The Deadly Powerful & Accurate Benjamin Pioneer Airbow For Hunting

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Is More Powerful And Shoots Arrows Faster Than Any Crossbow

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has the killing power of an arrow and ease of shooting a rifle like air gun making it highly desirable for hunters and doomsday preppers.

Jaw Dropping, Unbelievable Powerful & Accurate Weapon For Hunting Large Sized Game Including Large Deer & Elk - Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Benjamin has created a completely new category of hunting weapon with the Pioneer Airbow! This hybrid hunting weapon combines the power of a rifle, the stealth of a PCP gun, and the flexibility of a crossbow. The Pioneer Airbow shoots full-sized arrows at a sizzling 450 fps (even faster than a crossbow), and its safer and easier to operate than a traditional crossbow. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow ranks #10 in our Top Ten Best Air Rifles & Pellet Guns list.

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow - Summary


  • Jaw dropping unbelievable power.

  • Bull pup design has a perfect balance when shouldered.

  • Killing power of an arrow and the ease of shooting a rifle-like air gun.

  • Lightweight, short, and maneuverable.

  • Easy to cock and shoot.

  • Accurate and extremely hard hitting. Shoot 2" groups at 50 yards.


  • So powerful, you can ruin arrows if you shoot at targets too close (within 40 yards) as many folks say the arrows are going straight through 12" thick targets at 25 to 30 yards, etc., and are ripping the feathers off of the arrows.

  • Scope is not that great. Most Benjamin Pioneer Airbow owners are replacing the scope with an AR-15 red dot scope and high riser.

  • Depending on what you are hunting, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is not legal for hunting yet in many areas (check your local and state hunting laws and regulations wherever you will hunt or shoot). Also, scroll down below to the section called "Is the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow legal to hunt with?" Crosman has a map where they believe hunting with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is legal to hunt with based on the animal. This is a new category of hunting weapon and may take some time to become legal for hunting. In the meantime, some patient hunters and most Doomsday preppers would love to have the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow to have fun shooting and practicing with this amazing weapon.

Hunting With The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Hunter camouflaged and waiting in his tree stand with his Benjamin Pioneer Airbow ready for a large game animal.

Our Take (click to expand)

Hunters who aren't able to draw a compound bow or cock a crossbow will love the convenience of the Pioneer's trigger mechanism and the ease of using the top-cocking lever. The lever requires only two pounds of cocking force and can be operated with only two fingers. Decocking is just as easy.

Fill the Pioneer Airbow to 3000 psi and enjoy 8 consistent full-power shots. You'll notice that the arrows stabilize quickly and offer an expanded kill range for any game animal you're after. Groups are typically less than 2" at 50 yards and canting the airbow has no affect on its accuracy. And, no complex maintenance is required as with crossbows.

With the cutting diameter of today's broadheads and the power behind this airbow, take this in the field and hunt large game with confidence. The Pioneer Airbow features an all-weather, synthetic black stock with a full Picatinny mounting rail for adding your favorite accessories.

It comes ready to go with three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows featuring nano ceramic Victory ICE coating for increased speed, penetration and easy retrieval, plus field tips. The optics package includes a CenterPoint 6x40mm scope with an MTAG reticle that offers aiming points to 75 yards.

A canted Picatinny base provides an additional 20 MOA of adjustment, and the package rounds out with a custom sling and quick-detach quiver. A Realtree AP camo decal kit is also included so you can decorate the Airbow, or you have the option to leave the decals off and have a solid black air bow.

Hunters and Doomsday Preppers will appreciate the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for hunting animals (where legal to hunt) such as large deer, elk, buffalo, bison, hogs, coyotes, fox, turkeys, javilina, raccoons, & possum.

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow With Included Quick-Detach Quiver Attached & Included Camo Decals Not Applied

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has a bullpup design and is lightweight, short, and maneuverable making it ideal for target shooting, hunting and preppers.

Features (click to expand)


  • Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

  • Includes:

    • 375 grain custom full-sized carbon fiber arrows with field tips, 3 arrows

    • 6x40mm CenterPoint scope with MTAG reticle

    • 20 MOA base

    • Custom sling

    • Gun-mounted, quick-detach quiver system

    • Realtree AP camo decal kit

  • Function Single-shot

  • Precharged pneumatic airbow powered by 3000 psi of compressed air

  • Integrated pressure regulator delivers 8 consistent full power shots at 450 fps

  • Fixed/adj. power - Fixed

  • Ambidextrous top cocking bolt

  • 2 pound cocking force with trigger lever

  • Action - Sidelever

  • Safety - Manual

  • Shot Capacity - 1

  • Free floating barrel with patent-pending stabilizing system ensures precision accuracy

  • Shrouded - Yes

  • Synthetic black stock

  • Picatinny rail system, canted, with additional 20 MOA

  • Bullpup configuration, short 33.5" overall length

  • Front Sight - none

  • Rear Sight - none

  • Scopeable - Yes

Scope Features:

  • 6.2x magnification

  • 40mm objective lens

  • 1" tube, one-piece aluminum construction

  • 2.83" eye relief

  • Field of view 16.8 ft at 100 yards

  • Fingertip turret adjustable

  • Length 13"

  • Weight .97 lb.

Specifications (click to expand)


  • Max Velocity - 450 fps

  • Muzzle Energy - 168 ft/lbs

  • Overall Length - 33.5"

  • Max Shots per Fill - 8

  • Weight - 7.0 lbs

  • Grip Ambidextrious

  • Color - Black

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Arrow 6 Pack (3 Arrows Are Included With Airbow)

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow comes ready to go with three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows for increased speed, penetration and easy retrieval.

Where To Find - Check Availability and Prices at Airgun Depot, Pyramid Air and Amazon.

Recommended Arrows (click to expand)

Check Availability and Prices at Airgun Depot, Pyramid Air and Amazon.

Recommended Accessories (click to expand)

    • Air Venturi 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station, 90 (Pricey, but a tank is hands down the easiest way to refill if you do not want the exercise and delay of using a high quality hand pump such as the Hill Pump MK4)

    • No adapter needed.

    • Electric Air Compressor, Max 4500 PSI (If money is not an issue, you can buy a Carbon Fiber or Scuba tank, along with this Freedom Shoebox , Air Venturi 4500 PSI Air Compressor, plus a normal "shop" air compressor, and you'll be set up to quickly charge your own tanks and PCP air rifles).

Cocking the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Is Really Easy

Hunters and Doomsday Preppers will appreciate the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for hunting large animals, plus it is easy to cock and shoot.

Sample Amazon & Pyramid Air Feedback (click to expand)

"I was shooting 2 inch groups right out of the box and quickly shooting bull's eyes every single time. WOW!!!"

"Unbelievable power so much that you can't even shoot a Target at 30 yards cuz it'll suck the feathers right off of it I end up going through the target I have a yellow jacket it knocks it over every time at 30 yards. Not backyard friendly little loud butt one thing you should know put a laser tip on an arrow cite your scope in then set your target back at 50 yards or otherwise are going to go through a lot of arrows because it pulls the feathers right off when it goes through your target it is super accurate and has so much power should have a Power Wheel on it so you could have 3 settings definitely going to be good on deer could tell you that one shot will definitely drop them if it doesn't tag them right to the ground."

"Light weight, maneuverable, easy to cock and shoot, fairly accurate, hard hitting...descent first try. I replaced the scope with a red dot sight with a riser and it is much better, imho."

"I used a "Sightmark" Laser-tipped broad head, and after dialing my R/G Dot scope, first shot was in the Black! I took it out already, and used "Bludgeon" Small-Game Broad Heads, with the same amount of accuracy as a Field Point, or your Favorite Broad Head, which in my case was the "Muzzy" 4 blade. My first practice shot went straight through my Arrow Bag/Stop, my backstop, and 6" through my 1" pine board fence!!! All from 55 ft! The "Power" on this is Incredible! At least If I hit a Deer with it this year, I know it'll be an extremely Humane Kill!"

"The Benjamin Airbow is a great rifle. It allows people to shoot 26" arrows at 450 feet per second with a high degree of accuracy. The gun is around 7 pounds, very light, and easy to shoot. The stickers for the camo pattern aren't my thing, so I left my airbow black, the way it comes out of the box."

"I wound up putting an AR-15 red dot scope on the top with a high riser built in and it works great. Yes, the red dot is for a fixed distance, but the arrows are so fast that the point of impact at 20-40 yards is within an inch or two since it is so flat. I don't plan on shooting any targets further than 40 yards since I don't have a large piece of property."

"I shot my very first Robinhood with the second shot out of this bow at 20 yards. I lost my left hand so boy am I glad they now make this animal. I have to shoot at different targets with each shot. either that or buy new $12 arrows each time I shoot. I do have to backup my target front to back with each shot. mine shoots over 475fps. I really wish I could build my own arrows right now all I can do is change out field points and broad heads."

"It's every thing you could imagine. Hope it becomes legal soon."

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Arrow Has Open Nock End

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow arrow has an open nock end and flies so fast that  folks say the arrows are going straight through 12" thick targets at 25 to 30 yards.

The YouTube video below provides a demonstration and review of the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.

Warning: Graphic video shows hunting and killing a deer with this Airbow.

Is the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow legal to hunt with?

    • It is up to you to check your local and state hunting laws and regulations wherever you will hunt or shoot. Be aware that laws vary between municipalities and it is your responsibility to contact your local game warden or conservation officer for confirmation of local laws.

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Side View With Included Camo Decals Applied

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has jaw dropping unbelievable power suitable for doomsday survival or hunting large animals.

Caution & Warning

Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow and accessories.

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