Joel Skousen is also an expert in constitutional law and has authored books on home security, law, and government. Joel's latest two books include Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home.

The Secure Home is a massive 700 page book that covers everything in preparedness and includes how to build or remodel your own home or bug-out location with systems and protection against threats including weather threats, home invasion, burglary, fire, loss of power grid and communications, nuclear and biological war, radioactive fallout and more.

Joel Skousen's The Secure Home Book Is A Top Notch Book On Preparedness And How To Fortify Your Home

Joel Skousen Holding Up His Book “The Secure Home” - A Top Notch Book On Preparedness And How To Fortify Your Home

These two books collectively help people plan and implement a relocation to safer areas and become better prepared to survive. The Strategic Relocation book will tell you where the safest places are to live, while The Secure Home will tell you everything about being prepared.

Another great book that Joel authored is The High Security Shelter - How to Implement a Multi-Purpose Safe Room in the Home. This book is a subset of The Secure Home and is the solution that would work for most people. It shows you how to plan out, build and outfit a high security shelter or fortified closet within an existing house to guard against a host of threats including from fire, burglary, weather, radioactivity from nuclear fallout, long periods without utilities or modern communications, and violence from social unrest.

In addition, Joel and Andrew are still available to consult privately with individuals for architectural design of high security residences and retreats, and to develop contingency plans for emergency situations. Joel's main web site is and it has links that include his contact information and other important links such as to his World Affairs Brief.

You Can Create A Multi Purpose Safe Room In Your Existing Home

The High Security Shelter - How to Implement a Multi-Purpose Safe Room in the Home shows you how to create a multi purpose safe room in your existing home

More About Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places

The latest version of Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places is the 4th Edition which was updated in January 2020 with new and updated tables, maps and analysis. All of the charts and data were updated to current time. This book is large for a paperback book and measures approximately 11" wide x 8-1/2" tall by 7/8" thick. The book has 348 pages and it is jam packed with text, charts and maps.

This book puts a spotlight on future threats against society including those that many folks are totally unaware of, or for some reason decide to ignore. Society is actually pretty fragile if you think about it. Civilized society has a lot of things that you take for granted such as commercial AC power, public water, cell service, sewer, natural gas, your jobs, transportation, police protection, fire departments, banks with your accounts, investments, pensions, etc.

All of the things you take for granted could all suddenly be lost due to a host of threats including but not limited to a major natural disaster, a nuclear war, a worse pandemic than Covid-19, a financial collapse, a nuclear, chemical or biological terrorist attack. To make matters worse there are powerful, wealthy evil forces both domestic and abroad that would love to see such a Doomsday event to advance their quest for worldwide global power.

Threats Exist From Biological, Nuclear, and Chemical Warfare

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatens biological, nuclear and chemical warfare

Once public services and utilities stop, then most communications, police & fire department services, transportation of gasoline, food, and all other goods will come to an end. Within a day, chaos would erupt and expand exponentially over the ensuing days. All major roads and highways would be blocked from broken down vehicles.

The Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places discusses all of these threats plus will open your eyes to Global conspiracy theories and what the Russians & Chinese are likely going to do. Joel has the background and knowledge to know about the evil going on behind the scenes and how to monitor it like no normal citizens are capable of doing. Joel makes a convincing case what he is saying and we agree with him wholeheartedly.

Whether or not you agree with any conspiracy theory of global takeover, if you believe that society could collapse for any other reason, then the real meat of this book is still very valuable to you, and that is where are the safest places to be when SHTF.

Sample Map Of US Region and Yellow Outlined Recommended Areas (Hard To See In This Picture But Easy To See In The Book)

Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places - Sample Map Of US Region and Yellow Outlined Recommended Areas

In the current 2020 4th Edition of this book, every country and state review has been updated for the continuing political and demographic changes, including political overreach & response to recent events such as the exaggerated Covid 19 pandemic.

This book will show you how to create your own customized strategy for a permanent relocation or bug-out plan based on taking into account every threat that exists in each state. If you cannot permanently relocate to eliminate certain threats, the book explains how you can mitigate and reduce threats.

The book makes it easy to compare regions, states, and specific locations within states with both summarized data, charted data, text and maps in an easy to read format for all of the different categories of important capabilities and threats.

Sample State Map

Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places - Sample State Map

These factors at the state level include an overall state rating, climate, population density, cost of living index, private land availability, high level building permit requirements, land and urban planning, soil and rain (food production), water availability and pollution, traffic, politics, taxes, government corruption, crime, personal liberty, gun liberty, alternative medicine & home schooling, military targets, nuclear power plant and oil reserve sites. You will never find this kind of data all concise in one book.

Also included are color maps for each region in the United States showing population density, recommended areas, and nuclear targets. At a glance you can see where in each region and state are the best general retreat (safer) areas.

There are also color maps for each state that show the terrain, more detailed nuclear primary and secondary targets with a 10 mile outer ring, federal lands, Indian reservations, private lands that also point out all of the national forests and national wildlife refuges.

Note: There are many other color and non-color maps (in addition to the two samples above) that provide information on nationwide Natural Disasters, Freedoms & Politics, Climate, Regulation Burden, Population Distribution, Demographics, Homeschooling Restrictions, Sample Exit Plans, and more. Plus there are a lot more sections and chapters that include charts, data and text than the sample picture below.

The book also evaluates the few safest foreign countries that exist.

Detailed State By State Reviews Are Included With Ratings, Charts, Data & Text

Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places - Detailed State By State Reviews Are Included With Ratings, Charts, Data & Text

Check Current Prices & Availability:

  1. Amazon carries the book Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places - 4th Edition, plus other books authored by Joel Skousen.

  2. carries the book Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places - 4th Edition, plus The Secure Home.

  3. InfoWars carries the book Strategic Relocation - North American Guide to Safe Places - 4th Edition, plus other books authored by Joel Skousen.

Strategic Relocation 3rd Edition - Video Book Review

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"The greatest survival resource ever written for strategic relocation. Truly the greatest survival resource for anyone trying to navigate our world before, after or during a chaotic situation. This is the most complete and thorough strategic relocation manual I’ve ever seen and I’m an extremely well trained survivalist. Brilliant brilliant brilliant book! You MUST own this!"

"...An excellent piece of work that EVERY AMERICAN should own. I already am convinced it will save thousands upon thousands of lives for those who are smart enough to purchase it, and listen to Joel's suggestions. !!!"

"This is a must have! This book is like no other and is so in depth it baffles the mind how anyone could put so much very valuable information together in a well thought out, easy to understand, easy to navigate text. Worth every penny & more! Absolutely outstanding! Thank you!"

"A Necessity for Survival. The amount of research and work that went into this book is intense. A user friendly way to understand your options and navigate your situation. Every family or individual should have 'Strategic Relocation North America'."

"This book is wonderful. It is probably the only book of it's kind and I have recommended it to many of my friends. Skousen gives information on laws, politics, freedom, etc. so you can decide where to live or move to. It doesn't stop there as he also adds population and roadways along with how close to be to cities, etc. Lots of information and an excellent read."

"This book is worth more than $4,000 dollar in research and info. $40 seemed steep at first, but afterwards I realized it's like its free compared to how this can save you from years, yes literally years of research!"

"If you're considering relocation, this is a must read. Excellent read. Thought provoking. The amount of research done and compiled into this book is staggering."

" As good as it gets...Comprehensive. This book is no joke. Full of data, charts and highly organized. Buy it. It will prepare you, and you won't regret it."

"Great Information. This book is well researched and contains an abundance of helpful information. I recommend it."

"Many maps with overlaid data. A great set of maps and data of interest to preppers, off gridders and anyone that wants to buy land."

"This book is packed with an incredible amount of information, the amount of research that went into writing this must have taken some time. When I ordered this I didn't realize this is a worldwide analysis of every country not just the USA. This is invaluable if your thinking about moving out of country or even considering living there for a period of time. You end up with a idea of everything from the political, legal, and tax considerations to climate and all the details necessary to live there. In the USA you get a state by state view and what to expect..."

"This was an interesting read to say the least. Much of the information has lead me to start thinking more in-depth about my surroundings and about the world. Some of the author's opinions are surprising and will get you to consider a point of view you may never have experienced. The book brings together important information and gives resources for you to investigate as you contemplate your future..."

"If you ever wondered where the former Soviet Union and People's Republic of China were aiming their strategic nuclear weapons, you have your answer. Although that's not the intent, that's the result. You don't have to be a "Prepper" to understand that in case of large scale disaster (man-made or natural) --- if a move is required, there aren't a lot of options in terms of either route of egress or destination..."

"Great book! I can now see why others have recommended it so highly. Skousen does a solid job at outlining the pros/cons of each state and targets specific areas in various locations which would offer the best advantages, and which areas to stay away from. I appreciate the facts provided and the detail analysis..."

Strategic Relocation with Alex Jones and Joel Skousen - Full 2 Hour - 41 Min Movie

Other Resources

1. - Use this site to get population density for every county in the United States. Steps: 1) Go to the URL, 2) Click the link "comparisons by population", 3) Click any state to get population density by county sorted from highest to lowest.

2. - This site includes Joel's books, contact information and other important links.

3. World Affairs Brief - This site includes Joel's commentary and insights on a troubled world. Gain access to the World Affairs Brief, books, articles, and recommended news sources.

4. - Use to find available homes and land. Also, on the map for any property, click the crime icon and zoom out to the state and region level.

5. Property search for land and bug-out locations.


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