Best Dental Tool That Eliminates Plaque & Bacteria Everyday - Sulcabrush

A Sulcabrush Helps To Keep Your Teeth And Gum Line 98% Free Of Plaque And Bacteria

A Sulcabrush is the best dental tool for daily home use and doomsday survival that cleans plaque and bacteria from your gum line.

A Sulcabrush Is The Best Dental Tool For Everyday Use To Reduce Or Eliminate Plaque & Bacteria On Teeth And Along The Gum-Line

A Sulcabrush is an exceptional dental tool to help keep your teeth and gum-line free of plaque and bacteria. For a Doomsday survival situation a Sulcabrush would be our teeth cleaning tool of choice, and is much better than using a twig to clean your teeth in the wilderness or at your Bug-Out or Bug-In location.

Backed by research and clinically proven, the Sulcabrush can assist in the elimination of bleeding gums, which will reduce the risk of harmful bacteria entering the blood stream. This means in addition to improving your oral health, a Sulcabrush can also improve your overall health. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Flossing Is Very Good But Cannot Reach Some Areas That A Sulcabrush Can

A Sulcabrush removes bacteria and plaque and is superior to dental floss in some areas of dental hygiene.

Why you might need it

You really should invest in a Sulcabrush in your everyday life as it basically does what dental floss does, but only better in our opinion because a Sulcabrush can trace and clean just under your entire gum-line and reach places that floss cannot. This is proven in the clinical study below.

Also, in a Doomsday scenario, you will eventually run out of toothpaste and floss likely well before Sulcabrush bristles wear down even a little bit. The Sulcabrush is a very durable brush with hard bristles and does not require toothpaste.

My wife and I have been using a Sulcabrush for over 6 months and our Sulcabrush bristles do not seem like they have worn down at all, and our teeth feel clean everyday just as they do when we leave the dentist office just after getting our teeth cleaned.

This really is an amazing dental tool that a lot of people do not know about. You can really scrub off plaque above your gum line especially on the inside front top and bottom, much better than a toothbrush.

The Sulcabrush Is 98% Effective In Removing Plaque And Reducing Gingivitis

Clinically proven and backed by research, the sulcabrush is 98% effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis.

Clinical Study Comparing Sulcabrush To Unwaxed Dental Floss (click to expand)

Studies supporting the efficacy of the Sulcabrush® have been performed by: Columbia University, University at Buffalo, Indiana University

Comparative Study of Sulcabrush® vs. Floss on PI and GI.

Dr. A. Zakarian, Dr. L. M. Steinberg, Dr. F. Odusola and Dr. I. D. Mandel Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Department of Periodontics, New York, NY, USA.

This study sought to determine the usefulness of a new interdental brush in reducing dental plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation. Thirty adult subjects were followed for three consecutive 30 day periods. Examinations were conducted at baseline 30, 60 and 90 days and gingival and plaque indices were scored. In the first thirty day period 15 subjects used the Sulcabrush® once daily and a soft bristle toothbrush as their routine while the other 15 subjects used unwaxed dental floss once daily accompanied by routine soft bristle toothbrushing. At the end of 30 days, all subjects were examined and were asked to refrain from sulcabrushing and return to their “everyday oral hygiene routine” for the next 30 days. On day 60, subjects crossed over - those who had sulcabrushed now flossed once daily while those who flossed now sulcabrushed once daily for the final 30 day period. Day 90, all subjects were examined. When the use of Sulcabrush® is compared to floss, it was found that both led to statistically significant reductions in plaque index, although one is not more effective than the other. Both Sulcabrush® and floss led to statistically significant reductions in gingival index. However, the Sulcabrush® effect on gingival index was significantly greater than unwaxed dental floss. This improvement may be due to the ability of the Sulcabrush® to get into areas not accessible to dental floss.

Reprinted from the proceedings of the American Academy of Dental Research AADR Annual Meeting and Exhibition, March 1992, Boston, Massachusetts

Regular & Pocket Sulcabrush With Travel Case On Back Of Package

You can purchase the regular & Pocket Sulcabrush together with a travel pouch to keep your gums healthy.

Watch the videos below to see how to use a Sulcabrush. To use a Sulcabrush, it has two bristles. One end is shaped to clean your teeth on the inside and the other end is designed to clean your teeth on the outside.

You angle the Sulcabrush at a 45% angle to your gum-line, and gently trace the brush around the gum-line and between your teeth to the extent possible. The bristles should flex slightly and go just between your teeth and gums. This is the area just below your gum-line where bacteria, plaque, and calculus like to build up.

Above the gum-line, you can brush harder as long as the brush is not touching your gums. If you develop a lot of plaque on your bottom inside teeth between dental cleanings, the Sulcabrush can keep your teeth really clean of plaque build up. We can personally attest to that.

An added bonus is that the Sulcabrush can help prevent your teeth from staining and even lessen existing stains.

Sulcabrush Shown With Travel Case & Two Extra Tips

A Doomsday prepper will appreciate having a sulcabrush with travel case & two extra tips for their long term dental survival plan.

Back to a Doomsday scenario. We would carry a Sulcabrush over a toothbrush as it will last much longer and can clean better than a toothbrush in our opinion. If you eventually run out of toothpaste or do not have any, you've probably seen on Survivor or Alone where the contestants scrub their teeth with twigs.

But why use a twig when you can buy a few Sulcabrushes as part of your prepper supplies. The Sulcabrush will do what a twig does, only much better and it will last much much longer.

You can also buy a travel case and replacement bristles for a Sulcabrush (see Recommended Accessories below), but we are astounded at how long our Sulcabrush bristles have lasted with almost no deterioration, and we try to use our Sulcabrush twice daily.

Our dental hygienist recommended a Sulcabrush to us and it makes her job a lot easier when she cleans our teeth and we are much happier with clean feeling teeth all the time. The Sulcabrush also comes in a pocket size model (see Other Models below).

Where To Buy

Recommended Accessories

Sulcabrush Tips Last Much Longer Than A Toothbrush In Our Experience

Sulcabrush tips do not wear nearly as fast as a toothbrush and can trace and clean just under your entire gum-line.

The Pocket Sulcabrush With One Extra Tip

The compact Pocket Sulcabrush comes with one extra tip which is great for travel, everyday home use or Doomsday survival.

The Pocket Sulcabrush Stores Spare Tip In The Handle

The Pocket Sulcabrush has an opening on the end of its handle that opens to store the spare tip.

YouTube Videos

The following video shows how to use a Sulcabrush and its benefits.

The following video is a review of the Sulcabrush

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"I have used a Sulcabrush for years after being introduced to it by a dental hygienist. I always get rave revues from my dentist about the health of my gums and the absence of plaque. It doesn't take long to use it, and it is priceless."

"The best all-around tooth care device I have used for the price. Especially useful if you are on the road. I highly recommend using this."

"Works wonders ... get between teeth and all around... Great product!!!"

"It really stimulates my gums."

"I use this daily and love it."

"Well designed for cleaning teeth - there is no substitute."

"This is my second Sulcabrush. My first was given to me by my previous dentist. It is an excellent tool to brush at the gum line. It has one side for top side of teeth, and the other side for the underside. It is very easy to use and only takes a minute to do the job."

"I was having a problem with staining both behind my lower, front teeth and between the front of my lower, front teeth. Even though I would get my teeth cleaned every 6 months and brush fastidiously twice a day, the brown stains would always appear several months before my next cleaning.The staining was from coffee and cigarettes. My dental hygienist recommended the Sulca Brush for the staining, even though that's not it's intended use. It works like a MIRACLE in preventing the staining!! I began using the Sulca Brush right after a cleaning, and I use it every morning. Now,I NEVER get any staining. Now, when I get my teeth cleaned, my hygienist says there isn't much for her to clean. I'm so grateful my hygienist told me about the Sulca Brush for staining, or I never would have known because it's not advertised for stain prevention. I highly recommend this product."

"Excellent for gum health a real plus for dental care."

"I started using a Sulcabrush about a year ago.I think it has improved my oral health care very much. I use this little brush,after I brush my teeth with a traditional tooth brush,solely near the gum line and to get in between my teeth, for that extra clean feeling. Highly recommend this item !"

"I've used the Sulcabrush for several years on the advice of a periodontist, and am very happy with it. My teeth are cleaner, my gums healthier, and my cleanings easier and less frequent (every 6 mos. instead of every 4 mos.). Highly recommended."

"I'm a Registered Dental Hygienist. One of the best little inventions in the dental world--IF you know how to use it properly."

"This brush gets at the gaps between your teeth the way no other brush can. It can also get at the area behind your back teeth. It has definitely helped me avoid cavitites."

"This product works great for me with my braces. with classes all day plus two jobs and a sport it is difficult to brush throughout the day. this product is great when you don't have the opportunity to brush and great to get to all of the hard to reach places the braces create. i use mine everyday and will continue to do so until my braces come off."

"My periodontist "prescribed" the daily use of a sulcabrush and taught me how to use it. The theory is that most of the plaque and teeth-ruining gunk settle at and around the gum line. So between flossing and sulcabrushing, you remove 90% or so of the bad stuff and your regular ol' toothbrush takes care of the rest. My teeth have seriously never felt cleaner. My only gripe is that I did not start using (or even know about) the sulcabrush until last week. My teeth would be in better shape had I started years ago! This should be a part of your daily oral hygiene."

"Best product ever for gumline and between teeth."

"Perfect for braces - they get in between the teeth and braces and gums!"


See the Blog (link immediately below) from for more details from Dr. Ryan Chamberlin including Dental care and emergencies.

Dr. Ryan Chamblin is a trauma surgeon and author of the medical survival books that I highly recommend called Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: First Aid Kit Building and Mini Med School for Preppers and The Prepper Pages. Dr. Chamblin agrees with me that a Sulcabrush is a very helpful prepper dental product.

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