World's Best Most Powerful Production Air Rifle For Hunting & Survival

Large Deer And Hogs Are On The Menu With The Air Force Texan

Large deer and hogs are now on the menu with the Air Force Texan pellet rifle, making it highly valued by hunters and preppers.

Most Powerful Production Air Rifle For Hunting Large Sized Game Including Large Deer & Hogs - AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Air Rifle

The AirForce Texan is the world's most powerful production air rifle with .45-caliber bullets going up to 1,000 fps and getting a simply amazing 500+ ft-lbs of muzzle energy. Large deer and hogs are now on the menu at 90+ yards with this pellet rifle. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

The AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle ranks #3 in our Top Ten Best Air Rifles & Pellet Guns list.

Air Force Texan Big Bore Air Rifle - Quick Summary


  • The world’s highest power production air rifle available today. Just incredible awesome power (watch the YouTube video below).

  • Very well designed, well built, highly reliable, easy to operate large caliber air gun.

  • Very easy to cock. You can cock it with one finger.

  • Surprisingly light weight.

  • Easy to tune sighting when changing pellet grains.

  • Easy to load short or long pellets.

  • Highly accurate even at 100 yards with 2" CTR (Center to Center) accuracy.

  • Air Efficient. You'll get 5 to 6 shots before you start to lose accuracy and power to the point you will need to refill the air.

  • Long dovetail rail above and below shroud leave a lot of room for accessories.


  • Loud.

  • Long (increases power and accuracy, but makes the rifle less portable).

  • Expensive.

AirForce Texan Air Rifle Pressure Gauge and Canister Integrated As Stock

The Air Force Texan pellet rifle has its pressure gauge and air canister integrated into the gun stock giving you 5 to 6 shots per charge.

Our Take (click to expand)

An entire world of hunting opportunities has just opened up to you! Easily load a projectile, cock the gun, take aim, squeeze the trigger and deliver jaw-dropping power.

Consider all the great things about the AirForce Texan: smooth side lever cocking (you can cock it with one finger), the world’s most powerful production air rifle (500+ ft. lbs in .45 cal), surprisingly light, and made in the USA except for the Lothar Walther barrel which is likely the best rifle barrel made.

Because the gun doesn't come with open sights, you'll need to mount a scope.

Hunters and Doomsday Preppers will appreciate the AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Air Rifle for hunting animals such as large deer, hogs, coyotes, fox, turkeys, raccoons, & possum.

Recommended Pellets (click to expand)

  • Air Venturi .45 Cal, 300 Grains, Round Nose Flat Point, 50ct (Pricey. Shoots very well through the Airforce Texan. Launched them at just under 800 FPS for three shots. Good, soft lead. These group very well at 100 and 150 yards. This round worked perfect for a 275 lb whitetail at 90 yards. Four mil-dots of holdover and it was all over for him. Entered through right side rib, detached and demolished right lung, passed over heart, penetrated left lung, keyholed through left rib and lodged between rib and hide on the left side. That buck sounded like he had been hit with a baseball bat. He stumbled about 50 yards and expired. Expansion was good, considering I was under 800 FPS. Expanded to about 7/8". Deadly round).

  • Compare the above ammo at Airgun Depot

Features & Warranty (click to expand)


    • Available in

        • 0.308" (7.62mm)

        • 0.357" (9mm)

        • 0.45"

      • Powerplant - Pre-charged pneumatic

      • Fixed/adj. power - Multiple settings

      • Single-shot

      • Action - Sidelever

      • Barrel - Rifled

      • Front Sight - none

      • Rear Sight - none

      • Scopeable - 11mm dovetail

      • Trigger - Two-stage non-adjustable

      • Buttplate - Adjustable

      • Safety - Automatic

      • Note: Does not include the scope, rings and bipod shown in some of the images.

Warranty - Lifetime limited warranty

Specifications (click to expand)

Specifications - AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle - Caliber 0.45" specs

  • Max Velocity - 1000 fps

  • Muzzle Energy - 500+ ft/lbs

  • Trigger Pull - 2.06 lbs

  • Cylinder Size - 490 cc

  • Max Shots per Fill - 12

  • Loudness 5-High

  • Overall Length 48.0"

  • 34.0" barrel

  • 7.65 lbs. (without scope/mount, which will add about 1.5 lbs.)

  • Grip - Ambidextrous

  • Note: AirForce Airguns recommends using only lead projectiles. Note that with .45 cal, select ammo sized to .457 for best results

Recommended Accessories (click to expand)

    • Air Venturi 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station, 90 (Pricey, but a tank is hands down the easiest way to refill if you do not want the exercise and delay of using a high quality hand pump such as the Hill Pump MK4)

    • No adapter needed.

    • Electric Air Compressor, Max 4500 PSI (If money is not an issue, you can buy a Carbon Fiber or Scuba tank, along with this Freedom Shoebox , Air Venturi 4500 PSI Air Compressor, plus a normal "shop" air compressor, and you'll be set up to quickly charge your own tanks and PCP air rifles).

Sample Pyramid Air Feedback (click to expand)

"The power is incredible, this will take down Big Game, it's accuracy is excellent with .457 cal round balls, Nielsen .457 168 grain EPP slugs and JSB .457cal pellets, you can't go wrong with this rifle."

"This is by far the best one on the market today. It hits like a pissed off mule! And it has accuracy!"

"I do not own the Texan yet.....but I will. I went to the Pyramid Air Shoot in Dover Ohio and shot this thing.........and it was.........more fun than any other air gun I've ever shot. Pyramid Air is kind enough to allow folks to try out airguns. The Texan was one of them. They also had the 25 Condor SS. Shot the Condor first. Great gun....Then the Texan 45. I aimed at a spinning target at about 40 yards.......a target that I guess I was not supposed to shoot at. I hit it......and the spinning target flew into the air and disappeared into the woods in the background. That target traveled about 25 yards in the air and landed somewhere in the back of the range. I immediately got this huge grin on my face as everyone said..."Oh wow.....did you see that?" A bunch of folks were grinning and laughing. I was hooked. They had to ask me to stop shooting and buy it already. I told them.....soon......very soon."

"This is a really head-turner at the range! Very few have seen such a gun and are generally unaware of the significant power such an airgun can produce. Mostly been shooting 250 grain hollow-points... I cannot wait to try out some other ammo!"

"I am amazed at the level of pure enjoyment I have had with this rifle. It feels like a firearm and sounds like a firearm. Wow. I live out in the country so the loud report is not an issue. I have been shooting the 143 grain round ball at 50 yard target with one inch groups using the 4-12 Hawkeye scope. I'm ready to step up to heavier grain. I got the rifle for wild hog hunting in North Texas. I feel confident this airgun will be the one to help bring home the bacon."

"Nice big rifle. Extreme accuracy. With a couple of .457 swaged lead balls in hand, it's quick to reload and fire several shots. Not so loud as to cause ears to ring, but still loud. Love this rifle. I hit a 2 inch circle off hand at 100 yds on my 1st shot after getting the scope sighted in."

"Very air efficient, 5 shots per fill. Very powerful. Accurate. Reliable. I have around 1000 shots through mine, no trouble. Fairly light compared to traditional big bores."

"Whats not to like,really gun is light weight accurate,delivers unbelievable punch down range,and i mean way down range, never shot powder or air 200+yards with balls on power punching accuracy, looking to purchase my own, had the ability to test one out in P.A. Insane. A must have to any serious air gun hunter. Gun laws are changing everywhere. Get yours while you can. Who knows what future sales and owner ship will entail. I think its a great rifle and a great addition to any serious air gun hunter / marksman."

"It's got big power, it will blow holes in a car door or hood or side panels, I used Nielsen ammo .457, 168 grain and JSB Predator big bore .457, 234.3 grain pellets, it likes both but the Nielsen's fly more flat and very accurate, it is loud but not that bad, I still need to try round ball ammo and real heavy ammo, it got a good kick, similar to a .308, it's a very fun gun, if you can afford it, Buy it."

Where To Find - Check Availability and Prices at Airgun Depot, Pyramid Air and Amazon.

The YouTube video below demonstrates and reviews the AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle in .45 Caliber

AirForce Texan Air Rifle Loading & Cocking

The Air Force Texan pellet rifle can be cocked with just one finger and is surprisingly lightweight.

AirForce Texan First Shot Performance

The Air Force Texan First Shot Performance Chart shows its incredible jaw dropping power.

AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle (Shown with Optional Accessory - Scope)

Optional scope makes the Air Force Texan pellet gun a more accurate hunting and doomsday survival weapon.

AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Has Jaw-Dropping Power

The Air Force Texan has incredibly awesome power making it perfect for hunting large game in a doomsday survival situation.

AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Beast

The Air Force Texan is the world’s highest power production air rifle available today for both hunters and doomsday preppers.


Use at your own risk. Please note that the information provided on this web page is for information only. and it's owner have no liability or responsibility for anyone using any items described on this web site including the AirForce Texan Big Bore .45 Caliber Air Rifle and accessories.

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