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Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm

The Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm is the best motion detector early warning system for security,  wildlife monitoring & doomsday hunting.

Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm

The Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm is an effective security system to let you know when people or animals are approaching your house or Bug Out location. In a Doomsday survival scenario, it can also be used for hunting to let you know inside your home or Bug Out Location that there is game outside. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

*** NOTE: The Voice Alert system is in our archived (older) recommendations folder as it is no longer available. Please see our new article on the Best Early Warning System For Home Safety, Wildlife Monitoring & Doomsday Hunting In 2021.

Having a reliable set of solar powered wireless outdoor motion detectors that pair with multiple portable battery operated receiver(s) makes the perfect early warning system for monitoring the exterior of your home. You can also use this type of system for wildlife monitoring and even Doomsday hunting.

So please read our new article linked above for our new recommendation as this newer system is the most capable motion detector security system we have found recently as we describe in our article.***

Why you might need it

The Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm is an excellent early warning system (EWS) that can help protect your home or Bug Out Location.

The system includes one 9V battery powered wireless transmitter (motion detector-sensor) and one AC powered receiver. Up to six sensors can be used with this system. This system warns you in your own voice when any of the sensors detect movement.

Here are more details on our experience with this system. We installed our Voice Alert System in 2004 with two additional wireless motion detector sensors-transmitters and we eventually purchased three more sensors. We now have a total of 6 motion detector sensors protecting the perimeter of our house.

If we are asleep and someone approaches our house, the system wakes us up so that I can see what is going on. The sensors are wireless and run on 9V batteries so you can install them where they make the most sense. Basically no one can approach our house without the receiver letting us know.

Its actually useful in other ways also, like when UPS or Fed EX drops off a package at our front porch, we can hear that "there is someone at our front door" on the Voice Alert. The sensor that protects our front door is also angled such that it crosses our driveway to catch cars or people in our driveway.

We have a large covered back deck, and we have two motion detector sensors under the deck facing at angles back towards the house. We have two sensors on the front side of our house strategically positioned to cover the front of our house, and 1 sensor on each side to protect the sides.

We started with three sensors to protect the whole front of the house and all of the windows and back door on our walk out basement. It takes a while to figure out how to position the sensors so they do not go off when you do not want them to.

For instance, raccoons, cats, etc., were setting off our back sensors. I just aimed them a little higher so that anything that walks across our deck under 3' tall will not set off the sensors. The receiver is AC powered. It is one of the items that will be powered from our solar panel battery system in the event of a power grid failure.

The 9V batteries last between 6 months and 18 months depending on how many times the motion sensor goes off and how you set the settings on the sensors. The system will tell you when any sensor has a low battery and exactly which sensor has the low battery.

We have spare packs of alkaline 9V batteries and also, for Doomsday survival scenarios, we have rechargeable 9V batteries with a battery charger that can be powered from our solar panel. The signal from each sensor can travel 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space.

We have a path where deer walk along the bank on our creek which is approximately 50 ' from our back door. I could mount a sensor to let me know when something is walking along our creek.

So in a Doomsday survival scenario I would probably use it to alert me inside for hunting deer, raccoons, possum, turkey, geese, ducks, rabbits etc. in my back yard. I could shoot them right out of any window along the back of our house or from our back deck.

Sample Amazon Feedback (click to expand)

"This is a great way to make yourself aware of anyone approaching your property. I have mine all around my home and it works flawlessly."

"After we moved to a new home we had some serious creep-outs and I immediately started looking into security options for our home. This system has empowered us and brought MUCH peace of mind. No more strangers creeping up in our yard and taking us off guard. We know if someone is out there, now. I wanted something that would give us a shout out when we are at home, if something was around the house. I sleep better at night knowing we are safe and I like that this system is designed to alert me, tell me exactly WHERE the movement is, if there is someone, and I don't pay a monthly fee for this alerting. I have added alarms (to alert neighbors, me and to be a deterrent, in the case of an actual break-in) but THIS alert system is step one, to empower me and help me be aware of what's going bump in the night, because ultimately, my first concern is the safety of the people who live here. I like that this empowers me to be able to be proactive in the safety of me and mine. I have placed sensors both indoors and outdoors but the ones that are outside are all under cover because I anticipate that this will extend the life of the sensors. Buy this system, but purchase another one or two sensors (unless you live in a studio apartment in a complex) if you can, because you will probably end up buying more, anyway. I no longer have that feeling of "blind" spots around my home and I feel a great sense of well being knowing if someone comes into my yard or driveway, I will never be taken off guard again. It is also a great alert when packages arrive for delivery. And one last thing I love is that if someone shows up, the dog will go crazy barking (if we didn't have this) but this gives us advance notice to intervene before that happens."

"Very dependable system."

"I love this and sleep better now. This is great. We have a long driveway and one set up at the middle and one right at the garage door. If both go off, I know it is a car and not deer or bobcat (which can set them off too). We have one at each entrance to the house too so I sleep better at night knowing that I have a bit of notice if someone is nearby. Also helps when deliveries come. The dog knows it too now and will run to the front door when the driveway one goes off. We recorded different messages for each like "Movement by garage door, or Movement by back gate, etc. If you want to train the dog to respond to one, make that message very different from the rest...."

"Does the job and is solidly made. Bought this in July of 2013 as a driveway alert for a 300 foot driveway - needed to know that someone was coming - and this does the job. Has gone through two cold and snowy CT winters, batteries have been changed twice. Secured to a tree at foot of driveway, no false alarms that I'm aware of. Range is more then adequate and the customization feature (your own alert tone) is great. Highly recommend."

"Easy to install and works very well. This is very easy to setup and install. I bought this one for my son, but I have had one myself for about 18 months or so. I know when someone is coming to the door before they get there. I have only replaced the batteries once so far in the outside unit, and the inside unit plugs in an outlet. I am very happy with this product."

"Great advanced warning system. Sometimes I get so caught up in a book, or working outdoors, that I am unaware of my surroundings. Even neighbors have walked into my yard to get my attention because I did not hear then while I was gardening. The Voice Alert System gives me notice, in my own voice, that someone is on the side of the house, at the front door, or in the back by my driveway/garage. It is sensitive to movement such that I had to move it a couple times away from trees/branches moving in the wind. It was going off regularly. It is better in open areas with few, if any trees, like alleys and between houses. It comes with one sensor and a base device, and I have since purchased three additional sensors to connect with the base."

YouTube Videos

The following video is the manufacturer explanation and demo of the Voice Alert System-6 Home & Driveway Alarm system. In addition this video provides instructions on installation and settings of this system.

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