Top 10 Best Portable Campfire Stoves & Cooking Gear For Camping & Survival

The Top 10 Portable Campfire Stoves & Cookware

In this article, see our top 10 picks for the best portable campfire stoves & cooking gear for camping, wilderness adventures, off grid living, backyard fun, emergency survival situations and unexpected disasters. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

In the event you need a camp stove or containers for boiling water and cooking, we recommend the following top notch and portable campfire gear.

After the top 10 list, we provide a video for how to boil water using 100% primitive methods without any camp stove or metal container to hold the water. You need knowledge like that to help you survive if you suddenly find yourself lost in the wilderness, so don't miss that video.

We also provide some good tips and clear up some misconceptions about boiling water for survival. We have spent many hours researching and comparing the quality, features, and capabilities for the current available campfire stoves, campfire setups and cooking gear.

There are numerous other available products on the market for these items. However, these did not make our list due to inferior capability, durability, lack of features, or they were not as good of a value based on price. The ones we list below are the very best in our opinion.

Top 10 Best Portable Campfire Stoves & Cooking Sets

1. Best Portable Biomass - Wood Burning Camping Stove - KampMATE

We highly recommend the KampMATE stove for camping, off grid daily living and for emergency preparedness. We really like the fact that if you are in the woods, you will have unlimited fuel for this stove in the form of any small wood or flammable biomass materials you find such as twigs, pine cones, dead grass, paper, leaves or branches while you are hiking or camping.

The KampMATE Has A Virtually Unlimited Fuel Supply Practically Everywhere You Go

This stove can be assembled and disassembled very quickly into a very portable flat size. You can maintain a protected campfire, warm enough for 2 to 4 people, with just a surprisingly small amount of twigs and small branches. When assembled, the top crossbar can support a small metal cup or even a large kettle.

The KampMATE Stove Is Perfect For Camping, Backpacking, Emergency Survival And Backyard Fun

Pots, Cups, Kettles And Pans From Small To Large Are Perfectly Stable


  • Very durable and portable. The stainless steel and titanium versions are built to last forever.

  • The open design makes it easy to add more wood to keep the fire going.

  • Easy to assemble and the crossbar provides a stable surface for your cookware.

  • Strong enough to hold a large kettle full of water.

  • Folds down to the size of your hand and easily fits into a backpack pocket.

  • The kampMATE is 30% larger and builds a more satisfying fire compared to the more popular and more expensive Emberlit brand stove.

  • Backed by a No Hassle Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.


    • None

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Amazon carries the KampMATE WoodFlame Camping Stove

A Family Wilderness Day Trip Review of the KampMate Camping Stove

RUNNERUP: The Solo Stove is another fantastic small biomass/wood burning stove. We have and love both the Solo Stove and the KampMATE. The KampMATE's larger fire is more satisfying and it costs significantly less.

However, if you need space for backpacking, the Solo Stove & Pot 900 combo is a better more compact backpacking option and it has accessories that custom fit it for an all-in-one cooking system. We wrote another article that goes into more detail specifically on the Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove.

2. Best Small Portable Cook Set - Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set really is a camper's best friend. This is honestly one of our favorite pieces of camping gear. We take it everywhere. Camping, backpacking or car camping it goes with us on every trip now.

This is the perfect size for two people and all that you need for MREs and coffee on a camping trip. The stainless steel pot and two cups all nest nicely together and are easy to pack. The water boils pretty fast and the cups are insulated so your hands don’t get hot drinking coffee.

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set Is A Great Value At Less Than $15

You can use the stainless steel pot with your isobutane/propane canister stove, biomass stove, propane stove, over an open campfire, or just let it sit directly on the coals of a fire. It also has strainer holes built into the lid to strain noodles, pasta, rice, or anything else.

Use it for everything from cooking spaghetti, chili, making stews, teas, hot chocolate and instant coffee. It will easily hold 20 oz of water at full boil without spilling and is 28 oz to the brim. The handle is very sturdy and makes pouring easy even when full.

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set Includes Two Insulated Cups And A Strainer Lid

We also like that the outside diameter of the pot is the same as a Nalgene bottle. Therefore, to further enhance this set, you can nest this pot perfectly inside the GSI Stainless Steel Glacier Cup (either size) and keep small packets of coffee, creamer, sweetener, tea and other mixes inside of one of the green cups.

With a little imagination, you can also bake just about anything you can fit into it, including bread, cobblers, muffins, cookies and more.

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set Is Perfect For Wilderness Cooking And Survival


  • Exceptional value, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to clean.

  • Measurements clearly marked inside and outside of the pot make it easy to boil exactly the amount you need.

  • Vented lid lets you cook on camp stoves or grills - Locking handle extends for cooking, folds to save space - 18/8 stainless steel won't rust-naturally BPA-free - Two Nesting 10oz/295mL insulated cups included - Dishwasher safe

  • Lifetime Warranty


    • The green plastic lid holder will eventually melt if you leave it horizontal touching the lid when cooking, instead of turning it straight up like you are supposed to do. This is not a big deal as you can replace it with a metal key ring and use a stick to remove the lid.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Amazon carries the Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set.

2. Stanley carries the Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set Review

3. Best Campfire Set - Guide Gear

If you desire a nice campfire setup for a camping site, lake place, back yard fun, or bug-out location, we recommend the Guide Gear Campfire Set. This inexpensive set is high quality and provides a safe and functional campfire site and cooking setup. We really like that this set is heavy duty and super adjustable to your fire size and whatever you are cooking.

The Guide Gear Campfire Set Is Perfect For Camping

The cooking grill is quickly extendable up or down, in or out and swings around to put the cooking grate right where it needs to be. Different length hooks and hangers hold all of your pots and utensils perfectly. The decorative ring contains the boundary of your fire pit. There is a nice manual rotisserie that is not shown below, but is also available.

Check out the four separate components of this campfire set in more detail plus see the great customer feedback at the Sportman's Guide (link below). This set is sold as separate components, so you can buy individual pieces and use them alone if desired.

The Guide Gear Campfire Set Is Sold As Separate Components

Contain Your Fire With The Guide Gear Campfire Ring - Folds Flat For Easy Transport


- Heavy duty, great price and quality

- Fast set up and take down

- You can buy the components separately

- The whole 4-piece set costs approx. $225 including tax and shipping or buy any of the components separately.

- 4-piece set components include

- (~$65) Campfire Cooking Equipment Set that includes 2 side posts, a cross bar, 5 hooks, lid lifter, utensil holder and fire poker. Heck, that's practically everything but the fire and food!

- (~$50) Campfire Swing Grill (24" x 18" grate)

- (~$50) 36" Folding Portable Campfire Ring

- (~$30) Campfire Roasting Spit (a nice manual rotisserie not shown above)


- The set does not include the dutch oven, tongs, dipping spoon and fork. See Item #8 below in our top 10 list for recommended Dutch Ovens.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. The Sportsman's Guide carries the Guide Gear Campfire Set.

The Guide Gear Campfire Set In Action

4. Best Pocket Canister Stove - MSR PocketRocket 2 & Deluxe

The MSR PocketRocket Deluxe & PocketRocket 2 are the best available canister stoves for lightweight, compact, high performance and maintenance free reliability. These stoves are great for boiling water for dehydrated meals and cooking for one or two people.

With a corresponding small pot these very portable stoves are a complete cooking system that can cook meals faster than any other method in the back-country considering setup time.

The PocketRocket Deluxe (Left) & PocketRocket 2 (Right)

The PocketRocket Deluxe stove is an upgraded version of the PocketRocket 2 which is an upgrade of the original PocketRocket which was the backpacking community's favorite canister stove for many years. The PocketRocket Deluxe's recessed burner and pressure regulator helps make it the best canister stove in very cold and windy weather plus in high altitudes where many competitor stoves falter.

All PocketRockets have collapsible stainless steel folding pot supports that allow them to pack down really small. We really appreciate their great simmer control which expands your menu options in the wilderness.

The PocketRocket Deluxe Has An Instant Push Start Ignition, Pressure Regulator & Recessed Burner For Superior Performance

We also like that both of these tiny stoves pack a ton of power and will boil a liter of water in 3.5 minutes or less making them as fast or faster than some larger stoves. And we love that PocketRocket stoves require no maintenance and no fuss to use, making them ideal whether you’re striking out for two days or two weeks into the wilderness.

The PocketRocket Is A High Quality Piece Of Gear Trusted By Backcountry Experts Around The World

The MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit Adds A Pot, Bowl & Pot Lifter


  • You can always count on MSR PocketRockets to work reliably and consistently

  • No Maintenance is required

  • Uses a standard Isobutane/propane canister

  • Ultralight - Super fast water boiling - Incredibly compact - Sturdy and durable - Simmer control - Folding pot supports

  • Weighs under 3 ounces

  • The Deluxe version adds:

    • Piezo push-start ignition

    • Pressure regulator provides consistent performance in cold temperatures and high altitudes

    • Recessed burner head for excellent wind performance


    • Expensive, but worth it

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Moosejaw carries the different versions and stove kits for the MSR PocketRocket.

2. Amazon carries the different versions and stove kits for the MSR PocketRocket.

MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove

5. Best Steam Cookers - CanCooker

We really like the CanCooker because it cooks faster and better than normal baking or boiling. You can use it indoors or outdoors to cook a healthy meal on any stove top, campfire, burner, or grill.

The CanCooker creates a mouthwatering, slow-cooked meal in a fraction of the time by using steam to cook flavorful meals that otherwise have to simmer all day in a crock pot. We also appreciate its lightweight, heavy duty aluminum construction.

The CanCooker Is Great For Camping, Campfires, RVs, Wilderness Adventures And Home Use

The CanCooker has a steam vent and a high-temperature silicone gasket that helps trap the steam, cooking your food thoroughly and efficiently. We like how cooking with steam keeps your meals tender and prevents food from sticking on the sides. The CanCooker is perfect for everyday life, weekend life, and adventure life.

The CanCooker Cooks Fast With Steam

The CanCooker is available in three sizes all of which have a 10 in. diameter:

  1. The Original is 14 in. tall holding up to 4 gallons of food, feeding between 18-20 people.

  2. The Jr. has a non-stick coating, is 7 in. tall holding up to 2 gallons of food, feeding between 8-10 people.

  3. The Companion has a non-stick coating, is 5 in. tall holding up to 1.5 gallons of food, feeding between 4-6 people.

CanCooker vs. CanCooker Bone Collector vs. Signature Series:

These three versions are basically the same cooker available in the same three different sizes. The CanCooker and CanCooker Bone Collector are silver in color and just have a different logo on the pot. Typically the Bone Collector logo costs a little more.

The Signature Series comes in two different colors, Black Cherry or Midnight Blue, plus adds durable heat resistant handles plus a "CeramaCan" non-stick, food-safe, durable coating on the inside for easy clean-up.


  • 1 piece design made from food grade anodized aluminum.

  • Double anodized inside and out - Contains protective storage bag, instructions and recipes - Safety clamps hold lid in place - Works on any heat source

  • Wide mouth design for easy st orage

  • The riveted heavy-duty handles are stout and secure, for easy transportation from the heat source to the dinner table.

  • A vented lid helps relieve excess pressures and the safety clamps keep the lid in place.

  • The silicon-sealed lid ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment and is replaceable.

  • Vented lid for steam release

  • 1 year limited warranty


    • Extreme heat like from a turkey burner can damage the CanCooker. There is actually no need to cook with any more than low or medium heat as any amount of steam means your food is cooking. Once you see steam, set your watch and your food will be ready in 45 minutes.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. CanCooker carries different versions of the CanCooker and accessories.

2. Amazon carries different versions of the CanCooker and accessories.

3. Home Depot carries different versions of the CanCooker and accessories.

The CanCooker Is So Easy To Use

6. Best Tabletop Camping Stove - Camp Chef Everest 2X

The Camp Chef Everest 2X Camping Stove packs a lot of power under the hood. In May 2020 testing of the top 7 propane camping stoves by GearJunkie .com, the Everest 2X was the top propane stove for fastest boiling time plus took the top spot for the lowest flame (simmer test). That means it cooks fast when you need it to, and you can turn the flame way down or anywhere in between when you need to greatly expanding your cooking capabilities and menu.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X Is Superb For Camping

We really appreciate this lightweight stove's folding locking lid and handle as you can carry it just like a briefcase, plus this stove is a standout in the wind where many other stoves have more issues with the flame getting blown out.

The 2 cast aluminum high-pressure burners each have a 20,000 BTU output pump providing all the heat you'll need for cooking outdoors. The steel cooking grate is plenty strong to hold pots, griddles, and skillets. Whether you’re tailgating, fishing, or camping, the Everest 2X has everything you need to start your day out right.

This stove works perfectly with Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grills/Griddles if you want to set one of those on top of your two burners to cook on.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X Is A Portable High Performance Beast


  • 2 cast-aluminum burners with 20,000 BTU-output each

  • Folding, locking lid and carry handle

  • 3-sided screen for efficient burning in high wind

  • Fully adjustable appliance-style temperature controls

  • Matchless igniter fires up quickly

  • Stainless steel drip tray for easy cleanup

  • Powered by propane (bottle not included)

  • Includes regulator adapter for 1-lb. propane cylinder

  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Burn Time (Max Flame) - 30 minutes - Average Boil Time (1L) - 3 minutes - Dimensions - 27 x 15.15 x 8.25 inches - Distance Between Burners - 12 inches - Weight - 12 pounds


    • For efficiency on camping trips, RV use, or backyard fun, use a 10lb propane tank or larger to save on propane. Only take the 1lb propane cylinders when you have to walk too far, as this stove will burn through one of these if you cook a lot in one meal. This is the same advice for any 40,000 total BTU stove.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. The Sportsman's Guide carries the Camp Chef Everest 2X.

Camp Chef Everest 2X Short Video Rock Climbing Commercial

Camp Chef Everest 2X Review

7. Best Portable Solar Oven - Sunflair

The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven is very portable and lightweight. We like that it can even be 20 degrees F outside and you can still bake potatoes or cakes, you can cook vegetables, whole chickens, steaks, stews, MREs, boil or pasteurize water with it for making coffee, tea, and much more. We also appreciate that you can get your food fast and not have to worry about building and maintaining a fire. Instead you can do other things while your food cooks.

Cook A Steak And Potatoes In 3 feet Of Snow With No Fire

The Sunflair comes in two sizes with and without collapsible cookware, or you can use your own cookware. We appreciate that you do not have to purchase propane bottles or find and carry any firewood. All that you need is your food and point the Sunflair towards the sun. It's that easy. Having no smoke also means you are more stealthy and you can cook in areas where fires are not allowed.

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven with Complete Cookware and Thermometer

No Smoke & No Fire Means You Can Cook Inside Your Car With The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven


  • Cook with sun power only - zero energy costs compared to electric, butane or propane stoves

  • No campfire to tend to allows you more freedom to do other things around your camp or home while your food cooks.

  • No smoke and no fire makes your campsite more hidden plus allows you access to cook in areas that do not allow fires.

  • You can cook in full sun or partly cloudy.

  • You can cook anything that you bake in an oven or pasteurize water by boiling.


    • If it is very windy, you may need to put bricks or rocks inside on the corners to help keep it from blowing over.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Amazon carries different versions of the Sunflair Portable Solar Oven.

Review and demonstration of the Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

Review and demonstration of the Sunflair Deluxe Portable Solar Oven

8. Best Cast Iron Dutch Ovens & Skillets - Camp Chef

When you go Cast Iron you don't go back! If you've ever tasted outdoor Dutch Oven cooking, you know first hand how good they are for cooking roasts, stews meats, and more. Camp Chef makes a heavy duty pre-seasoned cast iron collection of dutch ovens, skillets, griddles, and cooking irons in a host of sizes and shapes.

We love how the Camp Chef cast iron collection will last a lifetime plus how cast iron distributes the heat evenly creating delicious slow-cooked meals. They come pre-seasoned, so you can get cooking right away. The dutch oven lids on the Deluxe versions double as a skillet themselves. You can use any heat source, from an open campfire flame, sitting directly on wood coals, a BBQ grill, propane stove, or with charcoal briquettes.

A Camp Chef Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Will Last A Lifetime

Pre-seasoned and ready to cook out of the box, Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillets feature superior cooking quality. Their handles are designed for comfort as you cook and carry / pour with the pan, while most of their skillets have indented dual pour spouts (one on each side) which add to the convenience when pouring food left or right out of the pan.

Cast iron holds heat and sears meat better than ordinary cooking surfaces while providing a natural non stick surface. Excellent for frying up eggs, meats, vegetables and more at home or at your campsite.

Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillets Can Handle Whatever Recipe You Want To Try

The Camp Chef Cast Iron Teapot And Skillet Are A Great Match For Outdoor Cooking

Check Out Camp Chef's Selection Of Cast Iron Cooking Irons

The Camp Chef Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Make Great Tasting Slow Cooked Meals


  • Camp Chef is an industry leading manufacture located in Utah for more than 20 years

  • Camp Chef Cast Iron is made to meet the highest standards of quality for fit and finish

  • True Seasoned Finish cast iron provides a natural, easy-release surface that is ready to cook on

  • Nice selection of dutch ovens, skillets, griddles, and cooking irons in a host of sizes and shapes

  • All of the dutch ovens have a thermometer notch

  • Camp Chef cast iron products will last a lifetime and make great tasting meals and memories


    • None

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. The Sportsman's Guide carries Camp Chef Cast Iron Dutch Ovens, Skillets & Teapots .

2. Amazon carries Camp Chef Cast Iron Dutch Ovens, Cooking Irons And Many Accessories.

Feast Like Kings & Queens With A Camp Chef Skillet

An Overview Of Some Of Camp Chef's Cast Iron Products

9. Best Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Bottle - Klean Kanteen

The Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth water bottles are a favorite for campers, backpackers and outdoor adventurists due to their lightweight single-wall construction and wide mouth. We really like that their high quality stainless steel and single wall construction means that you can boil water in them (without the lid attached). The Wide Mouth versions are available in 27 oz., 40 oz. and 64 oz. sizes.

As an alternative, Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth bottles can be fitted with a water filter like the LifeStraw or RapidPure universal water filter bottle adapter kits or just fill your Klean Kanteen using many other choices in portable water filters.

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Single Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle Boiling Water Over A Campfire


  • Designed to last a lifetime.

  • Wide Mouth single wall bottles are available in 27 oz., 40 oz. and 64 oz. sizes

  • Included Wide Loop Cap has a stainless steel bottom to create an all-stainless interior.

  • Compatible with all Klean Kanteen wide mouth caps including their Café Cap 2.0 when you need a drink through function.

  • BPA-free & nontoxic

  • Crafted from high quality, durable food grade 18/8 stainless steel with a wide 2.125 inch (54mm) opening which is easy to fill, pour and drink from.

  • Single wall stainless steel construction is lightweight, perfect for hydration and keeping drinks cold in the cooler or in the fridge.

  • Electro polished interior and rounded corners make for easy cleaning.

  • Wide-mouth opening is compatible with most backcountry water filters and UV sterilization devices.

  • Backed by Klean Kanteen's Strong as Steel Guarantee.


    • Not a con, but just make sure that you get the uninsulated single wall bottles if you want to boil water in them. If you get the double wall vacuum bottles, you cannot boil water in them as they will burst or shatter inside creating a very dangerous situation.

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Klean Kanteen carries the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth single wall stainless steel water bottles.

2. Amazon carries the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth single wall stainless steel water bottles.

Klean Kanteen 40 Oz. Wide Mouth Water Bottle Review - Update

10. Best Campfire Cooking Pots Set - Wealers Compact Stainless Steel Campfire Cooking Pots

Wealers makes quality sets of stainless steel pots and pans cooking sets suitable for campfires. We really like that this particular set of four pots all stack and nest within each other inside a nice tote bag. We also appreciate the perforated hole in the top of the pot handles which make them ideal for hanging from hooks over a fire.

This set cleans easily and includes 6 quart, 5 quart, 3.5 quart, and 2 quart sizes. They are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and are very durable but not too heavy for camping. Variations of this set include both pots and pans.

Wealers Rugged Outdoor 4 Pc Stainless Steel Campfire Cook Set for Hiking, Barbecues, Beach, Hiking Gear ,Sports & Outdoor


    • Perforated handles - Easy to clean - Lightweight - Nonstick - Stainless steel body - Top cooking performance - Durable - Backpack friendly


    • None

Check Current Prices & Availability:

1. Amazon carries the Wealers Compact Stainless Steel Campfire Cooking Pots.

Boiling Water For Survival

Boiling water is a tried and true water purification method that turns water contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms into safe drinking water. Whether you are camping, backpacking, traveling or you are in the middle of a disaster or emergency survival situation, having the basic knowledge and tips for boiling water is a necessity.

In addition, having the best portable gear on hand for boiling water is highly recommended to be prepared in case you are away from your home or all of your utilities are out of service from a disaster.

Although bacteria, protozoa, viruses and microorganisms in general cannot survive in boiling water, it cannot remove heavy metals and chemicals. For that reason, look for the clearest water that you can find to boil as water that is very dirty with lots of debris and dirt is more likely to have a higher concentration of heavy metals and minerals.

You can still boil stagnant water from ponds and lakes, but just try to use the clearest water you can find.

If you are in the wilderness and need to boil water, build your campfire or use a portable camping stove and heat the water to a rolling boil in your container for as long as 5 minutes. Once your water has been thoroughly boiled, let it cool off for another five minutes.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that clear water only has to be brought to a “rolling boil for 1 minute (at elevations above 6,500 feet, boil for three minutes)” to kill micro-organisms. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), "water temperatures of at least 158°F (70°C) will reduce (kill) 99.999% of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in less than one minute.”

How To Purify Water With Primitive Methods

Imagine that you are lost deep in the wilderness and you have no camp stove and no containers like pots or pans to boil water to make it safe to drink. All that you have is a knife and fire starter and you are near a water source like a stream. That allows you to start a campfire, but the water is likely contaminated. How do you purify the water with no metal containers to boil the water?

The following YouTube video shows two primitive methods how to sterilize water and make it safe to drink. We bet you've never seen these two techniques before. This particular video clip below is an excerpt from the film "Survival Skills". This is example of expert training from real experts. There are a lot more rare skills like these packed into a series of videos. See our article on the Top 10 Survival Videos For Preppers In 2021 for hours of expert survival training.

Backwoods Water - Two Primitive Water Purification Methods


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web site is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including campfire stoves, pots & gear for cooking and boiling water.

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