Top 10 Instructional Bushcraft, Self Defense & Prepping Videos For Doomsday

Top 10 Survival Videos For Preppers In 2021

The Survival Summit's Expert Survival, Bushcraft & Self Defense Videos

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In this article, written from a prepper's viewpoint, learn the best offline survival videos for your laptop or smartphone including the Top 10 professional quality instructional videos made by experts in survival, bushcraft, self-defense and prepping. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Why You Might Need A Survival Video Library in Doomsday (click to expand)

The best training to learn how to survive in the wild is when you actually train and live in the wild with professional wilderness and bushcraft survival experts. You can also hone any skills that you learn from actually practicing living in the wild.

Most ordinary people do not have the time and money to pay experts and practice living in the woods using mostly bushcraft skills through bad weather, animal encounters, bugs, and being without the comfort of their home, RV, or normal camping supplies.

Many people enjoy camping, but most are not out there building primitive shelters, eating rats, bugs and edible wild plants, and tending to medical issues using primitive methods.

Even though a lot of people do not have the money or time to be trained in person by experts, they still desire to be prepared in the event society collapses and they end up having to live more primitively.

So the next best survival training comes from watching videos. Many people watch survival shows or many of the hundreds or more available YouTube videos on all aspects of survival. You can spend tons of hours searching for and watching Free videos covering all aspects of survival. In doing so, you will not receive the best possible concise organized training from true experts.

Free is not the best way to go with survival training. Learning from real experts is the way to go. We learned this after we came across and purchased exceptional survival training on video from the Survival Summit.

You’ll think you know a lot already just from your own outdoor experiences hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, practicing survival skills, reading survival sites and watching lots of YouTube videos and Survival TV shows. Then after watching Survival Summit videos, you'll find out that there were many methods and tricks that you were unaware of.

The Survival Summit videos cover bushcraft survival, medical, navigation, hunting, self defense, escape and evasion, communications, bugging out, blade care, how to fight with firearms, what to every day carry (EDC), and more. They are not free, but you get excellent true expert survival training that is concise and organized.

There is currently no other company that provides top quality instructional films featuring so many survival skills with a wide range of experts and topics. You can spend months trying to compile the same information and fall way short of what the cumulative Survival Summit set of videos provide.

Survival Summit videos include some of the best experts with backgrounds in the Special Forces, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Medical Doctors, and Military.

Have A Plan To Survive When Disaster Strikes

Learn How To Build Different Types Of Warm & Cold Weather Shelters

Would you stay in town with millions of desperate and starving people or would you get the hell out of dodge?

Why Survival Summit Videos Are Superior Survival Videos

As an example of the extraordinary training you receive from Survival Summit, we bet you've seen many survival shows (example Naked & Afraid, Alone, etc.) where the contestants, many of which teach wilderness survival, will create a Palute deadfall trap to catch mice, rats and other small rodents.

In the Survival Summit's outstanding set of videos called Survival Skills, you'll see a "real" expert from Sigma 3 Survival show you tricks that you've never seen when building a Palute deadfall to make it much more successful, such as how not to have human scent on the trap, where to place the trap in proximity to where the animals likely live and where in relation to their game trails, how to prevent a quick footed mouse from darting out of the side of the deadfall trap when it is triggered, and how to make the rodent comfortable approaching the trap.

The Survival Summit's training films are available in sets or individually on DVD, USB, or streaming online through their Elite Membership. We recommend getting their videos on a USB drive which can be viewed directly from a laptop or from a smartphone (using the correct OTG cable/adapter).

The USB videos are USB 3.0 in MP4 format and are in 1080 High Definition. What's really cool is that the USB videos are organized in chapters by topic, so you can quickly view only the lessons that you want to view or quickly review again.

Learn How To Trap, Snare, Skin & Prepare Wild Game

No Power, No Cell Service? No Problem - You Can Still Use Your Smartphone As A Survival Library!!!

In the event of a Doomsday scenario, our Solar Powered Prepping series (links at the bottom of this article) show you how you can maintain keeping laptops and smartphones powered indefinitely for use as a video library, by simply having a foldable solar panel and portable power station.

Even if there is no commercial AC power, no internet, and no cell service, you can still watch these outstanding Survival Summit videos as long as you purchased them on USB. They would be an outstanding resource when SHTF and could mean the difference between life and death.

Example Survival Skills Videos On USB Are Organized In Separate MP4 Files For Easy Viewing Of Exact Lessons

Top 10 Best Wilderness Survival Videos for Doomsday Preppers

1. Survival Skills

Survival Skills, Runtime: 208 Minutes

If you get lost in the woods or just want to be prepared this video walks you through the hard-core realities of staying alive in survival situations. This is a full length film with instruction from the Sigma 3 Survival School’s founder and wilderness survival expert, Robert Allen.

Learn Best Practices & Tips For Starting & Maintaining Fires

Robert teaches critical secrets and tricks on how to build warm weather shelters, filter water primitively, procure your own food, properly start a fire using a bow drill, and how to build a primitive shelter with little or no tools that’ll keep you warmer than a modern tent can.

Many of the skills are shown primitively with no tools, or semi primitively with minimal tools.

Learn Primitive Skills With Tips To Make Your Efforts Much More Successful

The following YouTube video shows you two primitive methods how to sterilize water and make it safe to drink. We bet you've never seen these two techniques before. This is another example of real expert training that you don't find easily. There are a lot more rare skills like these packed into the Survival Summit video collection.

An excerpt from the film "Survival Skills"

2. Survival Bugout

Survival Bug Out, Runtime: 117 Minutes

Every hard core prepper knows that disaster can strike anytime and cause a complete collapse of society. If your current location is not where you need to be, do you really know how to bug out? Would you stay in town with millions of desperate and starving people or would you get the hell out of dodge?

Learn The Proper Way To Fight & Retreat To Escape Attackers

Some of the things you’ll learn in this film Survival Bug Out from Jonathan Hollerman, probably the most respected bug-out expert on the planet:

  • Secrets of the bug out bag

  • What gear to pack and what to leave

  • How to get home

  • How to minimize visibility on the way to your bug out location

  • How to minimize conflict

  • How to evade attackers

Learn How To Make It Back Home After An EMP

One of the chapters from the film, Survival Bugout.

Bonus footage from the author of Survival Bug Out.

3. Survival Communications

Survival Communications, Runtime: 102 Minutes

In this film, you’ll learn everything you need to know about radio communications. Have you ever tried to gain a little knowledge about ham radios and creating a disaster communications plan, but you just can't seem to gain the knowledge that you really need.

Just buying a ham radio for your survival stockpile is a recipe for failure. This film shows you what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful with radio communications before, during, and after a disaster.

Learn How To Develop A Communications Plan & How To Get Started Using Ham Radios

What you will learn in this film:

  • Licensed and Unlicensed Communication

  • Scanners

  • Legal Dangers You Need To Know About Your Non-Licensed Radios

  • Develop A Comms Plan

  • Multiple Portable Power Options For Communications

  • How To Assemble A Grab & Go Comms Kit

  • HAM Radio Language And Etiquette

  • Tips On Getting Your HAM License & Getting On The Air

  • Your First Radio DIY Projects

  • Access To Free Custom Resource Guides To Get You Started!

Learn How To Use Radios For Intruder Detection


FIREARMED Volume One, Runtime: 120 Minutes

FIREARMED Volume One is about the groundbreaking Fit to Fight training program. This video is for the complete novice shooter and fighter. This is drill / practiced based program for anyone wanting to enhance their fighting skills in a firearms based environment.

Just buying firearms with basic training and practice in shooting is only going to go so far, and may get you killed in a fight against any superior trained attackers who may also outnumber you. With this film, learn how to really fight with a gun including tactics and close quarters fighting.

Learn How To Fight With A Gun!

This video is from the experts in FIREARMED where they show you how not to lose your firearm in close combat.

5. Survival Land Navigation

Survival Land Navigation, Runtime: 90 Minutes

This video will give you expert training on how to effectively navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a compass and a map. This video shows you how to find where you are, primitive compass techniques, hiding caches of survival items and locating them later, and more. Learn how to navigate if you get lost in the wilderness.

What you’ll learn in this film Survival Land Navigation:

    • Declination

    • Compass types

    • Pace count

    • How to navigate without a GPS

    • Azimuth

    • How to make your own compass

    • How to correctly read a topographic map

    • Understand “Declination” and why it’s important

    • Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water (or other essential resources)

    • Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it

    • Determine what makes a good compass

    • Route planning and selection

Learn How To Navigate In The Wilderness

Top Albritton shows you how to reconcile map features with real-life land features using a sand table.

6. Survival Escape & Evasion

Survival Escape & Evasion, Runtime: 97 Minutes

This video teaches critical skills and techniques to turn you into a captor’s worst nightmare. Learn how to be your own Houdini to both avoid violence and escape capture. Learn how to be aware and how to react against an attacker, plus learn how to escape restraints and being locked up. Times and violence only seem to be getting worse.

Learn How To React To An Attacker

Jack Richland of Black Scout Survival shows you how to pick two types of locks using improvised and non-improvised tools.

7. Survival HD Harsh Environments

Survival HD Harsh Environments, Runtime: 352 Minutes

If you know how to survive the high desert, you can survive just about anywhere. This video shows you how to survive the extreme environment of the high deserts and low mountains.

Learn How To Build Shelters In Harsh Environments

With extreme temperature transitions warm weather to snow storms in just a 12-hour time frame, the Survival HD Harsh Environments video shows you how to prepare for such conditions and how to turn it into a comfortable situation should you find yourself in this type of predicament unexpectedly.

Learn How To Locate Water In Harsh Environments

Whether you get lost or someone who wants to prepare for Doomsday, the Survival HD Harsh Environments video gives you the knowledge to survive in the harshest of environments. Learn how to find water and food, how to build a shelter and fire, cook, make spears, trap and get rescued.

Kirsten Rechnitz from Boulder Outdoor Survival School shows you how to determine what plants are good to eat and which plants can help with injuries.

8. TOP Knives Blade Care

TOP Knives Blade Care, Runtime: 78 Minutes

Learn from the experts at TOPS Knives how to care for all of your knives and blades. This video includes how to make a knife from a piece of metal.

Learn Best Practices For Taking Care Of All Of Your Knives & Blades

Craig from TOPS Knives shows you how to make a knife from scratch.

9. Into the Woods

In this video, famous wilderness survival expert Joshua Enyart, aka, The Gray Bearded Green Beret will teach you all of the main skills that are necessary if you find yourself in the woods in a survival situation.

Just a few of the things you will learn include how to identify and use a water vine for hydration, primitive direction finding using the sun and shadows, plus using animal signs to find water.

Learn Numerous Wilderness Techniques For Survival

You will also learn:

    • Shelter site selection requirements using the 5 W’s.

    • Identifying common sources of natural fire starting tinder.

    • Making water safe to drink using a Grayl Geopress water filter.

    • How to tie knots and create lashings including the “Rapid Ridgeline”

Learn Primitive Trapping Techniques

Learn Over 35 Skills!

  • Intro & Gathering Resources

  • Navigation: Field-expedient Direction Finding

  • Gathering and Using Natural Tinder

  • Finding and Filtering Water

  • Shelter Site Selection

  • How to tie useful Knots and Lashings

  • Tarp or Poncho Shelter Configurations

  • The Elevator Fire Lay

  • How to make and use Charred Natural Material

  • Campsite Prep and Setup

  • Plant Identification

  • Bonus: Primitive Trapping

Joshua Enyart shows you what he carries in his 18 lb Bug out bag.

Joshua Enyart shows how to construct the Elevator Fire Lay, a unique fire that produces amazing results.

Video Trailer From "Into the Woods"

10. Wilderness Medical

Wilderness Medical, Runtime: 283 Minutes

In this video, Joshua Enyart, aka Gray Bearded Green Beret provides a significant amount of medical information jam packed with techniques, knowledge, and demonstrations that show you how to handle the most common injuries in the wilderness using dedicated medical gear as well as how to improvise.

Learn Wilderness Medical Techniques, What Gear To Carry & How To Improvise

This video includes:

    • Medical Gear Discussion

    • Common Camping/ Hiking Gear For First Aid Use

    • How To Deal With Burns

    • Pelvic Injuries

    • Neck & Back Injuries

    • Blister Care & Prevention

    • Ankle Splints

    • Leg Splints

    • Arm Splints & Slings

    • Wrist Splints & Slings

    • Finger Splints & Slings

    • Knee Immobilizers

    • Blood And How Much Is Needed To Survive

    • Tourniquets Technique And Demonstrations

    • Direct Pressure & Elevation

    • Pressure Dressings

    • Wound Irrigation & Disinfecting

    • Wound Packing

    • Improvised Wound Closure Techniques

    • Major Injuries

Learn What To Do In The Event Of Major Injuries

A sneak peek at Wilderness Medical, starring Joshua Enyart, aka, The Gray Bearded Green Beret. This video goes over what's in his wilderness medical kits.

Another sneak peek at Wilderness Medical covering leg & ankle splints.

Video Trailer From "Wilderness Medical"

In summary, the Survival Summit creates a comprehensive set of professional videos that teach basic and advanced survival skills necessary during any survival, emergency or Doomsday event.

Get The Complete Set Of Survival Summit Videos Or Choose Any That You Want

Survival Summit USB Videos Compatibility With Your Device (click to expand)

Watching videos from USB Flash Drives is not always as easy and straightforward as you might think. For smartphones you will need the correct OTG adapter for your phone. Here are some tips that are hopefully helpful.

Note: The great majority of all smartphones, laptops and tablets will play MP4 video files like these Survival Summit videos. Make sure that your particular device(s) will play MP4 videos by playing a sample MP4 video file like the NASA MARS 2020 Rover Video. If you can watch that video with your device you are watching an MP4 video file. If you download this NASA video, you can see the file name extension ends in ".mp4". In the rare event a sample MP4 file will not play on your device(s), download a 3rd party video player such as VLC or Quicktime that will view MP4 videos, and make sure you can view an MP4 video.

Note (Android Users): If you will view the Survival Summit videos from an Android smartphone, note that you cannot use a "normal" USB cable to connect to the USB flash drive as it will not power the USB. Instead you will need either a Type C OTG (cable or adapter) such as the JSAUX Type C 3.0 OTG Cable or Micro-USB OTG (cable or adapter) such as the UGREEN Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable to view files from a USB Flash Drive. You may want to first purchase the OTG adapter and test it on other files. These particular two adapters will play MP4 video files as noted in the Questions/Answer section.

Note (iPhone/IPad/iPod Users): If you will view the Survival Summit videos from an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need an adapter such as the FA-STAR USB OTG Cable which states it is compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs/Xs Max/X/8/8 Plus/7/7Plus/6/6 Plus/5/5S/SE and iPad Air /Mini /Pro. You may want to first purchase the adapter and test it on other files. This particular adapter will play MP4 video files as noted in the Questions/Answer section.

JSAUX Type C 3.0 OTG Cable Allows Your Android Phone To Access USB Files - Handy For Doomsday Preppers!

FA-STAR USB OTG Cable Allows Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod To Access USB Files

How To Store Your Old Laptops & Smartphones

Tip: When you do store your old laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices, we recommend that you store them in one of a large selection of military grade Mission Darkness Faraday bags to protect them against destruction from EMP (electromagnetic pulse) Doomsday events. Check them out as they make the best small faraday bags all the way up to large backpacks.

Mission Darkness Military Grade Faraday Dry Bags, Backpacks, Duffel Bags Will Protect Your Smartphones & Electronics Against EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Events

The above pictured Dry Shield backpacks protect against rain and water in addition to EMPs.

Learn How To Retreat & Escape Using Military Tactics


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web site is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items or information described on this web site including any of the above Survival Summit videos, Mission Darkness products, etc.

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